Friday, July 31, 2009


across the universe

For the past few days, I have been tweeting about how I am so fascinated with Across the Universe movie. I have seen this movie in the past but watching it again seems so nostalgic

Nostalgic of the Beatles.

Nostalgic of the feeling that this movie once rescued my sanity, which story I would rather not put into digital print.

This movie is like a musical canned into a two hour and so length which showcased massive amount of The Beatles hits. I like the way that its a love story but its not whinny and cheesy. This flick was definitely done with high regards for taste and artistry. No question about its story line because it is definitely the most thought provoking film I’ve ever seen so far.

Now, if in case you have been whining around doing nothing productive and most of all, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, heres a little taste of this beautiful art’s smith by-product.

Its official, this is my favorite movie of all time. I’ll write that in all of my "webby" accounts.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


They say, newly grads are so excited to land their first job. After few months pay, they will get excited to have their plastic money. And then, few more pay checks and they are excited to have their post-paid phones. In my case, these things came late.

After 7 years of using prepaid line, I finally have my very first post paid line. Contrary to common perception that a phone plan is status conferring, I got mine for the simple aim to save. You see, I can consume a thousand or more on a monthly basis for prepaid and auto load. With one of my sisters starting an auto load business, the persuasion to load up all the time has been so fluid. With a consumable type of plan, I’m sure to save up. I actually send SMS less often now.

Now, I’m pretty sure strange callers will be out of the way.

I’m just kind of thinking my post-paid number is recycled. I’ve been consistently receiving calls from different people- gym invites, some package deliveries and random text messages using native vernaculars. I don’t know, maybe strange callers are attached to my existence. I so hope not.

Monday, July 27, 2009


yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino

Like what I said in my tweet Cory Aquino or her family may not know my name or face, but I feel the need to pray for her. I feel the need to contribute an appeal to the Big Guy up there to heal her and keep her family's torch of hope.

I feel bad that some people can spread bad rumors about Cory's situation, but I'm happy knowing that more Filipinos around the world aim for positivity.

Lets all pray and spread the yellow ribbon symbol all aimed towards Cory Aquino's good health state.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Forgive me for this post, I just want to help my friend sell this "super nice if only I had the money, I wont be posting this and snag it all the way" watch.

So if you want to have this baby in your possession or if you know anyone who might find it a REAL GOOD BUY, kindly leave me a comment here or simply contact 0916- 695-6848.

Now I know this question is lingers in your mind - The price? Its originally P25,000 but were selling it for P22,000 and still open for other negotiations. But please, indecent proposals are highly forbidden. Ha Ha Ha

Model No. 241124
Size Gents
Movement Battery - Quartz
Water Resistant 100m/330ft
Case Size 40mm
Clasp Tang/Pin Buckle
Case Steel
Dial Red
Bezel Fixed
Bracelet/Strap Leather
Functions Date, Chronograph

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nobody But You - Wonder Girls

I know you heard about this.

But, have you seen this?

Nobody but you, definitely my current LSS. Ha Ha Ha.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Maya went home late from the Lifehouse concert but bed was not her destination. She went straight to her PC, turned some websites on and found Lifehouse torrents ready for downloads. The next day, she walked in school dancing her way bragging that she immediately downloaded Lifehouse songs after she was blown away by their concert.

Maya is a huge music fan, but she’s a pirate.

Also, within Manila is Anton. He is a member of this local school band strongly following the genre of local band Urbandub mixed with not so jiving sounds of Moony. Every time a school program will have them, Anton will always volunteer to get music specimens that they spin to sound contemporary. Anton easily provides music not because he owns a record company, but because he has a very powerful internet connection. No downtime, fast downloads; these are Anton’s favorite mantra.

Anton is voracious music man, but he’s an illegal down loader.

Rafa came out of the bank smiling because once again, he added up lots of bucks to his account. He can deposit cash EVERYDAY because he owns a “download-it-all” shop at the heart of university belt. The shop offers downloads of RPGs, MP3s, movies, TV series, softwares, and even graphic designs. Talk about a very timely business situated in a place where clients can easily access. Students love Rafa, because he’s always updated with what’s hot on the wire. He can easily do this because he buys original materials, crack them up and make tons of copies for sale.

Rafa is in business Nirvana, but he is a high fashion theft.

This is how sophisticated piracy is. It goes beyond music. There could be gazillions of reasons why amidst the efforts of many power sources, piracy still stands strong and ubiquitous.

One great reason I could think of is the simple logic of FREE vs. PAID. No matter how hard record companies think of a formula to lighten up their pricing, it just won’t work. Simply because the presence of PRICE still means a dole out of money for something that one can easily acquire for FREE.

Another reason is the operative cliché “for as long as there’s demand, supply will always be available. If the high statistics of illegal down loaders keeps its progress, we can expect that illegal torrent providers will promulgate and keep up with the pace. This is very much the same to the many Starbucks built around the world because the world is craving for it. The only difference is that Starbucks is a legal craving. No one can possibly take out coffee from a printer or hard drive.
This thought leads me to the third reason I could think of for piracy. Music, RPGs, Softwares, and the like are essentially non-tangible. The world getting significantly wired to the internet makes it very convenient to share, transfer and tamper information and data. We don’t blame the gift of technology. We blame human nature.

It’s ironic how piracy can be so huge but people are conceptually blind to see it. People are blind to see that it is wrong. People don’t consider is grave fault because it can be done inside our individual comfort zones without alarms buzzing and security cameras watching. Piracies are not seen as heavy as murder or plunder simply because no standard ruling is out to ditch those who commit it.
I mentioned earlier that many powerful names and seals have been raising different campaigns to combat piracy. But why does it still exist? Virus is not enough of a threat to these people.

Now, I’m not constructing these thoughts to appear holy and innocent to piracy. I have done illegal downloads. I have patronized pirated DVDs. Who hasn’t? But, believe it or not the feeling is not good at all. Having a good time at the expense of others was never my cup of tea.

I thank Red Hot Chilli Peppers for their music that I often listen to whenever I need to get inspired with my projects at work. Same way I listen to Fall Out Boy pumping out my brain vigour so that it will produce quality thoughts and ideas.
I give all my kudos to Dido, Keane, The Fray and The Script for being with me in moments filled with downers. I like them because they’re just there. They won’t talk, but they could perfectly articulate my feelings with their craft.

Finally, I’m in great awe for the music of our prolific local music especially the bands. For songs that articulates our aspirations as youth and for empowering our nation to be proud of own blood and country. Manny Pacquiao is on the limelight not because of the funny text quotes circulating about him but because he simply showed how our small country can literally punch the world rock hard.

To campaign against piracy, we should hit the right spot. Threat is not working so we should evoke emotions. Record labels shall create campaigns that will awaken the hearts of true fans. Create albums that will include elements that can never be downloaded like images, and non-traditional packaging. Artists should also mobilize to fight piracy. It should be a viral campaign voicing out Real Music is owned by Real Music Fans. It should be a social mantra to be in if, and only if you have the real thing.

Campaigns that will make illegal down loaders realize that they owe music industry in so many ways is necessary. Music and artists are not commodities or merchandise. They are part of our endemic existence here on earth. Imagine a coffee shop without the sounds? Imagine movies without the soundtrack? Imagine artists quitting their craft because they can’t take piracy anymore?

Going back on the prelude, maybe you represent Maya, Anton or Rafa. Have some shame. Artists may not be Gods but like you who exist because of your personal beliefs, they too deserve RESPECT.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks

I bet many would say that Goldilocks is very memorable of their childhood. I'm sure many would say that they grew up with the joys of having Goldilocks all the time. Well, I share same thoughts. The only difference is that Goldilocks is a love brand I couldn't escape from. My "nanay" loves Goldilocks products and she used them to shower me and my siblings with great food to share every time a special occasion comes. Now, contrary to my early thoughts, who would want to escape good food? Who would want to escape Goldilocks?

Now, that I'm part of the population with the capability to buy, I am more critical to choosing products and services that I will pay for. For sure many would agree that money is not that easy these days. What I love about Goldilocks is that they are well inclined not only with our "Pinoy" taste but with our ways of living. Goldilocks presents their products in a way that every Filipino can afford them and have a "Bitbit Pasalubong" everyday!

Another intricacies of us "Pinoys" is that we are generally healthy eaters. We all came to realize that healthy foods are also happy foods. Goldilocks is already a pioneer in dishing out delectable and healthy Filipino Food, but they are aware that there are segments who are ultra conscious on their intake of sweets. The very reason why Goldilocks introduced modified products made for these people.

So we know that Goldilocks is very "Pinoy" by heart. We also know that they have cakes that will brighten up any occasion. And we all know that Goldilocks is beautifully scattered everywhere, it can serve the needs of every Filipino for that treat of taste that only Goldilocks can give. These make Goldilocks the one.

But for me, You're the 1, Goldilocks because...

ordinary people like me,

even those famous celebrities like Dingdong,

and even the nation icon Ms. Kris Aquino

Can be brought as ONE by YOU. You're the 1, Goldilocks because different types of Pinoys are brought together by one taste, one love and one friend! and that is you!

Buffer video first, for smooth play

This is an original song composed and performed by Ms. Jenifer Sario - a good friend who is also inspired by the mere presence of Goldilocks! And the photos? Just a tiny representation of the massive number of people who consider Goldilocks a winning brand for every Filipino!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Here we go again with another blog redesign.

Forgive me for it doesn’t appear well-polished yet, I had a hard time looking for new template and I can’t keep the downtime that long for I might lose some precious visits. Anyways, have you noticed that we are half way through with 2009? This could be one of the reasons why I changed my layout but then again, I really just want to create a change this season.

I can’t stay stagnant.

Like one plurkmate said, we shall all break out of the monotony.

So they say that it’s not New year that marks a new life. It is actually our individual birthdays. So now that Im nearing my own special day, I have to say that some plans are brewing. Some changes are coming.

Just a little clue I can give, I’m building a new site.

And now, I’m ready to accept comments on my site’s new look. And the new style of posting too. I’m trying to stay away from a “uniformed” look but too many details will appear visually stressful.

This is the point when I lift the wine, then say “hey you blog, new look eh? Im sure no one will appreciate you a again!” Ha Ha Ha. Im getting too ramdom already, got to grab some snacks now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

F*ck You by Lily Allen

This song, I wholeheartedly offer to all

"blind" pedicab drivers

tiger look sales ladies

insensitive jeepney passengers

insensitive train riders

cashiers who will always ask for loose change

phone-in customer service that will take transactions like forever

people who will stop and chat in a walk way

people who will stop at the escalator entry step point

people who smoke while walking

people who smoke on public utility transport

people who smoke in a non-smoking area

politicking politicians

acting actresses and actors

a coffee that is not black

plurk haters

twitter abusers

people who don't read this blog

people who doesn't have a problem

taxi drivers who will beg/ask/force you for additional 30 bucks

to frank callers

to those who texts with mixed fonts

to those who wear green skinnies

to those who drive a Porsche

to those misspells the first letter of my name with a P

to you who feels you matter to this world like air and water

and to myself whenever i feel like turning to the other side.

Here's Lily Allen

and her song.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


You probably heard the term, but can you clearly define it?

Is this homosexuality’s modern term?

Or is it homosexuality to start with?

Well, I am no gender expert to discuss this on full scale.

bromance in house
House has some bromance brewing with Dr. House – Wilson man love stint. Is this a clear definition for you yet?

simon cowell and ryan seacrest bromance
Ryan Seacrest has been tagged metro sexual and is regularly seen hanging out with Simon Cowell. Is this bromance or a traditional gay romance? (hey, don’t quote me on this =)

bromance movie
A movie was also drawn which tried to define bromance. Is it really hilarious and crazy? (Hmmmm, tempting thought. Ha Ha Ha)

bromance on gossip girl
And with a Gossip boy tone, these lead stars of Gossip girl have been “gossiped” to be a gay couple. They were quick to say that it’s just “bromance”.

To clearly define what BROMANCE means, The Menace flew to the west to get an interview with Dr. Phil and finally settle the underground dispute towards defining the term. The Menace also went straight to Oprah and Ellen to get their first hand thoughts on this “phenomenon”. To build a stone hard credibility, The Menace also went straight to Simon Cowell and get it out of the horse’s mouth and ask him, “are you bloody into Ryan or not?”

bromance at scrubs
Nah, I really didn’t go that far. I simply went to Wikipedia and grabbed their definition. Here yah go:

BROMANCE or "man-crush" is a close but non-sexual relationship between two men, a form of homosocial intimacy.[1] Coined in the 1990s, the term has historically referred to a relationship between heterosexuals, but the term has gained currency in describing such relationships when one of the men is gay.

And some more definitions and sample conversations from Urban Dictionary:

Bromance - A non-sexual relationship between two men that is unusually close.

1. The act of wooing a fellow male friend for the purpose of becoming closer.
2. Going to unusual lengths in an attempt to become closer with another male friend.


Steve: Ah, Dave!!! I can't believe you stole this first pressing of Aladdin Sane from your record store for me. We were just talking about this the other night.

Dave: No sweat, pal.

Steve: That is some full-on bromance. You're the man.

So, is Adam Lambert – Kris Allen friendship a BROMANCE?

Can someone help me on this? Cause I tried typing bromance, and it still marks red and WORD is asking me to look up in thesaurus. Im tired already.

This article does not aim to negatively play on the idea of third sex in any manner.