Friday, February 29, 2008

A Church Story

Last Sunday’s church was a bit oblivious. Not so many people attended the mass. Unlike Sundays in the past where people will occupy even the church exteriors just to attend the mass. Oh well, I may not be too credible to spill out this kind of observation because I, myself have been missing out on mass for the past months. Okay, okay, don’t throw anymore hate stares- I admit it! I’m a delinquent Catholic. But, please, let us not drool into comparing religions or our character attached to it.
Last Sunday was really good. I am particularly looking forward to the choir performance every mass. I don’t know, there’s this calmness every time I hear Gospel songs. It’s rejuvenating and it tells you that everything will be fine amidst the uncertainty. The homily was also good. It talked about how people will never be contented.
I was moved by this story, and please let me share it with you—
A rich man saw a fisherman resting in his boat one early afternoon. The rich man asked “why are you sleeping if you can catch some more fish? It’s still early…” then the fisherman answered with another question “then what will I do if I catch some more fish?” the rich man said “then you can buy a bigger boat to earn more.” The fisherman answered with another question “and what will I do if I earn more?” the rich man said “then you can buy a house, a car and other properties.” The fisherman said “what will I do when I have all those properties?” the rich man said “Then you can just sit back and rest” The fisherman answered “What do you think am I doing now?”
Now, I am looking forward to next Sunday, to see if there will be an increase in the number of people going to the mass, and to hear another great homily of course.

Never a Loser

Ever had that feeling when you wake up one day and you feel all dainty and lucky? It is such a surreal case that you managed to gather out your friends and challenge them to play cards with you. You are so sure you will get them all “moneyed-out”. Then, to your astonishment, you realized that you’re really just feeling lucky, and the feeling isn’t showing any manifestation in your cards. The night ended with you- the loser. I know, I know, it’s really sad, but I don’t think you should fret that much. Luck is really never definite. In playing games that involve some bets, it is always necessary to formulate some solid strategy. They say that it’s always “99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. So, luck will not always secure the winnings. Now, I know a lot of people who are currently enjoying spending their free time in online casino which closely resembles the set-up of the famous Las Vegas Casino. In this setting, the transactions are done through the internet. It is of course secured, because you will be playing with those credible gamers only. It is your own judgment that will lead you to the right gaming partner. There are also a lot of online casino reviews that can possibly gear you up first before you engage in the actual game. is just one of the many website that provides comprehensive reviews. Reviews found in this site are specially made to help gamers be equipped with potent knowledge towards winning their game.
So next time, you fell lucky again, try to check the web first and see some helpful site that can help you redeem yourself from being a sour loser.

online casino

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Lola and the New Dude

Oh well, seems like its a photo day today here on the Greenfields. So, please allow me to share with you the photos I took of My Mom and My new nephew, whom I came to tag as "The new Dude". These photos, of coures, wer taken out of pure desperartion to kill the time. Enjoys the ish!

Got milk?
Got more milk?

Ahhh, no more milk?

No milk will make me cry.

where's my milk?

Yeah, all he does is to empty a bottle of milk after bottle after bottle after bottle after bottle....
And her Mom will always reason: " What? he can't do construction(of buildings)yet!?"

Before the Heavy Fall

I just want to share these photos I took before a heavy rain poured its lungs out last Monday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smokers Galore

Hey everyone, Bong Sumbong here! Its Wednesday so here I am drawing first blood of my “Bong Tipster Sumbong” chronicles. To start my side-blogging gig here on the Greenfields I want to discuss with you those filthy, insensitive, stupid smokers. Hey, forgive me for the blunt words, I am really furious!
One time, I am on a hurry, I decide to ride the jeepney. I placed my butt in the passenger seat and another not so good smelling guy sat beside me. Then the passengers started flocking and shouting and blabbering and shouting more and blabbering more. Then the most inevitable thing happened, the driver and my seatmate lighted their cigars and started puffing like crazy monkeys with the lowest rate of emotional quotient. Worst is that I felt like I consumed every smoke that they emitted. What a real bad trip, as I may put it.
I’m sure smokers are aware that side smokers are at higher risk of getting more sickness and complications. So, I hope that these people will gain some responsibility of smoking in proper areas. I heard that TV commercials for cigars are now prohibited, and so as the billboards. I am getting some high hopes that soon, smoking will be banned.

No offense, responsible smokers.

People Power Vs. The Oscars

February 25 marked two solid events in the Philippines and the United States the People Power Celebration and the 80th Oscars Awards. Ironic, it may seem that these events are almost extremes. People Power here in the Philippines commemorates the heroes of modern revolution in giving our country the liberty against dictatorship. The Oscars in the United States on the other hand, is deemed as a glamorous event celebrated by famous people in honoring the finest acts of movies all over the world.

The similarity among the two is that they both disappointed me.

It was not a hardcore disappointment with Oscars though, because I was really rooting for Kate Blanchet to win an award from her two nominations. Unfortunately, Kate walked home with nothing, but I am still grateful that Oscars still lives up to its prominence of dishing out surprise winners.

And of course one huge “sighhhh” for The People Power Revolution, because I know that this is a symbolism of an undying cycle that keeps our country from growing. We play by the principle of “Elect president, see malicious acts, rally, elect a president, and then rally again.” It will all be the same until one genuine person of service and God-fear will arise to lead us. And we will all just create a change within our individual system; maybe we can build an event like Oscars too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BOng SumbOnG.( Bong tipster) IS HERE.

This is one great Tuesday. The sky maybe a little weary, but I could not delay this anymore. After a long tedious process of scanning the World Wide Web, here now is the most capable person I found to help me gain more articulation of the discreet in this blog.

Everyone please put up some cheers for the newest blood in the Greenfields, Bong Sumbong! (Bong the Tipster)

Now, let me fill you in with who Bong is.

/-Bong Sumbong-/ is a natural urbanite. He is very current and he is always in the running of the active social circulations. He is presently situated in the urban area but he is a native of the suburbs of the country. Bong is young, but he’s intricate mind guides him through living this very uncertain times in our society. He is very receptive to the stimuli around him. He is very active in paying attention to everything that’s happening around him. He aims to deliberately showcase the good stuff and of course, put a shame on the faces of bad doers.

Everyone, let Bong Sumbong help me articulate the discreet here in our Greenfields, now.

See Bong Sumbong every Wednesday.

Thrifty Trips

It is close to Summer Vacations here in the Philippines. We are also near to paying dear observance of the Holy week. It is also perceived as the season of the year wherein hard working employees can possibly stay back and just take a break away from the hustle of being a part of an active work force. It is just right for us to sometimes splurge on vacations as a much deserved treat for our non-stop work. But, sometimes, it is just so unfortunate that economy can be a bit unfriendly and we are left with limited resource to spend on our vacation. Now, it’s not yet time to fret because there are a lot of vacation websites out there which provides great aid in helping people plan and even implement their vacation getaways. One website that I know of which I think stands out among others is It is so helpful in planning vacation trip because it presents up to 70% discount in most of their flights and hotel reservations. You will always agree with me that a dollar saved is a dollar earned, right? So it is always practical to visit this site first to make sure that you will get the best deal. Another great thing about this domain is that it caters to many destinations around the world. is highly capable of transporting people from one place to another or even to multiple destinations. Their services include hotel reservations and tour guidelines, and almost everything that you will ever need to ensure a happy and relaxing trip. The website also offers a lot of group packages that can possibly save a lot of money when you plan to travel with family or friends. The group packages also apply to company seminars and corporate outings. Now, I know you’re thinking that this site is a one-stop aid in solving the sometimes intricate job of planning a vacation. is one friendly website that can lead you into many vacation possibilities especially discounts and savings.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tuesday is "Bong Sumbong" Day*

See Bong Sumbong next week,
Tuesday February 26, 2008
Join me as I welcome him
here on the greenfields.

Menace say Thanks.

Here now are the things that I am thankful for this week.

1. My friends who passed the Nursing board exam. Kudos to you guys!

2. Sean, my nephew for his sweet gesture of bringing us some good food last night.

3. My parents fo the good education that they provided me. This must be the reason why I can keep my good temper to forbid my self from confronting that really filthy neighbor of ours who maliciously attacked my mother's sake by spreading lots of undecent rumors. Shame on them.

4.My fellow bloggers for the continous advice on how to improve my blog.

5. To those readers who keep on coming back. Thank you. Really, thank you.
photo from fromthestyx

Friday, February 22, 2008

<-face to face->

She looks like him:

And he looks like her:

Ok, forgive me for the poor photos that made the comparison a little unseen. But, their physical resemblance are being talked about all over the American Idol kingdom. I really find it oblivious. Well, I think this can help Colton Berry of American Idol Season 7 gain a little "buzz" by being "physically" attached to Ellen Degeneres.

Whoah, talk about some natural strategy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I said this before, but I guess I spoiled it- I will never write a flick review for I am no movie expert of any kind. So, safe to say that this review is from a normal movie-goer. The casting was great. The characters were played in a not so magnified way, but the actors did give justice to the roles. The most unfortunate thing about the movie is the plot itself. The story lacks the depth and sense of logic. I was expecting a great screenplay since the trailers are really interesting. The effects are great and I love the Jumper’s teleportation after effects. Another down side is that I was expecting to see a massive war between the protagonists and antagonists, but the fight scenes and chase scenes were so limited. From a scale of 1-10, this movie is 6 for me.

Good thing that I saw the movie through the Monster Movie Premiere of RX. I joined the contest and I won these great prizes. =)

It is a great year of Hollywood movies. I have seen some interesting story plot and colorful teasers. I just hope they would all exceed the excitement brought about by mere teasers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Let me tell you about this group of people who gathered together with a singular aim and polarities of talents. In this day and age of mainstream visual arts, it is refreshing to know that professionals are just circling around, giving helpful hand to their contemporaries. The group came to call themselves Graphikarista. It was formed September 30, 2007. Professionals dealing with the many faces of visual design and multimedia united themselves to serve great purposes that are essential towards achievement of quality work. The primary aim of this organization is to create seasoned professionals of graphic design manipulation and multimedia arts.

Their belief goes beyond mere principles of creativity. To them, having the authenticity of hard work and real drive for creative craft is the real measure of quality work.

Graphikarista can be considered as a young team, but they hold this great promise of cultivating a solid niche within the industry. Currently, they are enhancing their skills by undergoing substantial seminars and trainings. I am so looking forward to seeing them hit the mainstream and show the digital arts domain just what Graphikarista is all about.

So, from my Greenfields to the people of Graphikarista, kudos and cheers!
Go show the world just how you can easily defy the norms of traditional creativity.
One big lift for Graphikarista!
For possible business transactions with Graphikarista, please get in touch with these people
Roland Banez/09093699131
Geoffrey Borja/09162300395

One Bad Rich Girl

From The Morning Rush Top Ten "Rich People Quotes"
(MOnster Radio RX 93.1)

Quoted from
Karen Walker (Megan Mullaly)
of Will & Grace

"You Know what's funny?
Poor people with DREAMS."

hmmm Karen is one bad rich girl, but I like her.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We know the MRT before to be fast, comfortable and convenient mode of transportation in the Metro. But now that it is too known and "well-used", dont even try asking anyone if the first statement is still true. I am really disappointed on how MRT turned out to be perceived as exhausting and stressful. I dont even think its just a perception anymore.

I had my own share of this MRT dilemma. Riding The MRT from Ayala to North during the rush hour is really a "tradegy". It is accepatable to be pushed or squeezed during this rush hour day-part. What's unacceptable is seeing old ladies and pregnant women being hurt in this train "ghetto", plus some female riders being sexually-harrased. I cant really express it in words, so here is my list of those obscure acts, events, or people inside the train warfare:

1. People pushing each other during the train stop just to get ahead of others. I understand that people avoid the delay, but we can all calm down and keep ourselves from getting hurt. Right?
2. People skipping the lines of MRT card. Whoah! talk about dirty moves.
3. People fighting inside the train just because of stepping at each other's foot. How lame and childish.
4. People who looks like live mug shots with crooked and mad faces. You will just wonder what the hell is wrong with them.
5. People with MP3 players or music phones in loud speaker mode. Really annoying.
And of course,
6. People with strong Vanilla perfume that mixes with the smell of sweat. Oh my, quit it! Please.

This are just some of the many faces inside the "train warfare". I refuse to list them all, for I might lose the urge to stop. Anyways, here are my personal helpful tips to combat this "ordeal" in the train.
1. Be sure to buy your "stored-value" card if your a frequent rider. Believe me, it will save you time plus it will give you an escape from the looooooooooooooooong linesssssssss.

2. Be sure that your packages and bags are well-secured. Snatchers alert!

3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

4. Bring gas mask, in case the odor ignites to something unbearable.

5. Whether your a guy or a girl, take care of your "sensitive parts" and be sure that only someone you adore touches them.=)
Now, I hope this post will help you guys to do the "Commuterama" way of life better and safer!
Happy train trip everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pinoys in Idol

This year’s new season of American Idol is rumored to be containing real quality talent. This is tagged to be the year where good singers really flocked the Hollywood. This is really making me excited. I am looking forward to our Pinoy contenders who are deemed as favorites- Ramielle Malubay,Danny Noriega, and David Archuletta.

I hope that this season will really produce a different idol- you know, one that can really stand up among the clutters of Hollywood stars.

I heard Simon Cowell will leave the show next season. Could this be true? I hope not, Because whether we admit it or not, he really spices up the program.

Top 10 Most Popular Pinoy In the Internet

Yesterday, “ ANG PINAKA” – of Qtv 11 listed the Top 10 Most Popular Pinoy in the Internet. The selection was done by the panelists that are experts on this field. Delamar, a DJ from Monster Radio RX 93.1 is one of the panelists. Now, to serve as an inspiration to those bloggers who aim for fame and as an “updater” to those who missed the show, here is the top 10 Most Popular Pinoy in the Internet.

10. Jason Diva
Close your eyes and listen intently, and you too will say that Regine Velasquez can now rest for a while and Jason can save her butt. People started viewing Jason on Youtube because of "his/her/his/her" voice that closely resembles the voice of Asia’s Songbird.

9. Talibong1
This unknown fellow made a subtitle or lets say, translation of the famous movie “300” from English to Ilonggo. This is super funny to think that the acting and the story plot is so serious and then you’ll hear them speak a Filipino vernacular. This is no novel idea but it sure did strike the laugh trigger of us, Filipinos.

8. Alicia Mayer
She was known before as Alicia Bonifacio. She started with this website that features her ever sexy photos. People started noticing her and then FHM heard the buzz and the rest is in deed, history. Now, Alicia Mayer is a household name and a “good-dish” perceived by most men.

7. Arnel Pineda
A local lead man of a low profile band in the Philippines, but when the world famous band, Journey noticed his great voice and performance, Arnel Pineda is now on his way to owning a world-class fame.

6. Dino Ignacio
A graphic designer that made the witty and prolific site called “Bert is Evil”. It so controversial, the site was unfortunately defunct. But, Mr. Ignacio continues to make really good creations in the United States.

5. Charice Pempengco
Seen her on Ellen Degeneres? I did. Oh well, who missed it anyways? She gained this instant fame after one of her anonymous fan under the name “false Voice” posted her performance video on Youtube.

4. Rex Navarette
Though he pioneered his career in America, every Pinoy still knows him. His creations “SBC Packers and “Maritess and the Superfriends” are really comedy geniuses that already endured so many stereotypes.

3. Alyssa Alano
The singing wonder, and she was tagged as such for you will really wonder every time she sings. Her famous song Kiss Me sung by her as “Keys Me” made every Filipino bounce into laughter.

2. Christine Gambito
The Happy Slip. I just love her- Beautiful face, witty mind, interesting family, and fab personality. She is a “one-woman” production that has already gained 30 million hits in Youtube and is now one of those sharing the revenues of the site.

1. Dancing Prisoners of Cebu
Talk about making our country proud. It may seem ironic for prisoners to make such act that amazed the world, but the outcome that it ignited is sure worth flushing the doubt. Dance, Dance orange people! Way to go. Opsss they might mis-interpret this as an invitation to escape, I hope not.=)

Now, if you were intrigued by this list, go on and Google or Youtube them now. Get inspiration from them and start owning your own internet fame.