Wednesday, December 26, 2007

happy days.

Christmas has always been my favorite season of the year. I specifically look forward to seeing bright, colorful lights on different areas looking all dainty and bright as if they are all in for a tight tight competition. I am also excited to how the weather changes, though it was not felt that much this year. Simbang gabi has always been my frustration. Old folks say that completion of this nine consecutive mornings ( without excuses or negotiations, it should be straight 9.Strictly.) entitles you to one wish that has 99% possibility of coming into reality. ( fairness it is, we leave 1% room for you to doubt.) I am proud to brag that I have once, completed a winning simbang gabi streak .( now, did my wish come true? that I cant remember.)

Now, we all know that Christmas season has never been complete without the temp-me-I'm delicious-who cares about your diet-food. Yes, food it is. I had my share of splurging over it of course. Now don't go looking at me as if you did not do the same, you mustard!

And as they say, Christmas is a season to give, get bank account zeroed, your mind boggled with stuffs to give to people asking or not asking for it. Gifts are flowing. Divisoria, Greenhills and some fab mall if your moneyed and choosy. Now, I always believe in the virtue of giving more than receiving.( Actually, I only started believing in this when I started earning money to support the belief.)

here are the people who received my oozing generosity!

alexis bledel : all my love, my eyes and my loyalty.

chico and delamar: my renewed pledge of being a 5-year rusher.

my mom: waking her up and ask her to have tea with me when i Know that she barely catches the urge to sleep. peace mama. this plus some cash of course.

my tatay: a secret phone call and report that my brother is not growing any better and that mom remains loyal as ever.

my three old maid titas: oppppz, i give them my support and prayers that its never late for love. yeah never.

my rich sister: the sisterhood of the travelling pants dvd + my encouragement for her to diminish her flabs.

my mom sister: some cash and renewing our partnership of mocking our youngest brother. the brother who wont receive anything from me.

my nephews: cuddly pillows to induce them to fast sleep and avoid quarrels with them on tv when their at home.

my noisy,filthy,chismosa neighbor: my out pour of love filled with looks of a constipated tiger and someone who never experienced passing out gas in his or her entire life.

and finally,

TO THE BIG GUY UP THERE: happy birthday sir and i promise you more prayers and time and obedience.

Christmas can pass without all the gifts and cliches but it sure will be celebrated better if we have the heart to give and be happy for the happiness of others.

Cheers you guys!!!!