Sunday, January 31, 2010

Real Leaf Paparazzi

As most you guys know, I am working for a communications company. Now, unlike most perceptions pertaining to communications people as ego-full humanoids, our office is filled with selfless souls and low profile faces. As a matter of fact, I am going to show you one of my office mates. (Heads up, she’s not aware I’m blogging about her.)

People, meet Denise- the newest member of our office working for the Media department.

See, she’s a fresh grad so that means she’s all out to prove her worth. For sure, this lady is full of dreams and positive aspirations. Proving true to this notion, I have observed she’s doing real excellent job. She comes to the office very very early. She’s prompt with deadlines and she seems to get along with everyone in the office very well.


I became her exceptional brand of a BULLY .

I tried to annoy her.

I tried sending her e-mails that she should print because I cannot connect to the printer’s server.

I tried transferring all calls to her which made her appear like a receptionist.

I tried hiding her lunch.

I borrowed her pen and never returned it.

I borrowed her laptop and changed the settings.

I even changed her seat to an uncomfortable one.


Denise remained focused.

I got really intrigued by the drive of this lady so I followed her one time on a lunch break.

Right after eating, I saw her and my other office mate heading towards a grocery store.

Jhen (the other office mate), went to frozen drinks then took two drinks out...same brand I believe, she’s just picking what flavor to get.

And then, I saw Denise doing the same, and the following photos can tell you what happened next.

Back in the office, I tried walking around and saw that even our graphic artist has the same drink on her table.

In the pantry, I saw another co-worker taking out the same drink from the freezer.

I went to Denise’s table and saw that she has another bottle in her bag.

Its that drink!

Its that refreshing iced tea!

Its the one keeping Denise on top of her game no matter how hard I bully her.

Real Leaf green tea sure stands above its stereotypes because it helps sync your mind and body. No wonder why Denise and my other office mates stay focused and sharp amidst stress and stiff deadlines.

Too bad I didn’t discover Real Leaf’s wonderful benefits to a young professional like me, that’s why I always end up like this.

Now I know how to keep up with my office mates. With Real Leaf green tea, I’ll be 100% ON!