Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City Vs. Caregiver

Last Tuesday,I went out with my friends April and Milo to watch the Premiere of Sex and the City in Mega Mall. I was aware that this premiere will coincide Caregiver’s launch too which is starred by the equally “Mega Mall” star Sharon Cuneta. Yes, it was quite evident that Caregiver’s premier outshined Sex and the City. It is acceptable because stars will be attending the premiere of Sharon’s movie, so one would really expect a fan circus in there. Another thing is that these two movies cater to two different markets. Actually, I’ve seen the difference first hand that day. Moving on to the premier, Magic 89.9 DJs hosted the opening and I have to really commend them for carrying it out to the crowd beyond the fact that the movie wheel was yet to come. The supposed 8PM start transformed into 9PM. I should say that its worth the wait though. (Even if April bought me a Cheeseburger meal with small fries and drinks-man I was so bitin!) The crowd was so excited upon hearing that famous music popularized by the hit (yeah super hit) TV series Sex and the City. I have to admit that I am quite a fan and I was dancing my shoulders off in the opening part. The scenes were specially funny as gay viewers in our back made hilarious remarks on every dress and lines dished out in the movie- like when Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker) appeared in this dress with a nice huge flower on the neck accent; they went “ ay ang taray ng bulaklak ni ate.” Ha Ha Ha.
The movie has a long duration but never would I say that there was any dull or dragging moment. It’s like Harry Potter spontaneity. There were scenes when I thought ending was near, but another story slope will come by. I am so into movies with candid plot and unpredictable maneuver. This is a feel good movie that is sparked by awesome humor and fine blends of dialogues. My favorite scene was Charlotte’s “defining” moment in Mexico after her jogging and Yuga session. Okay, I have to clip my mouth now and save some face for those who haven’t seen it yet. I’d tell you, it’s worth the time.
The morning after, April (or should I say Anne Curtis) called me to announce that I should start calling her names of all the beautiful women on earth because she finally got the Click Five tickets! Plus she has four tickets for the blocked screening of Sex and the City later at night in Glorietta. I wouldn’t mind watching the movie again because I liked it. I called my sisters to watch it with me but they declined my invite because it’s quite a long travel from our house to Glorietta. Well, watching the movie with a friend was not bad at all. And there it was, Ive seen Sex and the City twice. (And I might get invites pa from friends and I would love to watch it again.)
Thanks again to my super best friend April.( now, Anne Curtis, Bianca Gonzales, Sarah Mayer, Alexis Bledel, and all othe hot women on earth.) Yes, I know it April you’re so loving this.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm bloody scared.

A stainless handle of a broom was screwed open and I used it without noticing the sharp ends. Then a crashing sensation in the skin came into being. Blood came out. My eyes seeing the blood and my cheeks turned gray. This is my own blood I’m seeing right now. My skin was cut open and my blood is spilling out. I don’t know what to do until my officemate came to my rescue. (My officemate is a girl, so yeah I’m so embarrassed) She cleaned the wound and wrapped it around. She was so discreet about how I look so gay that time. Imagine, I was knocked out by a small bleeding cut? Imagine being rescued by a girl officemate? Darn Darn.

Okay, this is the time to admit it. I am a chicken when I see blood. I automatically turn into a tiny child whenever I see an open wound. I cant stand to watch movies or TV programs with flashing bloods and cutting flesh swords. Even words or stories of bloody scenes can be very photographic to me. I am afraid of blood. I’m not yet sure if it’s a phobia but it really weakens me when I see blood. It takes me out of my senses. Next time you want to really scare me off, be equipped with your dagger and blood up yourself. Ha Ha Ha. But, you know, without any joke, Im so damn scared of blood.

Now to give some light to fellow blood-scared guys (or girls) like me, the phobia is called hemophobia. (and not homophobia:) )To better understand this high sounding word, here’s a little research I got from

Fear of blood: An abnormal and persistent fear of blood. Sufferers of this very common phobia dread the sight of their own blood, the sight of the blood of another person or an animal, and sometimes printed or filmed images of blood or even thoughts of blood. Blood may remind them of their own vulnerability to injury and of the eventuality of death.

Some sufferers of hemophobia experience an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Other sufferers experience an atypical phobic reaction characterized by a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, causing paleness and weakness. They may even faint. Those with the latter reaction may develop a new fear: the fear of fainting.

(photo originally from

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Wowowee Crowd

Last iblog 4 summit, one term came out to describe the new “JOLOGS” which is the Wowowee crowd. This program as we all know has been too controversial, and this sparked up its entry to popularity. Not just local households are glued to the program, but TFC subscribers around the globe as well. It has been also circulating around ratings fair, that Wowowee is slowly eating up its competition (the legendary Eat Bulaga) as it continuously gain popularity as it crosses the borders of local entertainment by staging live shows in foreign lands to reach overseas Filipino workers. Now, how did we come up with this so-called “Wowowee crowd” or “Wowowee market”? We all know that Filipino by-lines are created by having strong amplifications and noise. Being a noontime show, Wowowee has the most potent access in linking with stay at home moms because it is really the wee hours for them. If you have had the chance to watch the show one time, you would notice that it is so full of energy and the spontaneity is just natural. Prizes are given here and there and the contestants are just participative. Like Game ka na ba? , Wowowee also has these live viewers that are all-out in doing their share of dance moves every time they are prompted to do so. The show is also known to making hit dance steps and making Willie’s album a hot pancake. (that lacks the margarine)

Another significant element of the program is the spice that the hosts add. No week will pass without intrigues about them, making the show louder and much talked about. Talk about the main host, Willie Revillame- I never really liked him, and I never felt truth and sincerity in his personality. I always feel like there’s a negative factor in him every time he does the hosting and talking. He is too superficial and always talks in superlative. Oh well, he’s charisma is undeniable, but I utterly wont buy it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Remember this?

Well, here's a new one (and I'd say its way better)

Is this pure Pinoy wit or what?
Now, knock yourself off!
Ha Ha Ha. Big thanks to Ms. Rachel and Kuya LA for the photos.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dove Evolution

Since I’m affected by the”lame mood trigger “weather today, let me just share to you this impressive video done by Ogilvy and Mather for Dove’s worldwide campaign for real beauty. This video shows just how deep aesthetic values are valued in advertising these days. Also, see how Photoshop has really gone a long way of ousting all beauty clinic and treatment ever existed .(well, at least in the competition of photographic beauty)

And to add a balance to this very serious video, here comes the material of parody.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Junior 101

I don’t want to sound geeky in this post but Im feeling a little novel to do an article about this segment that appeared on Men’s Health Magazine (May 2008 edition) about 8 worst things we males can possibly do to our privates. Yes everyone, the tool is not as invincible as you thought it was. The junior needs some TLC too you know? So start caring for your well-kept treasure to do away from any regrets of pain (or worst, disease) that can possibly come from lame excuses of not taking care of it. To start off, here now are 8 most common mistakes:

Mistake # 1
Forcing down what’s gone up.
Putting downward pressure on an erect penis strains the two long tendons that attach your penis to your pubic bone which provide leverage for it to erect. If these tendons are stretched too far, it will lost the ability to produce right erection which will lead to a downward erection instead of up.
Mistake # 2
Engaging it to an intercourse while it’s not yet ready.

Trying to penetrate a junior that is not fully “up” might cause bending and buckling injuries. Ouch! This can also cause a penis that permanently bends, sometimes in a painful manner.
Mistake # 3
Quick unzipping!
This is actually quite lame to be reminded about. I know you get the picture of having sharp teeth into the member right? Oh pain!
Mistake # 4
Using anything your eyes can reach.

Listen up sexual do-it-yourselfers! Not all slimy and creamy liquids are meant for “lathering” or “polishing” the tool. Use some inch of your brain to discern which can actually cause you harm such as irritation and worst, infection or swelling.
Mistake # 5
Penile fracture

In this day and age of having high profile talks about sex and everything, people can’t help but be adventurous on the deed. Too much pressure can actually cause lots of possible fracture to the tool, so easy lang.
Mistake # 6
Natural harms
The sun: exposing the junior in the sun may make its skin thicker and scaly. Not too pleasant right?
Poison plants: Yes, doing it in the farm or garden is not recommended, unless of course you want to scratch your crotch in public.
Animal teeth: Animals aim for the crotch when being attacked or when they feel unsecured. This is actually a clue for you if in case you plan to irritate or infest an animal.
Mistake # 7
Undergoing Enlargement Procedures

We heard a lot about the dangers of surgical operations. Lengthening operations require inserting the suspensory ligaments in the abdomen. This can cause wobblier erections that can possible cause fracture and injuries. So, unless you have a thumb-like size, stay away from the stencils.
Mistake # 8
Inserting it where it doesn’t belong

Now in case the statement above is not descriptive enough, it practically tell you to refrain from having an intercourse with a paid “do” worker or any animal you find sexy. Please, be human enough sir.
Now, I read this news from some paper where the wife sliced off her husband’s thingy after being annoyed when the husband won’t stop asking for sex. The very sad part is that the detached junior was flushed in the toilet. Moral of the story is to take care of our junior not just with TLC but with EQ too.
Extracted from
Men’s Health 2008
(The 8 Worst Things You can do to Your Privates)
Health Segment (pp 106-107)

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Very First Youtube.

Yes everyone, this is the very first video ever posted in Youtube with my face on it. This is an Audio Visual Presentation our class did (BAPR 3-2n) for an advertising seminar held in Baguio.

The editing was done by Marco Solas and the yours truly served as the Creative Director and Copywriter of this whole visual presentation. Please be guided that this is the very first video I/we ever made, so please understand some inferior quality and if spell check will hit us in the head.

Enjoy! Ha Ha Ha

oh, what can you say? please drop a comment. Nice make up noh? Ha Ha Ha

Thursday, May 22, 2008


To all Little/Man Diva fans out there, it’s time to take that beer out of the freezer and call your fellow Archie fans and celebrate his great great defeat. Yes, everyone David Cook is the newest member of the roster of stars produced by American Idol. The American Idol was indeed cooked! After a smashing voting saga that reached 97.5 M this finale, 12 M advantage placed Cook into being the newest Idol. The total vote was 27% bigger than last year’s season. It was quite noticeable from last performance night’s episode that the judges favored David Archuleta’s performances. I personally thought that David Cook’s song choices were quite not suited for a finals night. I think that David A’s issues about his father spear heading the so-called “chaos” during rehearsals that made voters to decide otherwise.

I was actually rooting for David Archuleta but David Cook was my original favorite way back auditions. It just came a little too evident that Archie is leading the voting game. Well, I guess that Chico and Del were right to say that David Cook really worked his way towards gaining the Idol title. So, amidst my sour feelings for Archie’s defeat, lets all give our cheers to the crooked! Oh I mean to David Cook!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

P U P and P R O U D

Time went so fast. It’s been a year since I graduated from college and here I am now living the dream of actually having writing as a job. I can’t help but reminisce the time when I have to look for a job. I gave my self a month of rest then went straight to job hunting. Like what most kiddos of my generation will do, I had the aid of the World Wide Web to scatter my CV around the digital domains of prospective employers. Again, I will always be thankful to my college friend Mary for giving me the idea of entering Alchemy. Lots of my friends also went into this stage of job hunting and I heard lots of stories of discrimination. It has been a prevalent knowledge that some companies really discriminate according to schools and education. I don’t have any problem with companies discriminating according to academic preparations but stereotyping applicants because of the image their schools are known for is something that I can’t swallow. I once had this interview in a known company wherein I was asked if I was an activist back in college. I graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines which is so known for activist students. Well, it never grew in my mind to join any form of activism during college. During that interview, I answered with all conviction that not all PUP students are activist and that activism may be existing in the university but I strongly believe that its all for good cause. I never had a big time chance to pay tribute to my Alma Mater. Now that I have this online blog with some active readers, let me do my tribute for once. PUP is the university that made me realized the real scenario around our nation. It made me realized that finishing college is not for the sake of getting a job only. Graduating from school gives us the stability and concrete preparation in exploring our real reason for living. (Whoa! Deep) Ask if I have already discovered my reason? Well, not yet... .(Maybe soon. )
Some schools may claim to green or blue. Some may claim to own all the geniuses. Some may claim to produce world leaders. Some may claim to win all university leagues and basketball and some may claim to be the richest; but I can proudly say that I graduated from a school that sees reality of life beyond profit and money-making machine of so-called academic units.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Richest Senator

Amidst the issues of having a rough economy and soaring prices of commodities, here I am telling you about the richest senators we have here on the earthly Pinoy planet. Well, Senate President Manny Villar leads the list while the infamous Magdalo leader, Trillanes was named the poorest among the 23 millionaire( err, billionaire for Sen. Villar) senators. Here now is the complete list of the richest Pinoy senators as presented by Philippines Star in the Main Section dated may 20, 2008.

1 Senate President Manuel Villar Jr. With P 1, 041,383,946 from last year’s P 921.4 M.
2 Jamby Madrigal with P 146,483,524 from 148.9 M
3 Ramon “Bong” Revilla with P 117.968 M from P 107M
4 Manuel Roxas ll with P110.634 M from 140.3 M
5 Juan Ponce Enrile with P 98,840,037 which is almost the same from last year’s.
6 Mirriam Defensor- Santiago with P89, 386,749 from P76 M.
7 Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada with P 83, 154,561.78 from P83M.
8 Pia Cayetano with P76.397M from P76.2M
9 Loren Legarda with P45,990.565 from P41.4M
10 Edgardo Angara with P44,104,977.47 from P 41M
11 Rodolfo Biazon with P28.192M from P27.4M
12 Panfilo Lacson with P27.280M from P25.8M
13 Richard Gordon with P 26,521,834 from P25.6M
14 Juan Miguel Zubiri with P22.859M from P43.3M
15 Francis Pangilinan with P12.978M from P15.4 M
16 Gregorio Honasan with P12.154M from P12M
17 Lito Lapid with P12. 095 from P 11.6
18 Minority Leader Aquilito Pimentel Jr. with P11.533,496 from P10.3M
19 Joker Arroyo with P11.05M from P11M
20 Allan Peter Cayetano from P16.238M from P16M
21 Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino lll P13.94 from P13.3M
22 Francis Joseph Escudero with P7.469M from P7.4M
23 Antonio Trillanes with P22.859M from P43.3M

We shall take note now that An ordinary Philippine government senator earns P40,425 a month. Most of our current senators came from a well-moneyed clan or a celebrity blood-line. Now, how they grew these amounts of money is something that we somehow have a clue about. Yeah, once again I'll leave this ending hanging right here. (yeah with this period)

Monday, May 19, 2008

pa-cheeseburger ka naman!

Remember the common by line to tease or throw some cheers of sarcastic commends to someone – “Pa-canton ka naman!” Well, this is already outshined by the new by-line brought into popularity by Mc Donald’s. “pa-cheese burger ka naman!” now became the most commonly used by-line all over the country. This line aims to make the cheese burger product more high profile and consumer-friendly. I’m sure that everyone has already been exposed to this advertising campaign be it TV, Radio or Print. The secret behind this phenomenal recall of “pa-cheese burger ka naman” lies in its high exposure in TV. The campaign was delivered smoothly in a very timely manner. The so-called jologs market is jumping up and down when using this by-line. I just hope that this by-line will last for as long as Mc Donald’s is strongly serving millions and millions more.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

10 years of delicious Sandwich

happy ten years to Sandwich band! More awesome music to come! Cheers, Cheers! More celebrations! more music! All cheers to Sandwich!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

You're Inlove

This song was hailed into popularity way back in the 90’s. My friend Andrew really loved this song and so do I. I find it a little timely. And if you’re thinking why it’s timely for me, well read between the lines (or in this case, between the lyrics).

You're Inlove:Wilson Phillips

Open the door and come in
I'm so glad to see you my friend
Don't know how long it has been

Having those feelings again.
And now i see that you're so happy
And ooh, it just sets me free
And i'd like to see

Us as good of friends
As we used to be

Chorus:Aah, my love, aah
You're in love
That's the wayIt should
be'cause i want you to be happy
You're in love
And i know
That you're not in love with me
Ooh it's enough
For me to know

That you're in love
Now i'll let you go
'cause i know
That you're in love

Sometimes it's hard to believe
That you're never coming back to me
I've had this dream that you'd always be by my side
Oh i could have died.
But now i see that you're so happy
And ooh, it just sets me free.
And i'd like to see
Us as good of friends
As we used to be


I tried to find you but you were so far away
I was praying that fate would bring you back to me
Someday, someday, someday... ooh, you're in love
Ooh it's enough
For me to know
That you're in love
Now i'll let you go
'cause i know
That you're in love


Friday, May 16, 2008

David squared


My prediction just came to life. David Archuleta and David Cook are the two Idol finalists who will battle it out in the Kodak Theater next Idol week. It did not come so surprising really because they both stole the scene early since the audition period. Now, it’s the question of who will reign supreme? - The Man diva or the rock star? David A has the voice to reckon with while David C possesses the versatility and stage expertise. It came so evident that David A always led the vote’s game, so my bet is on David Archuleta though I find David Cook more talented. Choosing the top 2 generated 56 million votes all over America, so we could just imagine how far it can progress now that the voting will decide who the new idol is. Now taking our attention back to the Philippine shore (or maybe, still a little connected to US) Charice Pempengco’s performance on Oprah is now available in Youtube. I was so mixed up with all emotions of fascinations seeing her perform on the stage of Oprah. It’s just too big for me to realize the reality of seeing a Pinoy conquering a very influential TV program worldwide. Pinoys just dream of being in the studio to watch but being a guest to showcase your talent is a real Oprah weight of honor. Now, to really go back to the local shores, Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby dropped their case against Lolit Solis after Solis retracted her accusations of the two as gay couple. Hmmm, Sam and Piolo once again proved that they really don’t like each other, oh I mean that they are indeed straight guys.

Ha Ha Ha.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cubao Jeepneys

So here we are with a nostalgic story again. Back in college, I used to take the Cubao route to go to the university and back home. I always take the jeepney from EDSA to Sta. Mesa. Now, let me describe to you these jeepneys- They are relatively spacious; Colorful; Packed with college students; pumping with loud contemporary and rock music; and above all they are super speedy. Private vehicles tagged them as the king of the road. Even big buses can sometimes take a distance away from them. They literary take a swing in free roads. These jeepneys possess the real talent of avoiding traffic areas. They can swiftly take you in your destination in no time. But, you have to make sure that your heart is in good condition. I remember this one time when me and April went to transfer in another jeep because it is like a killer machine. The old lady in there actually reminded the driver from that jeep to always think that he is transporting lives and not dead meats.
Oh, did I mention that these jeepneys are called as Patok jeepneys? Actually, any transportation which runs fast now is being tagged as patok! Its like a by-line. So, if you feel like going a little adventurous, try riding these jeepneys and have a roller coaster ride in Aurora Ave. Ha Ha ha

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

wordy wordless

Yeah, this day is a little “wordless” as some bloggers might term those days when you are left with nothing to write but you have the urge to post something but still you don’t have anything to type about. I never thought this will happen to me. You see, I am like a talking mobile doll (wait, doll? Err) all the time but I only speak in my mind. I got this tip from one of my most favorite professors in college- to always construct sentences in your mind all the time even in times of silence. I find it so helpful because it keeps my mind working. It keeps my stress level low. You know those times when you kill someone in your mind? Or when you kiss someone in your mind? And the possibilities of doing THINGS in your mind are quite infinitive.
So since I don’t have anything to write about today, let me tell you some information I gathered around Pop-culture domain.

TV series are down in the US because of the remains of the effects of Writers’ rally (see just how us writers are significant?)

Sam Concepcion will be singing the OST of a Steven Spielberg animated movie.

Bea Alonzo is the newest face of Ugly Betty for the Philippine franchise.

Mariah Carey will be married (?)

Regine Velasquez might play the Pinoy Kim Sam Soon.

David Archuleta might sing “Stand by Me” again for the final three performances in American Idol.

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez will do a movie together, so the Star of Star Cinema will transpire with the rainbow of GMA films.

Karen Davilla will have a new show at ABS-CBN

Globe will bring iphone to the Philippines.

Heart and Jericho are not together anymore.

Our neighbor’s dog is not a virgin anymore.
So, there you have it.
A WORDLESS post today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green mango Saturday

After office last Saturday, I went out with a friend to watch “What happens in Vegas” at Robinson’s Galleria. The movie was really funny though the plot was not that impressive. The story is light so I liked it. I am really a fan of light comedy/ romantic movies. Oh well, to give a gist about the movie here’s how it went- it’s about two people (Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) both on the bridge of having fall-out lives. To get away from their individual dilemmas, they both went in Las Vegas. The actual rock in roll of the story was when they both checked-in at a single suite. The lead characters practically hated each other, but after a night of booze they ended up getting married. Because they are so not into each other, they decided to get a divorce but hitting a $3M jackpot in Vegas paved the way for them to build a so-called marriage. The judge attending their divorce froze the money and commanded them to go on marriage therapy. After many attempts of breaking each others morale, the lead characters ended up loving each other.

Forgive me, I’m not really into making movie reviews. Anyhow, after the movie my friend and I went to have a food trip. The Galleria food court is filled with different choices. I’m glad to find cheap food like Hongkong style noodles and The Mango Farm’s Green Mango Shake.
It was a fun Saturday getaway but the rain spoiled my way home plus somebody made me sad pa. (Sigh Sigh)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama at Trinoma

Here we go again with an untimely post. It was Mother’s day yesterday right? So this post is dedicated to all the mothers out there. Not to take sides, but I really feel like I’m more of a “mama person”. Maybe it’s because I practically grew up with my Tatay working abroad. Mothers for me are always special. In a conventional Filipino home, they serve as the shock and stress sponge of the daily dilemmas and thrills of their children’s’ lives. Mind you, but they toil this task in a daily basis. People who know me are aware of how important my mom is to me. I have seen her devotion to us in giving out efforts just to make sure that we are okay. Now, I’m not a perfect son; but never did I lose my respect for my mother. So to celebrate Mother’s day, I brought my mama to Trinoma. We had a salon bonding there that took more than an hour. We went straight to have dinner, and then went to the Trinoma garden. It was quite full of people that day and mama was already tired. We went hope and cup off the night with an awesome bus ride!
It was a simple celebration, but it felt genuinely good and special. To think that my mom has four children and she spent her mama day with me. Oh diba? Ya-bang!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I hope to visit the church today. It has been long since I last went to church. It’s like having an incomplete week every time I miss a mass. Today, it feels like the right time to clean out the clutter. This is a great time to start looking around and see the things or even people and start labeling them according to their worth. I know it s unfair to measure relationships. It is also unfair for me to keep people or things that drag me down. Today, I shall look at my things and return things that are borrowed. Today, I shall look up my phone book and remove names that should have been deleted long before this day. Today, I shall look at my friendster and remove people that only remind bad and sad memories. Today, I shall send messages to people that really matter. Today I shall recognize things that are worth keeping. I have been dwelling into aspiring things that I can’t have. It has been a long duration of frustration and stress. The year went in with coupling joy and emotional battle for me. A lot of people went it but took a fast exit. Like my father who only spent a few days with us. There goes the thought of wishing to hold on to things or people that need to go but are too special for you to let them.
Today, I shall learn to find worth in me again. Today, I shall reconcile with the substance I lost because of that one person. Today, I shall never beg for goodness. Today, shall start giving myself a definition.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good looks,Bad Character

Yes, this is another bus ride experience that I will rant about.
I am a frequent bus rider and it always exposes me to different kinds and sizes (ohhh sizes) of people. We all know that the general population of our country is commuters. Alongside the yo-yo price of gasoline, even private car owners are joining the mass crowd of jeepney and cab riders. Alright, let me start my rant now before I do away from it and discuss the Barbara Walters issue. It’s like this: On my way home, I took a bus ( a very nice bus by the way) wherein I was seated comfortably. Minutes passed and the bus was filled with fellow commuters. A pretty lady in skirt stood on my spot but I didn’t offer my seat because again, my principle is to give my seat only to those old fellows and pregnant women. A relatively old lady then went close to my spot carrying an obviously heavy bag. I signaled to her to take my seat then, I went up on my feet and find a good bar to hold on to. To my surprise, the old lady was still standing and the girl in skirt took my seat. I found it so rude knowing that she was aware that I offered the seat to the old lady. This girl in skirt remained comfortably seated with head not moving at all. Arrogant B****!
Yeah, there goes the fact that she looks pleasant but it does not give her the right to be rude or opportunistic. It has been to prevalent in the society today for good-looking people to get away with anything easily. I know no double standard and I only know equality. Good thing that I remembered being a professional now with my college degree; if not I might have forgotten my high respect for women.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Laiya Experience Full Throttle

As promised, let’s go full-throttle now on the story behind our Laiya, Batangas escapade. To start with, it was quite a discovery that traffic jam can also exist in suburbs like Lipa. Man, it was really a slow ride passing Lipa. It took us 4 or maybe 5 hours to get to our destination from Manila. The weather was a little too unwelcoming that day and we really thought that we will soak while the rain is pouring. Luckily, when we got to the beach, the weather was calm and it was just in time for dinner. After the festive meal fore fronted by pork sinigang, we decide to finally dip in the water. Another sad thing came into its being- it was damn freaking’ low tide! Oh well there’s no stopping us from swimming so we still managed to feel the very soothing temperature of the water. Sky was also filled with stars that time, so it was really a fun night swimming. Right after the dark swimming spree, booze now came into play and I was so drunk that night. I passed out at around 1Am after so many glasses of brandy (which I was not so accustomed to drinking) and 5 songs in Magic Sing. My room mates recorded my super loud snore which is actually into its highest power level whenever I get drunk. I can remember sending silly messages to some friends and yeah I think some took it seriously. The morning after, my head was like an empty nut shell loaded with migraine fluids. It was so painful. Bad headache usually weakens me, but it did not stop me from enjoying the beach. I even skipped breakfast and head on to the very nice beach of Laiya. After some hours of soaking and swimming g, we decide to take the kayak and go around the island to see other resorts. I saw a lot of jumping groups of fish and sea snakes. We even helped this old lady vendor to cross one islet to another; whoa! The menace is a Good Samaritan! In return, she gave us some delicious sweets. We then head back to our house and entered the dining area for a sumptuous lunch. After the hearty meal, we prepared our things, posed for last clicks then head back to Manila.

It was a short vacation but sure it was loaded with memories and laughs that were good as memoirs of the Alchemy Family summer twenty -08. As a parting segment, let me share to you some interesting photos we took in the beach. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Laiya Experience

And here we go! After our uberly fun escapades at Laiya, Batangas here I am with the excitement of sharing to you the photos that shall speak just how much fun we had. The sun may be too kissing that day but we just ignored it and now we all have our sun-kissed skin to flaunt with. Ha Ha Ha, oh well I only got it on my face so I look really weird now.
Anyhow, The full details about our short short vacation, shall be published tomorrow, because Im still to lazy to compose my thoughts. Besides, I have photos to browse pa.