Wednesday, December 26, 2007

happy days.

Christmas has always been my favorite season of the year. I specifically look forward to seeing bright, colorful lights on different areas looking all dainty and bright as if they are all in for a tight tight competition. I am also excited to how the weather changes, though it was not felt that much this year. Simbang gabi has always been my frustration. Old folks say that completion of this nine consecutive mornings ( without excuses or negotiations, it should be straight 9.Strictly.) entitles you to one wish that has 99% possibility of coming into reality. ( fairness it is, we leave 1% room for you to doubt.) I am proud to brag that I have once, completed a winning simbang gabi streak .( now, did my wish come true? that I cant remember.)

Now, we all know that Christmas season has never been complete without the temp-me-I'm delicious-who cares about your diet-food. Yes, food it is. I had my share of splurging over it of course. Now don't go looking at me as if you did not do the same, you mustard!

And as they say, Christmas is a season to give, get bank account zeroed, your mind boggled with stuffs to give to people asking or not asking for it. Gifts are flowing. Divisoria, Greenhills and some fab mall if your moneyed and choosy. Now, I always believe in the virtue of giving more than receiving.( Actually, I only started believing in this when I started earning money to support the belief.)

here are the people who received my oozing generosity!

alexis bledel : all my love, my eyes and my loyalty.

chico and delamar: my renewed pledge of being a 5-year rusher.

my mom: waking her up and ask her to have tea with me when i Know that she barely catches the urge to sleep. peace mama. this plus some cash of course.

my tatay: a secret phone call and report that my brother is not growing any better and that mom remains loyal as ever.

my three old maid titas: oppppz, i give them my support and prayers that its never late for love. yeah never.

my rich sister: the sisterhood of the travelling pants dvd + my encouragement for her to diminish her flabs.

my mom sister: some cash and renewing our partnership of mocking our youngest brother. the brother who wont receive anything from me.

my nephews: cuddly pillows to induce them to fast sleep and avoid quarrels with them on tv when their at home.

my noisy,filthy,chismosa neighbor: my out pour of love filled with looks of a constipated tiger and someone who never experienced passing out gas in his or her entire life.

and finally,

TO THE BIG GUY UP THERE: happy birthday sir and i promise you more prayers and time and obedience.

Christmas can pass without all the gifts and cliches but it sure will be celebrated better if we have the heart to give and be happy for the happiness of others.

Cheers you guys!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

One Bad Fan.

Just this year, two of my greatest bands on the "d" list went here in the Philippines- Switchfoot and Fall out boy. Today, Vertical Horizon will perform live at the Araneta with Rivermaya as front act. I will not be able to watch this act just like I missed the scenes of FOB and Switchfoot. What are the reasons for me missing out? you may ask. Well, time is one. You know, I'm a working now and I'm no longer enjoying the luxury of being a student whereas you can take a time off the class anytime you want. Another reason is the economy. You know that time when you check your resources and you found your pocket screaming towards you saying "you ain't got enough for your facial so you cant buy that FOB ticket! youdamnit!"Another reason why i was absent in that fall out boy concert is because my bff April who works in a media company who sponsored the concert, ignored the F R E E tickets just because she doesn't even know the band actually exist( yeah you may ask where on earth is she, but its blunt real, she does not know that Fall out boy is a singing band, and same thing happened with switchfoot.) But, don't get me wrong now, I'm not saying these to put a bad face on my friend. Its not like that. All of these reasons why I missed these concerts are all because of my own circumstances, of course. I am a fan but I don't have their Cd's, not one of it. I am a fan but I don't know every word of their songs. I am a fan but i don't really loosen up and dance or sing crazy when I hear them on the radio. I am still a big fan, because I believe in their talent and I believe in their purpose. I am still a fan because I relate to their messages. And I am still a fan because I find myself looking afar when I listen to them intimately. Call me one-big-bad-fan, but I think that It is such a cliche to see people dressing up and acting like their Idol. Its way to much to keep your idol's poster in your room, all sealed with double covers and guarded by a high-sounding alarm. I am not saying that its wrong to be die hard. All that I'm saying is that I wont subscribe to that practise. I know no cliche, and I wont believe to any of it.

All hail for FOB, Switchfoot and Vertical Horizon!

And still cheers to the local acts and bands!

Friday, November 23, 2007

A royal rhapsody

She was still a princess when i met her...
that time she showed no shine.
visually, a cocoon kept in dark oblivion
but through that darkness i show her glow, i show her light

years gone by and she has bloomed into someone worth as a treasure...
letting people see the glow she kept within.
The royalty was born.
A queen that is ready to fulfill her heart's desire.
Strong and beautiful, her people loved her.

They were amazed by how she fulfilled tough responsibilities only a queen can toil.

This queen may not have her castle
this queen may not have a throne
she may not possess prominence
and she may not own that much gold...
but she is loved.
Because of that innocence she has that goes through
beyond the the complications of time..
this queen is my friend,
she is a friend of many...
ill keep her perpetually
and forever she'll live that royal life...
i know someday ill see her with that throne.
ill see her in her castle..

ill smile just to know
my princess has grown.

This is a composition I made for the year book of my dear friend Maricel Castillo for her graduation in UST. Its very much ramdom play of thoughts.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Older Fellas Smell real "g-0-0-ddamn it!"

This one happens to all of us, I'm sure. You had a bad sleep but after a sip of coffee or two, you're back to your sanctuary of good mood again- your zen-your ok. Then you realize you have to take off for your work. You look for keys. You realize you dont own a car ( its a part of your dream last night, so i wont blame you. Then finally after listening to my blabber mouths, you hit a nice fx, seat comfortably and then the manong driver played his stereo and you realized its not chico and delamar (but another couple of radio blabbers copying them). But still your ok, your zen, remember? Then your ride went all good. But you were too naive to think that you own an unbreakable santuary of zen. One guy signalled your car to stop.He's kinda well dressed. His shirt?(Kulang na lang mesa, plato at baso.-mantel na mantel!)His pants?(back to the 80's, whoah dizzy missy!) And of course his accessories? (galing saudi, treasure chest of gold.) He's like a living portrait in black in white( try to retouch it with photoshop and you'll kiss your mac goodbye...) He's the kind they call DOM. He's like our grand grand dad. He's old! if you still dont get it, you bastard!

Well, i dont have anything against hes visual presence, I know I'll grow old too in time (but i'll make sure, Im in deep friendship with someone fashionable when that time comes.)




It was terrible.

Dear sir,

I am a concerned fellow who wants to tell you in the most friendly way, THAT YOU SMELL NOT JUST FUNNY, BUT REAL REAL REAL FUNNY. I hope your family will not disown you. Vanilla is not for human odor. Sir, I am worried that you might add up to the pollution of the already highly polluted manila.

I wish you good life and health and I hope you find it in your heart that wearing strong perfume is like motivating senators to pass a bill that will make it illegal.

With all respect left,


Human scent is deed important, but I will quote one of the Queer Eye for the Straight guy dude/dudet/dude - that perfume shall be used in moderation. People want to see you first before they smell you.

Peace on heaven and Earth and people 60's and above. =)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Harry Potter is Real.

I have read Harry potter books 1-4. I am really on the go to read books 5-7, but I thought of re-reading the previous books thinking that I might have forgotten the significant events of it. So, there I was, out of the said "goodness" of my "bff" April reading the "Sorcerer's Stone" again. I just realize that they omitted a lot of good scenes in the movie... like the Quidditch transition. I cam to realize that more than Harry Potter, it is really the character of Severus Snape that I will tag as my favorite. I came to realize that harry potter scenes and events seem so real. Of course, not to talk about the magic and wizardry to be real. I'm talking about the scenarios and storyline. Harry lives with no parents but most of the good characters like him, you know, Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Sirius Black,and others. He was stereotyped but emerged as the strongest wizard. It is like the common genres of Pinoy Telenovelas nowadays. All of them saying that life is like a wheel. But, of course i wont stereotype Harry Potter to the levels of those Pinoy series( hey, come on, we all like them but we must admit that sometimes, they lack quality and depth.) I remain as a fan of this Potter Series and yeah the Quidditch(brilliant game isn't it?).I actually, planned to write something about betrayal of friendship and discrimination. I just think that the things I'm going to say within this topic will be loaded with negativity. So, i decided to write about something light instead. Its part of my on going mindset to keep all things positive.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goodbye my Gilmore

Let me prep you up first, that this is an emotional entry. And slightly cheesy. Ahh come' on just read. I was running home last night. I have to beat that 8:30 pm deadline of me getting home. My sister sent me a text telling me her friend wants a book returned which is, at that time, inside my bag. My bag is on my lap. My lap paralleled to the not so comfortable seat of the bus. The bus is stacked in traffic. I am stacked in traffic. Darn, I'm sure my sister is red mad. And a lot more darn! I think ill miss the season finale of Gilmore girls… I decided to just do the legwork towards home. I did not catch my sister at home. My mom said she left early. I did catch Gilmore girls though. Its really the final episode. The episode that made me cry like a baby ( yeah, its too queer, you'll say and yeah, hell too soft.). I had a real hard time hiding myself in the room. I ate dinner in the bed just see every inch of the episode. The whole of Stars hallow gave Rory a surprise graduation party con 'Von voyage.' Rory will leave for Iowa to work as a reporter for a prominent online magazine. Luke and Loryly got back together. The Gilmore grandparents showed their cheesy emotions for the first time. I cried. I cried. Is it really farewell for my girls? I've been watching this series for 4 years. I even watch re-runs on holidays. It will never be same without the fast-mouth-talkers of Stars hallow. It will never be the same with out the Gilmores. Its just a series. Let it go. Just a series that made me realize how wonderful it is to live simple life in the suburbs. Just a series that made me go eye-locked to Alexis Bledel(Rory). Just a series. The last time I cried for the farewell of a TV show was for Trump Family Singer ( yeah the cartoons.) I just like programs with values and subtle humor. Well, reality checks in. Got to move on without my girls. They too have to move on without me. Anyways, I have my new girl now. Betty's coming up. It's time to laugh!

The world is lame

Oh well, long time no blog. i don't know, maybe I'm just so full of good things to write about but ideas are just not enough. Until yesterday, on my way home. I am riding this not so fine vehicle on my way home. it was a smooth 5 minute until our vehicle hit one fancy car all because our driver ignored the traffic light telling him one clear red STOP, all because the road is so clear and yeah, there are no traffic vanguards to ditch him if ever he violates any lame order. that traffic light sure cant blow at him and throw cruel words, but the owner of that fancy car we hit sure can. and of course, just like any other small-paid driver around the metro, our driver cant do anything but clutch his head. to myself, i thought this is such a lame world. but God,being the creator of the world is not lame at all. earth was all in good order. it still spins around today-giving us 24/7 system that we all complain about. the world is lame. traffic rules are mere suggestion they say. chivalry no longer exists. men let pregnant women standing on a crowded and grudging train. girls offered with a sit of one tired guy in a bus wont even care to pay gratitude, not even a single look.sales people don't know how to smile anymore. customers are not always right anymore. people invade leisure areas but vacate churches on Sundays.the world is lame people are lame yeah that includes myself this is no positive writings from me today.i want to say with full conviction, that the world is lame but God never was...

So, smokers are happy huh...

There are just so many kinds of people that I don’t like. I'm sure you have your own list too. High on my list are those people who think they are so beyond whom they really are. And I so not like people who smoke. Wait, let me qualify it(eyebrows down please). Smokers who are so damn dense, they smoke in public areas.Its way too annoying, unhealthy and a bad day-trigger. We all know that side smokers are more prone to complications. What really smoke me are that heavy smell and that odor that will stick to the fabric. Well, sure I'm no law enforcer to stop you guys from doing what you want. You’ve got your liberty dear, but please be damn sensitive?! There are right places for you to smoke. Places where lungs can tolerate that puff and where people treat smoke as their cloudy heaven. It’s not cheesy to be sensitive. And its not bad to be responsible.
Global warming is so on our faces now. And yeah I’m trying to pull some conscience out of you… if you’re offended, feel free to send me a comment and let’s drool to an argument. So fine with me…

Work to live, not live to work

yeah yeah your done with school then you start filing up for job posts. then you get hired. then everyday you ride the train to get to work. eat lunch. face your table. draw you bloody hand to work then get paid then go home then ride the train again next morning.
we work for the money. to support our living. super cliche.
I'd say i work for fulfillment and self-worth. yeah you need money to follow that theory of needs by Maslow, but you'll never feel the worth of the day if you go home tired and empty. big bucks doesn't mean big heart.
7 days in a week. 5 days of work. but this figures shall not command your life.if you genuinely love what you do, its always 7 days of holiday for you.experience the bounty of your earnings and enjoy the bliss of your job's total system.
money is important. but human existence is way beyond that green bucks.

oh, ate mata mo

I’ve been long time contemplating on writing about this phenomenon. i was really suspending it because i need more proof. but just yesterday, when i stepped out of the train with oozing enthusiasm, i came across this girl who stared at me so bad as if i stole her wallet, hurt her pimple or robbed her with a kiss.
i have not done her anything wrong for her to stare at me like that. this event happened to me a gazillion times already. and i bet it happened to you and so many others. id say its so not fair. we all know how hard it is to get through every morning. and all you see are frowning faces and crooked looks that tell you “i don't like you” or “I'm in a bad day”.
the heck do people care about your trouble. it is smile that we want greeting us. its not bad to smile at strangers(with the right intentions of course.) staring people bad is really bad as the stare implies.never stare at people bad if first; you don't know them and second; if they did not do you anything wrong.
huh, at last i have articulated this thought that have long incubated in my processor. read it dear primadonnas and bad people. read this.
now, next time i encounter this again id say “so, you have a problem with my face?… oh well i don't like your face either!”

This is Chico.

Yeah, that guy in the photo facing the stage (and not the camera) is none other than Mr. Chico Garcia. He is the famous(well, at least for his market) disk jock of Monster Radio Rx 93.1. For my first ever blog entry in this site, I would love to talk about my great great frustration(oh gulat ka noh?!) which is radio broadcasting.
Well, not so many knows about it but i did try to audition as a dj for one of the radio stations in manila. Well, i got in to top ten but i did not really make it to the console and blabber my mouth products to the air waves.
Well, that went real good. i decided to work in a call center during my senior year in college to learn more voice projection, American accent and right enunciation.( did I get all these? well, yeah but not really because of me being in the call center.)
Chico and Del on the morning rush really preps me up in the morning. Good humor, witty minds and rapport are their magic. never have i had the chance to talk to them in person, but i have seen them so many times already. I hope to work with them-on air , but right now, i think i need to gain more flawless skills to get there. well, its not bad to aspire. I know when i get there, ill be really happy and fulfilled.
Yeah, this is Denis a monster radio listener now, but soon ill munch those great radio spiels out on manila’s hottest!