Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Policemen know how to have Good time

Me and my officemates have been really spotting to take this photo. Finally, here it is; a police station side by side a drinking bar. Yeah, one of the oblivious things that we can possibly keep silent about.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

iblog4 Summit 2008

Hellos back everyone!

As promised, here now is the full-throttle post for the iblog 4 summit recently held at Malcolm Hall, College of Law Building in Up Diliman. Again, you can recall me saying that it is my first time to be on a blogging summit and meet my “kapawa blogeristas” in flesh (as in moving and beating flesh). I would have to say that the event went really good because of the high profile attendance and generous sponsors. Just like what I expected, I learned a lot of blogging insights in the summit. One topic that really stood out among others is the issue of Copyright and libel. Atty. JJ Disini (one of the spearheads) delivered the topic in a very intelligent way couple with witty humor. I learned the principle of Fair use which practically guides internet publishers to always pay high respect for original makers of every element found in the web. I was alaso thrilled in knowing that Mindanao bloggers are uber sikat in their place. These Mindanao bloggers are like credible journalists already as they go for real aspirations for Mindanao that goes beyond the tangible products of traditional media. Meeting bloggers is also quite a thrill. Di pala sila mga web puppets lang or scene stealers. I learned that blogging shall be written in a way that it will affect readers and contribute some effects to the society. SEO is good but we need values; just like the advocacy of Ms. Noemi Dado in reshaping the Filipina image in the World Wide Web. I am one in this fight too!

I am hoping to attend the next iblog summit and join the movement of creating 2010 elections blog saga. I agree to the idea of bloggers being on the topmost state of vigilance during the election because we all know how powerful writing and new media are nowadays.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is not Entrecard

Ha Ha Ha.

Yes, not Entrecard but Calling Card

For the IBlog4 summit, I decide to make a calling card just in case some people asked for it for scrath or tooth pick of maybe a scratching tool for irritated skin. Anyhow, here are the designs that I considered including the winner. Secret lang ha, but this is the first time for me to have a calling card signature after me. Ayos diba?

the winner!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

iblog 4

This is it!

Today is the most awaited day of Bloggers and Blog enthusiasts all over the Metro as Iblog4 summit takes place right at this very moment. Yes guys, I am one of the attendees and this is my first time ever to attend a summit of bloggers. I actually doubt if I should really be there because I’m sure that it will be packed with bloggers who hold uber super blogs that are well visited and well ranked by search engines. Who am I to mingle with these people? Oh well, its worth the try, besides the organizers made me feel welcome and secured. He He He thanks to you guys! I shall blog about the summit next time so keep coming here guys.

I am looking forward to learning awesome stuffs about blogging and also to meet new people to whom I can share insights with. So here’s one loud cheer of Kudos for Iblog4!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Survivor Philippines


I just read the paper today and it says there that Survivor will soon be seen in the Philippine boob tube. Great right? I am actually a hardcore follower of Survivor before but since schedules now are way too stiff, it grew outdated on me. Paolo Bediones was picked as the host for the Pinoy version of the show basically because one of the prime requirements is physical fitness plus credibility. I am actually a fan of this guy when it comes to hosting because he really has this gift of superior articulation and clarity. I was actually expecting him to host the Pinoy Idol or if not him, maybe Paolo Abrera.

So just Like PBB, Survivor Philippines will surely mark an interesting space in the history of entertainment here in the Philippines. According to the producers, Philippines is the second oriental country that comes after Japan which landed the first burst of the franchise.

I am looking forward in seeing these 16 castaways and it is also quite a thriller to know where they will shoot the program. Obviously, GMA 7 bagged the franchise. I heard that they are planning to do it outside the country. Say Timbuktu perhaps? Ha Ha Ha.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sakto lang


With the advent of Cell phones and internet chat, we tend to coin words (or different spelling for words) to create variation or say things that can only be expressed through our personally-coined terms. Lets start with Internet chatting; Terms used in this domain has become a “by-line” for many of us. Say for an example, The term LOL or laughing out loud was used to create a comedy relief in one of Sun Cellular’s TV commercial. Some people use BRB even in personal conversations to say that will leave for a while but be back in just a sec. For hardcore YM users, ASL is too prevalent in getting to know the what abouts of their so-called strange friends. The chat domain also started the terms EB ( eyeball) and GEB ( group eyeball) and this interesting acronym SEB ( oppz you know what it is). It goes out to say that with sleazy matters, SOP has been long defuncted. Ha Ha Ha.

Now lets go to Cell phone terms. We all use He He He or Ha Ha Ha to signify our laughing reaction to the text we received. We can also use a smiley emoticon or Ha Ha Ha/ He He He again to say that what we just sent is a joke or that its nothing serious. One thing that really annoys me is when people change the spelling to the point that it cant be understood. The text language has also paved the way to giving wrong answers to questions like; Q : “san ka Na?” A: “malapit na”. Some may use terms that are beyond ordinary just to sound cool or new like Orayt, Olryti, Aryt which all means Alright or I agree. One funny thought is the spelling of OKAY; from the right spelling OKAY to OKEY and then OK to Otei and it can be understood by simply typing “K”.

Within our personal get goes, some terms are also being coined like “angas” or “astig” which mean super or cool or maybe fantastic. Now, this is actually the most prevalent one these days, which is actually quite confusing – answering “pwede na” or “sakto lang” when asked with a yes or no question.

Tama ba yun? ( is that right?)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Say Whatever!

The industry of consumer goods nowadays is so much populated with different brands trying the catch the attention of people in order to sell. The cola or soft drink industry is one that is practically confusing because of so many brands fighting to have their bottles emptied and consumed. We know two brands already dominate this beverage race, so new players find ways to stand out and be noticed. One new beverage brand that I know of is Whatever and Anything. Okay, I know that you are thinking that the brand names are as good as not naming them at all. The logic behind these names according to the makers is that they noticed people in food establishments saying whatever or anything whenever they were asked about the drinks they want to take. Hmm very clever I’d say. Because it will surely become a by-line and that is actually one of the most powerful advertising forces-The word of mouth.

I just wish that they will soon be here in the country or are they already here? Does someone know anything or whatever about this? ++

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eastwood, Cars and Bumblebee

new Old!

One night out with friends at Eastwood City, I saw this super astig Volkswagen contemporary model. Its is soooo cool and you will automatically conjure the thoughts of Bumblebee( though he was a Chevy in the movie). Ha Ha Ha. Anyways, after a few moments, a car arrived and parked on the side of the Volks ; and Whoah! It is the vintage version of Volkswagen. Coming out from the car is a family of 6. Man, this car is really efficient and spacious. I know you guys heard about the exhibit of Gazilions of Volks all over the Metro and I’d say that the idea is way beyond great!
As for me, I find Volkswagen cute but I would still go for the delicious looks of Mazda 3 Sudan and/or ( ohoi! Parang ang yaman!) Suzuki Swift. Both of these cars I want to have in color white. Save save to get get some astig points. Ha Ha Ha.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Perfect Match Box

All cheers!
Yesterday, my friend Monalisa and her significant other Gregg finally settled down after more than a decade of being together. It is actually quite a bankable joke to say that they practically made each other grow because they have been together since grade school. The church ceremony was solemn, emotional and funny; Funny, because the couple were very candid in delivering their vows and in saying their response to the priest’s questions. It is quite a thought knowing that a friend of my contemporary now passed the first stage of building a family. It got me thinking on who among us will tie the knot next? Ha ha ha.
Moving along, thinking a good gift for Mona and Gregg was not that easy. It actually took long talks on who the who will share for group gifts. Finally, I had the chance to shop for a gift last Saturday with my other friend Liway. My idea is to make a perfect match box that will contain men and women articles for bed time. I thought of having them all in green since I recall green is Mona’s favorite color. I bought pair of boxers, slippers and hand towels plus male facial wash and Dove body soap. To make it more personal, I did some cut outs from glossies to create tags for the gift. It was quite a thrill because it was the first gift to be opened during the reception as a part of documentation. Ayos!

The party was really mad if its okay to understate the crazy people in the reception. The event went all good and the revelaltions from the get-gos of my friends made it even better.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

David David


The idols are down to 6. Without Syesha, I’d say that it is an interesting group now. I would rather see Michael Johns replace Ms. Mercado. I am now expecting to see the idols bring out their secret weapons because this is a crucial stage now of the competition. Not to violate the rule of coherence, but please let me pay my loneliest reaction to the “ages” back elimination of Ramiele malubay. She’s just sooo cute and naïve and humble and… ( loooong sigh).
Now, I can finally say that my cheers are for David Archuleta and David Cook. I really hope that they will make it to the final 2 because I would love to see two guys battling it out for the title. Well, I think that they have the so called “real talent” right?
Oh guys, I heard that there might be a Wild card. Could this be possible? Does anyone know any insight about this?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chivalry is dead

hey listen... ( oh I mean read.)
I had this one bus ride experience to tell. I was so tired that day and was already heading home. Upon my entry to the bus, it was occupied only by few people but a few moments later it transformed into a vehicle full of rushing people. It was a Friday so I expected the traffic to be heavy. I was seated near the window with a middle-aged woman. Two ladies were standing by our section with an obvious faces of disgust because they are standing in a tight vehicle while men (yeah including myself) were seating comfortably on their chairs (some are even snoozing away). Now back to the two ladies; it is so evident that they were annoyed by their situation. Then after two minutes of their silence, one of them blurted out “ hay naku! Wala na talagang gentleman sa mundo! Yung iba nagtutulog-tulugan pa!” ( What a shame! Chivalry is really dead! Some men here even pretend they are sleeping!) Man, it did affect me because they are right on my section and I was the only guy on that area. They may be right, but forgive me for some men can be tired sometimes. My principle on this issue is to give seats to old women, pregnant girls, and people in general who looks sick and unable. Please excuse me for this, but women who are so physically able wont get that from me- they’re asking for equally right? So this is equality. I find it rude and insensitive for these two girls to actually assert things that are too insensible.
Don’t get me wrong guys, I do have this high regards for women but just drop the “attitude” and admit that vulnerability is always part of anybody’s life. Now, you may ask what I did after hearing the statement above. I simply looked at them, closed my eye, and leaned on the comfortable back rest of the seat and snooze away!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Coca-Cola Stores(ssssssssss)


I know most of you guys have already seen a lot of sari sari stores or lunch stall painted with Coca Cola logo in a very prominent red background. Some stores may even have Coca-Cola refrigerators, umbrellas, huge banners and posters and more posters. I know this person who owns a store freshly painted with Coca-Cola graphics and she spilled out some juicy details on how this marketing strategy really works. According to her, the people from Coke who negotiated with her said that its more like of an EX-Deal- We paint your store, you get 6 cases of Coke for free! Some big stores may even get coolers and other costly freebies as a sort of advertising for Coke. This I think is very clever and cost-efficient. But, one interesting detail that this friend told me is that when Coke people gave her the 6 cases of bottled cola that they have agreed with, they asked for the bottles of a competing brand (RC cola) as an exchange for the products. Hmmm, we all know that Coca-Cola now owns Pop Cola. Pop cola and RC use the same bottles. Now, am I right if I say that Coke will use these bottles for Pop? Are they doing this to defunct the competitor from the sari-sari stores?


Thursday, April 17, 2008


(please dont ask me what the title means, just keep reading)
What a day!

I have this pants that is like my all-time favorite that even if it’s a little short in length and a little too tight on the hips, I still manage to wear it. I bought this pair of pants with my own money and it is just so comfortable to wear. So I’m basically trying to say that its hard for me to stop using it. Until yesterday, when a very inevitable incident happened_ the zipper was broken-like totally wrecked because the zipper area swung open. What a dilemma! I was at Trinoma mall that time and I was wearing a corporate smart kind of outfit with my little clutch bag and a notebook. It is so hard to keep it because my top is not that long to cover my crotch area. I have to cover my crotch with my notebook all the time until I got my ride home. Man people are staring at me like they saw a weirdo or something.
Incidents like this really make me cringe in embarrassment and it is really as worst as having a cracking headache. Capital S -stressful! Now should I have this pants repaired or shall I hand it down to some needy fellows?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Naruto (?!)

Good Lordy!

Gone are the days when I can go home early afternoon and stick my face in front of the television and have a marathon of the many cartoons and adult animation programs. I remember that I was so much of a fan of cartoons back in high school. It was actually the reign of Ghost Fighter and Slam dunk that time and watching these shows will really put you in the center of fad and timely talks. If adults have telenovelas as their habit, we kiddos have cartoons as little dramas which we discuss in between games and street food trips. Now, that Im a little too busy to just sit and watch the TV all afternoon; I am unaware of the new hit cartoon there is. One cartoon is really being talked about by many kids (actually even adults are raving about it). This is not an exaggeration, but I can actually hear people talking about this cartoon everywhere- in the jeep, in Mercury drug store, in restaurants, in public restrooms, and some people even talked about it inside the movie house.
Now tell me, are you watching Naruto too? It is as good as Heroes or Grey’s Anatomy or Prison Break for people to discuss it like a real life drama? Can somebody fill me in with this please?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Santino Rylle's Christening!

Cheers Cheers!

We are just so happy to welcome Santino to the Christian world! Last Sunady was really special because we had the chance to gather with our relatives again and have a mini reunion. Lucky Santino because I am one of his God fathers, so this goes out to say that he will never grow like a dull and outdated boy. Ha ha ha. It was quite a scene to see little babies in the church with their parents and Ninangs and Ninongs looking all excited to see the priest shower their respective kiddos with God’s anointment. Right after the christening, a lunch party was held and boy did I really EAT. I was really so angry, I cant seem to get full. The party went all the way until evening where adults and Kumapares did the tossing of wines and beers. Oh well, this is a typical Pinoy party; never the same without pareng San Miguel.
Well, I would like to share some photos I took. The hot temperature made me so lame in taking photos so I went home with just a few, but all of the happy memories are indeed well-kept in mind.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

No more John

Tsk tsk tsk.
This is really a shocker and a bummer! Michael Johns was eliminated in the latest vote off of Americal Idol. I was really rooting for him for the Top two and it was quite sad to know that America is actually voting on the flip side. I mean, what the crap is Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha Mercado still doing in the competition? They claim to have the most talented batch of idols for this season, but I really don’t see any excitement anymore. Oh well, there still exist the man of David Cook and the man Diva David Archuleta plus the usual mockery of Ryan Seacrest to Simon’s man boobs. So, maybe theres still some reason to watch the show.
To all Michael Johns fan, I feel for you guys! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he may land a good recording job. Still, Michael Johns rocks.

Swing Out Sister live in Manila!

April 7, 2008 was in deed a great day because of the Holidays for an early celebration of Araw ng kagitingan. What made the day more exciting was this another generosity of my friends Mary and her significant other in letting me join them for an All Access Pass to the Swing Out Sister Concert In Araneta. Talk about sheer coolness in getting premium seats in a high profile act’s concert. The band has this simplicity of performance but their great articulation and rapport with the audience made the whole night a blast!
Again here are the photos done by Mary and her partner that I shall use to better describe how Swing Out Sister made the people dance and yeah, breakout!

The band was so amazed by how Filipinos react to them and I think this is actually the reason why more and more foreign acts visit the Pinoy shores, because we know how to show true love for true talents. Hey I heard james Blunt is coming this May- nOw, I have to save for this.