Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Opo, U.P. lang po ako."

hmmm, seems like my posts for today are 'photographic'. Oh well, I find this shirt interesting and I heard that it is controversial too. I leave it all to you on how you shall interpret this statement. I'd say its simply fiesty!

"Photo Field" hit 01

Photography is one thing that I want to involve myself with. It is a surreal feeling when I experienced taking my own photo creations through manual SLR. Talagang tyagaan, but the results are overwhelming.

Now, I want to share it with you. For the first hit of my photography stint here on our page, I bring to you my unedited photos I submitted for my Photography class in college.

Thanks so much to April and Mr. Calabig!

"Breathing Park"
My blockmates April, Rosalie and Juvy as my subject.

"Missed the train"

I like my framing here. don't you? hehehe.

Again, thats April.

"Bottle of life"

Supposedly, this is for a product shot.

Nice play of background blur I'd say.

Alright, this is just the first wave. More photos to come.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Crush Crush List

Just today, through the rugged superhero blog, i finally find Bianca Gonzales. I am really amazed how she is simply blissed and naturally positive. Plus, were both using Blogspot, so I'd say there's a connection. (haha, ipilit na) So this blog post is dedicated to Ms Bianca Gonzales and other Asian women whose just irresistibly attractive and amazing.

With this, I present to you my top 5 crush.hehe. cheesy it is! I like them all.

5. Alexis Bledel
Alexis is not American, but you will be taken off by her nice accent and play of words. She's cute and a natural fashionista.

4. Angel Aquino
can you tell that she's already a mom?

3. Anne Curtis
She's my drama queen with oozing good taste. We all have noticed that her acting improved 'dramatically' after switching network.

2. Bianca Gonzales

My Brainy Crush. I am with her on her advocates
and she swept me away with her wits. hayyyy.

1. Sarah Meier
My Jock.hehehe. Flawless in all means and really really really beautiful. God send.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

in black and white

The United States will soon have a black president.( my fearless forecast, ehem hes leading the polls right? and Oprah is campaigning him.) The idea of double standard was primed and cooked by the people of America who had this significant bias between white skinned people (or fair-skinned for that matter) and the dark ones. I remember this one episode of Grey's Anatomy wherein one white patient pleaded to get medical cure from a white fellow only. I know you know how cruel it is to live that stage of America. Today, the stigma remains. Discrimination for skin color still exist.

Now, Filipinos, being a prime follower of anything American embraced this mind-set too. Notice how Glutathione craze raved our country. Notice how dark skin is associated so much to ugliness. Notice how people tag "looking fresh and good" to people with fair skin. Notice how almost all Pinoy celebrities are "bond paper" white. Notice that most well-moneyed people are white too. And notice how advertising sides to those endorser with fair skin only.

Kapag maputi ka sa Pilipinas, crush ka ng bayan. But I believe that the true test of aesthetic beauty is looking good in black or white.

Monday, January 28, 2008

si Kabayan.

Talk about non-adulterated politicians and Noli de Castro will be my top-of-mind. He may have gotten through the mainstreams of TV broadcast and Philippine politics but he maintained a friendly personality and clear mass appeal. I am really a fan and I will dare go through a war of jargons against those blabber-mouths that say an avalanche of distracting words to defeat Noli's ever composed mantra.

I like this idea that he said in one of the most talked about noon time show hosted by of course, one of the most talked about male celebrity. VP Noli de Castro said and I quote in a non-specific manner-

"mabuti nang nandito ka sa iyong programa, mahusay kang nakakatulong. Sa gobyerno, tumutulong ka nga, pero pera pa rin yun ng gobyerno di ba?"

point made strongly, right?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"My mom always told me"

There is this one commercial that is currently running hot in the circulations of mainstream Pinoy TV. People can't help but notice the line "My mom always told me..." from a shampoo commercial. I am not saying that there is something wrong in this line but I have to admit that it sounds strange for me. Many people has been talking about it too, pertaining to its so-called 'grammatical errors'. Now, I dont mean to cause any offense to the people behind this TVC. I am also a copywriter but I must admit that Im no grammar master.

Now, I will leave it to my raiders to decide whether there is a sting of error in this line below-

"You know what my mom always told me... look your best always, you'll never know who you'll run into...."

or whether it is correct.

Photo from

Friday, January 25, 2008

"Let's talk dirty"

First of all, this is not an attempt to overcast or even try to overcast "Nakanampucha".
This is an attention catcher name and ohhhh interesting logo layout for a laundry shop.
Ask if it offers "extra" service? I beg not to divulge about that.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vintage Memoirs

Everyone, meet my makers- Lucia Guevara and Rogelio Claves. This is a vintage shot of their prom way back who knows when. My parents has been together for so long, they already stopped counting. It is nice to know that my tatay is my mama's first boyfriend, and first and ahem, only husband. I dont know, but I am aware that this kind of romantic relationship is so retro and is rare nowadays. As parents, I could not dare ask for a replacement. I wont even dare articulate how good they are for my tears might destroy my pc. My tatay works abroad and its been really ages since the last time he went home. I know that this is so personal to publish here that is why i'll keep this one short.

I am just so excited to see my tatay again and show him how far i have improved from that lazy boy that will always frown whenever he ask me to buy some nails for his hobby of crafting anything that is wood.

March 28 and Rogelio, the real elclaves shall grace his motherland again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the survey

WE all have received annoying forwarded messages of chain letters that will put a jinx on your mother if you fail to pass it to a certain number of people- crap. Then there is this "fill in the blanks"on how well you know the person. I have grown hating it but i dont know what went in to me to pass this text to my college friends...

Si "denis"....

Akala ko dati:


gusto ko sa kanya:





my message for him:

.... and out of twenty something number of people i sent it to... I received tandadadan!

3 response. Oh well, 3 great response. here it is.

from Kat ( the college friend who just cant help but shout that shes so into me.)

Si "denis"....

Akala ko dati: mabuting tao

Pero: masama pala

gusto ko sa kanya: masunget sya

sobrang: sarap kasama ( seeee? she likes me)

laging: tinitignan pix ko sa friendster ( you wish kat)

napaka: salbahe ( live with it)

sana: aminin na nya na pantasya nya ako. ( duh deh dih doh doh)

my message for him: 4 being one of my true friends ( showbiz) and also for admiring me. I really appreciate it talaga heheh. (kapal noh)

from bryan ( my best college bud)

Si "denis"....

Akala ko dati: snabbish

Pero: mabait pala (naman)

gusto ko sa kanya: sociable person ( seee? sosyal noh)

sobrang: disciplined (kala mo lang yun)

laging: may direksyon ( kasi baka maligaw tayo pag wala)

napaka: galing mag english ( oyyy sobraaaaa medyo lang)


sana: makatrabaho ko sya uli ( masokista talaga si bry eh)

My message for him: Keep it up and stay as you are. ( nadaan sa takutan, maganda sinabi eh)

april ( my bff)

si "denis

akala ko dati : goody goody nerd ( true naman)

pero: goody goody asshole pala ( true din)

gusto ko sa kanya: matalino like me ( oy level naman)

sobrang: HIRAP TIISIN ( oy she likes me too, hay hirap)

laging: nanghihingi nga data( hahaha, sa ngalan ng impluwensya!)

napaka: caring in fairness ( kahit tanung mu pa sa iba)

sana: wag ka magbago ( oo looks lang magbabago)

my message for him: thanks for everything. (anytime B****!)

well, with all these you'll know that i am in deed a good person..

a little too self-serving pero aminin mo, gustong gusto mo din malaman how other people feel about you especially those dear to your heart. right?

forgive me for my quite long hiatus for sometimes, I need to work. =)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cracky days.

Its not bad to loosen up sometimes.

Its not bad to do unguarded acts once in a while.

These acts make you feel good.

These acts make you feel like human.

Its not bad to drink 5 cups of coffeein a day within a week.

Its not bad to sleep for 12 hours.

Its not bad to go out and rave every food store there is.

Its not bad to spend 8 hours in gaming stations and splurge on to play like you want to break the console.

Its not bad to sing your lungs out in a singing lounge and feel like you are getting every tune right. go on, belt it out.

Its not strange to wake up and sit in a couch and just stare blank on the tv.

Its not bad to have long, ear-soring phone chat with someone you like.

Its not bad to doodle on your walls.

Its not bad to get drunk and speak words you are discreet about.

Its not bad to muse at good looking people inside the train, or in the mall perhaps.

Its not bad to go on top of the building and shout your hate notes to he world.

Its not bad finish off one box of family size pizza on your own.

Its not bad to fight with your siblings once in a while.

Its not bad to laugh hard over one corny joke.

Its not bad to feel that your the greatest once in a while.

Its not bad to feel bad.
Its not that bad to be bad.
Its not that bad to be bad if it makes you feel good.
And this is what i write when I feel cracky and out of order.

happy Wednesday everyone.

Monday, January 7, 2008

(hu u???) virtual world phenomena

in this day and age of really complicated and pocket-snatching technology, everything ( as in everything) now have their own counterparts and/or replacements.

mad tellers in the bank now are almost overshadowed by e-banking and ATMs.

going to the market which was dimmed filthy and tiring is no longer dominant because of the online shopping.

patintero, agawan base and Chinese garter are now replaced by online games and RPGs. ( no wonder kids of today are growing fatter and lamer.)

television now is threatened by You Tube. people are just tired of following every inch of celebrity breaths, they now want to be on the boob tube and be their own star. fair enough.

snail mail and the classic telegram are so much written in history and are well-kept in the archive of no return. thanks to the ever reliable Gmail, hot mail, yahoo,AOL, and the like for making it much easier to send mails. Of course, thanks to Globe, Smart, touch and Sun for bringing unlimited services of text and call- people now do everything over cellphone.

libraries are echoing not just because they lack books but because students and nerdies are lured by yahoo and goooooooooogle.

even social networking is now made digital with friendster, multiply, ym, myspace, and others.

Sure, technology makes life a breeze, but when used without any sense of responsibility can cause real and serious problems-

Identity thief.

This is one big phenomenon in virtual world. People using the image, name and personality of other people to gain friends, money and a pseudo partner.

Royalty scams.

In the system of "copy and paste" it is very easy to claim rights of the works of others. For those who do this, your all are bastard losers!

Web related crimes.

We all know minors petrified by insane adults luring them out for sex and money.

They say human will never be satisfied. No matter how world feeds them with good things that aim to help them, they will always be looking for more and worst, abuse these things.

Virtual world was not created to replace reality. It is our most friendly aid to do human task more efficient and effective.

Just like our reality, we don't want this Internet domain gone.

so please, do ourselves a favor.

Use Internet responsibly.

Identity thieft photo from

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Dude

November 26, 2007. My sister, her son sean, her brother-in-law kuya edwin and her mother (who happens to be my mother too) were riding an old KIA car in a fast paced drive to get to Chinese General Hospital for my sister is in deep agony because the person who have long incubated in her tummy is now bored and want to get out of her and experience the world outside.

kuya edwin was really nervous as accounted by my mama. Sean is in a bad mood for he will surely miss school the next day. My mother is of course excited and teary-eyed. My sister? pushing of course.

Before the daytime expose itself, a new symbol of manhood came into existence (solid existence- that is). The new man of the dela Pierre family and the new joy of my mom Lucia.

Presenting everyone, in color water effect. Graphically manipulated by yours truly. Sean's brother, my sister's child, my parents' new joy ( and there i go sounding like its such an honor to be part of our family.), and my nephew,of course.

The new dude,

Santino Rylle Claves dela Pierre

Pure Cuteness.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Blogger's Prayer

Oh compassionate, so faithful, so loving You are Our Father.
We ask You to increase our faith and our love for You that we may use blogging as an instrument to fulfill Your purposes.
May we become bloggers of truth and promoters of peace.
Help us to be steadfast in our Christian commitment that visitors may find in our blogs a source of encouragement and inspiration.
Give us strength to proclaim Your word, that we may play our part in breaking down the walls of hostility in the world and use our blogs to strengthen the bonds of friendship, solidarity and love.
Make our hearts meek and humble that we may treat our readers as friends, not as unique hits, that we may strive to change ourselves for the better more often than we pimp our site templates, that we may find more time to ease the pain of someone in our own home than to reply to comments left by strangers, that we may interact with our next door neighbors as often as we chat with our blogrolled friends, that we may be more concerned about helping the less privileged than about the number of subscribers to our RSS feeds.
Deliver us, Father, from spams and viruses, from pride and selfishness, and from the temptation to replicate images without permission and copy ideas without crediting the original authors.
May we always be united as a network of bloggers and friends working together in Your name.
May our blogs lead us closer to You.
We ask all these through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.
Prayer by Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC (Philippine Blog Awards Night 2007)
Image from
Guevara is on for responsible blogging!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A date to 2008

It has always been emotional for me when instances call for parting gestures-and saying goodbye to 2007 is no different. Preparing for the new year also gives us the chance to reflect on good and bad things entailed in the year that we are about to live. They say, the day today is a history tomorrow. We are to make the most of everything when a chance for it comes.

In my case, 2007 definitely was a blessed year. The year when I finished school. The year when our class won the adclash- sweet sweep. The year when I became a part of the Alchemy family. The year when my new nephew, santino came into our family. Now, alongside with the blessings are mishaps of course(damn it). I am sad to say that I lost track of some the most important people in my super life.

Now, 2008 is here. There's no holding back to the year that was. Instead, we shall keep high hopes and include one higher lift for this year ahead.

opppz, this photo was taken not during the new year's eve. I was busy glazing at the fire works. So forgive me for this.