Monday, March 31, 2008

Lotto jackpot lands in one pocket

For the past few weeks, I was really wondering why people are lining up in lotto outlets everywhere. It’s like a movie premier of Harry Potter everywhere because of long lines of people holding their six digits secret combinations. I heard from the news that the jackpot prize is over P200, 000,000.00. Whoah! Who would not line up for that? I actually had the urge to line up too. I never joined the Lotto before, but I was really attracted to the prize.
Now, here’s a bummer that I know many people already know; one person took home the jackpot prize of P 249,005,120.40! Yes, an individual! Just one person won the jackpot prize. It’s a real luck I’d say, but I have to admit that I am so dying with envy. The winner is from Luzon area but of course his whole identity will not be revealed (oh well, at least not yet.) I remember that the last time Lotto dished out this big amount of jackpot dates back to October 2002 with over P200M too. The jackpot during that time was shared by many people so we say the latest jackpot winner is so much luckier.
We all know that Lotto helps a lot of people who are in need but we still have to remember that a game of chance is still forbidden by our religious beliefs so everything shall still be kept in good moderation. Like we all know, money out of hard labor is still the sweetest fruit.
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Sunday at F O R E X

Yesterday, my nanay and I went to the mall to sell some Riyal and dollars. The FOREX section of SM North Edsa looks a lot better and credible. It has been a long time since we did selling of foreign money because my Tatay, who works in a foreign land, decided to send us money through a door-to-door company that automatically changes dollar to peso. I also remember before that FOREX section is always crowded but now, it seems like many people like to keep their dollars now.
By the way, my tatay is in the country for a forty day vacation and he has two years left in work and he’s good to retire. We are still planning to a good treat for him and my nanay.
Do you have anything in mind? Share naman.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The New Face of Failure

I don’t know but lately I’m having this feeling that time is sweeping me away so fast. It’s like I’m staying too stagnant and just letting time fly without doing things that I need or want to do. Take this for an example, I’m planning to take a higher degree of education but I can’t seem to have the will to go to my college and process my graduation documents. I want to enroll my self in a writing class that can provide me with more up-to-date knowledge on my field so that I can do better with my job and here in my blog. I am also planning to do some physical improvements like going to the gym or doing a water therapy for better skin hydration. I am planning to open a new bank account to secure the money that I am keeping to some place I refuse to divulge about. (Long sigh…) There are a lot of things that I can’t seem to accomplish or even start with. These thoughts are dragging me and making me fell like time is on scarcity and I might be left a loser and nothing. Having this blog is actually a great achievement for me and I aim to keep the passion burning so that I’ll keep on writing and writing more.
I know that what I’m writing now is not too light for a Sunday, but it’s quite good to put your feelings into writing. Doing this gives me a clear perspective of where I am right now. By learning my real situation gives me the idea of having the urgency to plan and put everything into order. I don’t really live like a well-kept drawer but I also want to have a mature take on my life, now.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A dollar for A kilo of Rice?

It is being strongly predicted that rice can reach the price of Php 40.00 a kilo if the shortage will go on. Here in the Philippines, rice is a commodity that we certainly can’t live without. Not to put so much exaggeration, but rice is a staple part of our every meal. Some people even eat rice for snacks. We are also aware that a lot of our fellow could only afford to buy rice for a meal. Rice is a primal source of carbohydrate that can give human a potent kind of energy to do the many tasks of life. So we are basically screwed if rice will be priced as gold. Government is calling on people to refrain from hoarding rice supplies while the price is just right. They are also calling on people to start appreciating a meal without rice- you know like the American burger meal?
It is just ironic to think that this event can possibly take place in an agricultural country like the Philippines. I am hoping that nature can be good again and bring us its fruitful blessings. But, of course we have to do our own share for nature to reciprocate the gesture.

Friday, March 28, 2008

PBB "uncut" teen Housemate

The house is getting exciting. A house mate just revealed that he still uncut at 18. Alex Anselmuccio from Italy, asked Big brother if he can be circumcised inside the house. A doctor came to explain that circumcision is merely cultural and hygienic, and that it does not concern anything medical. This of course was done to enlighten the mind of the Alex for him to realize that the operation is not a joke. We Filipinos engage in this procedure mainly because of hygiene and society call. We are very clean in our own skin so we are very particular with smell and appearance. It has been found that uncut people do have some unnecessary smell in that area. Now, I say society call because it is a universal principle in our country to have the operation done before Filipino boys reach their puberty age and not having it done can automatically turn you gay or a chicken.
Now, we can recall one incident during the PBB Teen Edition 1 wherein the boys called the attention of Big brother to discuss about their “kept desire” to do the kinky stuff young boys do whenever they are stimulated by some visual skin presentation or even some kinky thoughts. Okay, please don’t force me to spill out the term because I am soooo sure you know what Im talking about. Again, a medical expert came inside the house to explain that this “kept desire” of the boys is merely psychological and can be stopped by being passive about it and getting busy with other stuff.
Now, I did not say interesting because of the kinky stuff okay? The house became interesting because we can see real human dilemmas and feelings inside the house, and Big brother is just great to send realistic reciprocations to these events.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One year Supply of Krispy Kreme_FREE!

For all the doughnuts aficionados, here’s great news for you!

The premier brand of doughnuts around the world which is Krispy kreme by the way is in it again for yet another generous promo- FREE ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS! Yes, you got it right; dine-in customer who will ring the cash register first will win the year-long supply of this heavenly doughnuts. The event will happen tomorrow, March 28, 2008 at 6am Krispy Kreme Jaka Building, Ayala Ave., Makati City.

Now I know, people will flock in this area much earlier than the given time. So, if you are aiming to hit the cash register first, ditch the “Pinoy time” and be there early!

First dine-in customer to ring the cash register first will win a one year supply* of Original Glazed Doughnuts.
Six months supply* for the second winner and three months supply* for the third winner of Original Glazed Doughnuts.
Fourth to 300th winners will have 1 month supply* of Original Glazed Doughnuts.

*One dozen per week

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Many organizations have attempted to come up with the most effective way to help save Mother Earth from Global warming. We are aware that people can’t help but ignore the case because they are not yet directly affected. Now, its time to throw that “I don’t care” mantra and join this very simple campaign- The Earth Hour! Two days from now, Earthhour is calling on all of us to switch off our lights for AN HOUR on March 29, 2008 at 8 PM to help reduce Global Warming. Come on, the gesture is not hard to perform, and it can actually save you electricity. Sacrificing an hour off your television marathon can’t hurt and an hour of silencing your videoke might gain you some respect from your neighbors.
March 29 it is. We shall see the whole earth turning dark towards gaining a brighter horizon.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remember Metrobank?

Just before the Holy week break, Metrobank experienced a wide failure of systems that paved way to the huge obstruction in their operations. It was a really a wide “stroke” in their operations because only deposit transactions are allowed. No ATM machine of Metrobank can produce money and over-the-counter transactions were forbidden. Many patrons were not delighted with this event. It was also in time for the pay day so many companies really had a “bad payday.” Aside from people who need cash from their ATMs, many people also needed money to bring with them in their out-of-town vacation.
Many prominent banks are out to grab the number 1 slot of Metrobank in the industry, so they should really be seriously careful. With this significant mishap, Can we still say that we’re in good hands?

Photofield Hit 03

hey everyone! here now is the last installment of this Photo stint I have for a Photography class back in college! I hope that you can give me some wordy comments. hehe.

wild white
mobile deadspot

my wavelength

It may be worthy to tell you that I got 1.5 for my photos in the class. This just goes out to say that I am i deed a real epitomy of a non-pro photographer. So, there are still a lot of rooms for improvement.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

global warNing

Globe Advisory: Beware of text messages asking you to send an amount to 2+ 10-digit mobile number. Example: 500 to 29171234567. This is the procedure of sending a LOAD via SHARE-A-LOAD. If you’ll send load, make sure that you send it to known numbers only. For info on Share-A-Load, text HELP to 2916, P1/text. Thank you.

I’m sure many of us received this advisory. This only tells us that a lot of people out there will really do all things possible just to create a scam and earn in any way possible. I know that its lame for someone to actually follow the instruction of the text because it is prominent to be known as the Share a load process, but this I think is a “case-to-case” basis. So, just be vigilant everyone and always make sure that you are conversing in a mobile mode only to people you know.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Pinoy Big Bang!

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus marked yet another saga of watching people put up their most efficient faces just to win the million or bag the most coveted chance of making it to the showbiz industry. I can’t help but see PBB as just another star search; you may say “yeah, probably!” The first time I saw the teaser for the very first season; I was really intrigued by how ordinary people can be seen on Philippine TV and have the chance to be a star. I thought that the show was worth our household electricity, until Celebrity edition and teen edition came into play. There it was, just like what I felt the first time that PBB is just like any other show that aims for ratings and bulks and bulks of advertisements. Okay, I know that it is really how Philippine TV goes, but please cut the crap of saying that they aim to change lives or help humanity or any other thing that’s merely superficial. This is how I see it- winners of this show are hot commodity; all eyes are laid on them, so there is really a big chance to earn great money out of advertising and of course, show ratings. My POV on this is that PBB has transformed into its real face of real purpose-to become a show that will be buzzed about which will eventually grow immense amount of profit.

Now, they put a plus on the teen edition- a house mate from DLSU and a housemate from ADMU. We know how die-hard people of these schools are when it comes to their undying rivalry; and this gives me the feeling that the show is aiming to get the attention of the higher profiled market. You know those people with greater buying power? Or let us just say greater power.
I just hope that the show will continue to help those unfortunate people, because this could be the only reason for them to gain some inch of substance.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holy Week in Review

Hey happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Usual stuff will come into play today, I’m sure. Malls all over the Metro will mount their own styles of Easter celebration; there can be egg hunting or any other fun stuff that are meant to excite kids and make them flock in these malls. Now, If I may take you with me in reflecting on how we celebrated or more politically correct term is-how we commemorate the Holy week. But, I wouldn’t want to bombard you with my own activities. I want you to reflect on how YOU commemorate the Holy week?

Are you one of those who went to the beach and party all night?
Are you one of those who did the Visita Iglesia?

Are you one of those who stayed home and watched DVDs all your life?
Maybe you’re one of those who did the Alay lakad tungo sa Bundok ngt Kalbaryo
Or maybe you’re one of those who stayed in the streets and drunk yourself out.

Maybe you’re one of those who observed the fasting belief…

Or maybe you’re one of those who just kept their religion intact and reflect on how responsible you are as a Christian.

Did you view Holy week as a time to reunite with God and your religion or just a long-week vacation to escape the predicaments of work and life?

I don’t mean to attack your religious character but I dare you to reflect on all of these.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free Hug Campaign

This campaign really is sheer coolness- imagine offering strangers with a hug? Of course sleazy motives are off the talk. It is scientifically proven that hugs can make infants grow with secured EQ. As for adults, a simple hug makes you feel accepted. There are inevitable times of inglorious events that can simply be remedied by a warm and sincere hug. More than a kiss, hug can make us feel special and important.
So, for as long as you are at the right place with the right time and of course with the right intention, don’t hesitate to dole out and share your self! Give people some free hug.

Hug tight everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008

25 Thrillers

The legend of Michael Jackson will rise again as he collaborate with famous artists like Kanye West and Akon in his Thriller 25th year Anniversary Album. We were all amazed by his songs in the past like Billy jean and
Thriller at aminin nyo, you did dance to every tune that MJ dished out.

And now, that these songs will come to life again and with the contemporary artists joining MJ, he is sure to rock the music house down again.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spaghetti Sunday

One Sunday mass, I noticed an official of our church talking seriously with a woman carrying her baby in her spaghetti strap top ( with her bra straps noticeably revealed) and her tight tight (and another tight ) jeans. I assume that the officer was telling her to dress up a little discreet the next time. I actually have seen a lot of women wearing clothes resembling to the one I described earlier. Well, there are some men who came with not so decent looks too. I don’t aim to judge people by how they look, but it is church and we are supposed to have some respect when we go and attend the mass. It is said out loud by the social norms that people can judge you immediately by the way you look or dress up.
I can proudly say that my mom and I would always try to look our most decent every Sunday, not only because we want to feel good but because it is one of our ways to show how great of a deal it is to attend a Sunday mass for us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

La Greta

Everybody definitely knows who Gretchen Baretto is. She has become a household name because of the high profile glitz in her life. Like what we all know, she came from a prominent family and is also “romantically” affiliated with a strong-named person too. La Gretta , that is how most people call her. She has been tagged as the most beautiful face of her generation. Now, don’t get me wrong but this post is not about gossips or anything to that effect. I am actually paying high regards to this woman. She has sent her self into the limelight of intrigues but kept her smooth personality. She definitely manifested the cliché of defying age. She is just so beautiful and she is actually the concrete standard of beauty among Filipinas. She may be called as the Paris Hilton of the Philippines but I’d say she’s more than that.

I know that a lot of people came to hate Gretchen. As they say, she’s the kind of person whom you will either hate or love. My take on this is to have a little empathy. Try walking around with her expensive shoes and her people divulging unsolicited opinion about you- wont you go and b**** out?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was surprised while walking on the sidewalks by running vendors with their “vending paraphernalia” and their faces painted with fear and uncertainty. Aha! MMDA people with their queer uniforms trying to catch and beat the sidewalk vendors. I had a hard time passing through because I have to save myself from possibly getting hurt. This is quite a scene, but it became a normal drama now I’d say.
With this event, I came to reason between reasons. These vendors do not hold proper permit to sell their products in the street. Selling products on the street is not proper itself. MMDA people are just doing their job to prevent any predicament on the roads of the Metro, but do they have to hurt people and destroy their products? We all know that every business entails some money to put up with.
Now, who holds the right reason? The vendors who just want to make some living or the MMDA people who happen to have diminishing these vendors as their job?

Monday, March 17, 2008

A day of Nostalgia

This weekend was really nostalgic. I had the surreal moment of reuniting with my college friends last Saturday and with my high school friends last Sunday. It is like being a student again. I am way past the stage of having a hard time saying goodbye to the “easy breezy” life of a student, but I just can’t help but miss those times. Last Saturday marked the 17th ADCLASH. April and I, with Joseph (another PUP alumni) hosted the event and it was indeed an honor to do so. ADCLASH is one of the college moments that has become a staple element of the person that I am now. It made me realize the strengths in me and of course, it gave us the opportunity as a class to show that friendship and strong affiliation to each other can bring good fruits. My section (BAPR 4-2n) was the champion of the 16th ADCLASH, and we will always celebrate this achievement for it was a fruit of hard labor and genuine bond.
Now, Sunday was another great day because one of my high school friends celebrated her licensure achievement on the Nursing Board exam. A lot of my high school friends already passed the board but it was unfortunate that I have only attended one celebration. Needless to elaborate, it was a night of drinks and catching up done in a very crazy passion.
Friends for me are my consoling department. They are my back-up support. When everything goes wrong and when nobody cares, they are sure to be there holding your torch and cheering you on. And these things are exception to what family can dish out.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Breath in, Pay out.

Whoah ! Its been quite some time since my last post, and I am aware that I lost significant amount of readers- for this, I apologize. Well to compensate for my minor blogging hiatus, I will dish out some “worthy” read today. I would also like to challenge your thinking and “opinion machine.”
We know that food is need, and it is bought. Its oblivious to think that needs is supposedly easy to subscribe to but in reality it is a well-priced commodity. Rice is sold in market. Water is no longer safe so it is also commercialized. Some sorts of gases are also sold. It is also being predicted that time will come when a normal person would have to buy oxygen like it is sold like a bottled drinking water.
Now, is it practically telling us that the poor loses the right to live? If you have a weak buying power, will you just die because needs are way expensive? Will time come that earth is nothing but a commodity that is priced?
Will we soon hear “Oxygen for sale?”

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Passion for Fashion

Flashes and flashes and you see ladies in great clothes. Glances and glances, the urbanites and fashion chroniclers are just all over the world. Fashion is considered to be an intricate way of life, but it does not conform to a single state. Anyone can be fashionable in their own unique way. But, if you’re an individual who aims to gain fortune out of your passion for fashion, it is wise to have some professional education to gain solid knowledge of the industry. Now, we can easily get this training locally but if you have the capability to work outside the country, you shall take it for it will give you a world-class background. The United States of America is known to be one of the hottest spots of fashion domain. For an instance, everyone knows how competitive fashion schools new york has. We look up to Hollywood stars and treat the as our own fashion standards. Now, we all know that some of these celebrity dresses are done within the creative houses of new york fashion schools. Because America has been known to bring the trend of clothing and style to the world, it is wise to get an education from a fashion school in new york.

It is in deed essential to have a passion for fashion if you are to make it as a profit-booster. We all know that enjoying our work will make it look more of a hobby than a job. Now, get yourself prepared to strut your way to the fashion domain that awaits you.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The new Bill Gates

Yes, Warren Buffet is the new list topper of the Billionaire's club after he "out-riched" Bill Gates who flanked to number three as concluded by FORBES.
Here now is the list of the New Top ten Members of the World's Billionaire's Club:
1. Warren Buffet (USA) : Investments (Berkshire Hathaway) -estimated net worth: (US$ billions 62)
2. Carlos Slim (Mexico) : Telecoms : US$ 60 billion
3. Bill Gates ( USA) : Microsoft : US$ 58 billion
4. Lakshmi Mittal (Indonesia) : Steel : US$ 45 billion
5. Mukesh Ambani (Indonesia) : Petrochemicals : US$ 43 billion
6. Anil Ambani ( Indonesia ): Diversified : US$ 42 billion
7. Ingvar Kamprad ( Sweden) : Ikea (furniture) : US$ 31 billion
8. KP Singh (Indonesia) : Real State : US$ 30 billion
9. Oleg Deripaska ( Russia) : Aluminum : US$ 28 billion
10. Karl Albrecht ( Germany) : Retail : US$ 27 billion
Now, does this list also signify a possible outshine for Microsoft?
I'll bite an Apple for that.