Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paradigm Shift

They say nothing is permanent but change. They say everything shall have its metamorphosis to realize the full worth of their existence. Alchemy process or a simple change in color and shape shall always entail great significance of development and shift of paradigm. Now, before I ran out of poetical words, let me tell you that this blog will soon reach its 1st year of being born in Blogosphere. Come October, you guys shall send in your kudos to me for a year that went by with my blog somewhat strongly waving in the webby land. (Yes, I’m forcing you to greet me)

Like what some of you are aware of, I am planning to undergo a massive redesign for this blog. I find Greenfields of My Menace too elusive, but I MIGHT change it to a name more sleek and catchy; something that will hunt you before bed time. Something that will make you wiggle and giggle every time you’re reminded of it. Nah, kidding here, but the redesign thingie is real.

I have to say that this first year has been a provision period for me to try out what will work for my blog. I have gained some readers. (whom I hope will continue to read) I have gained friends and mentors and yes, detractors. But, its all good. I can confidently say that I am well-equipped with the right knowledge to make this blog better, brighter and uhm bolder? Ha Ha Ha.

So while my poll is still on the running, I would love to hear it from you guys. Please send in comments, suggestions, and anything you can say for me to improve my blog. I would also appreciate criticisms and grammar corrections. And of course, a confession on liking me is highly recommended. Ha Ha Ha, better end this now before you go cracking up your PC.

Send in some love guys!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Why so Serious?

mirriam defensor santiago

I know how you people find your Fridays. You see it as the time to finally cap off a week of hard works. It is the day that the Lord has made for your gimmick entourage. I know, you will always say “Thank God it’s Friday.” But forgive me if ill spoil this day for you. For I still work during Saturdays, I have to mess up with your TGIF! Nah, just playing here. Well, I have encountered some very disturbing news last night. I can’t help but blabber them out here and just let my mind flow with rants and rants and yes, more rants.

Let’s start with the fact that “BER” months are fast approaching. We all know how we consider this season so special. It’s that season of the year when the climate starts to be a little colder and the daytime starts to be a little shorter. And yes, we are all looking forward to that Christmas celebration again. Christmas as I have mentioned a gazillion times in this blog, is my favorite holiday. I would really rally it all out just to make sure I and my family will have a great Christmas season. But, hey there goes this “Engk!” moment. The government is predicting a “money-less” Christmas described by a not so glorious celebration. The blame is directed to poor economy caused by the great delay in producing the 2008 budget. The release took place May, so many government projects were delayed.

Oh no Im not done yet. Heard about House Bill 3655? If not, well let me fill you in. This bill will basically make way for political parties mount their campaigns with the use of public funds. Yes, you got it right! Tax payers will BURDEN the funds of some people who hope to be granted a seat in the government. Heard about the “corruption” school of thought? Well, this is the blunt face of it.

Just to add toppings to this bad news, many people left us these past few days; Zorayda, the well known comedienne with that “famous face”. Ely Buendia’s mom also passed away and Senator Mirriam Defensor’s mother left her too. To all these souls, my prayers are with you. Why should I mention these? I can’t find any good way to end this set of bad news, so please take this as an acceptable ending.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vitamin Beer

Vitamin Beer

Kampay kampay! Cheers or itaas mo! However you may say it, Filipinos just love rising up that booze to celebrate specials or freshen up after a hard day at work. According to the recent research done by Kirin Research Institute, Philippines ranked as 5th highest beer consumer in Asia next to China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. This basically means that a Filipino drinker consumes 20 liters of beer a year.

Now, many health concerned institutions are alarmed by this statistics. Beer companies were also prompted to create solutions to make beer a little healthier or lesser evil in some ways possible. But no one got close to the invention of Virgilio “Billy” L. Malang – the first Filipino inventor of vitamin-fortified beer. According to Malang, Filipinos has been drinking beer like water. He also attest to this comical stint that he has been drinking beer for quite a long time, but nothing seems to happen except his bloating tummy. He aims to take the guilt out of the sheer pleasure of beer drinking sessions which has been a somewhat pseudo trademark of us Filipinos. I mean there wouldn’t be a glorious baptismal, wedding, and birthdays without the Godly booze, right?
Now I can see that devilishly grin in your face. Take some hint because we all know that even if this beer is fortified with Vitamin B-complex (The B vitamins work together to boost metabolism, enhance the immune system and nervous system, keep the skin and muscles healthy, encourage cell growth and division, and other benefits to your body); keep in mind that everything shall be taken in good moderation. Take some brilliance from what Bob Ong said- It’s not really the booze that makes the session happy, it’s the people you share the beer with. Hmmm, Quite true.
Drink moderately

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meralco Refund

Good news everyone! After the ever hyped and ever loud controversy on electricity over pricing by Meralco, the government now comes with a resolution that shall put some silver lining on this issue. Manila Electric Company's (MERALCO) is set to dole out 2.7 Billion worth of refund for meter deposits.

Meter deposits have been collected not just by Meralco but by other electricity company as well. The collection started 1995 until outlawed in 2004. This basically means that these meter deposit portions on our electricity bills are unjust.

Now, any patron should just present proof of billing and some identification documents to redeem the refund. The payments of refunds shall run in six months. The amount is PHP 800.00. Some may say that its not even enough to buy a new plasma but in this stiff times of the economy, I’d say every peso saved is a peso earned. Poetical? Go figure.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Piolo and Dingdong for Pond's

dingdong and piolo for pond's

Pond’s did it again! Being the torch bearer of innovation in beauty and skin care products, the brand is also known for innovative media solutions when it comes to their advertising. We can all recall these billboards which gained high commendations from different award-giving bodies for advertising and marketing.

Unconventional billboard Now, on the local scene Ponds is about to create another sensible buzz by tapping the forces of two rival networks ABS-CBN and GMA. Aimed to widen their already amicable market share, the brand launches this dating promo for young women all over the country. A promise of a dream date with Piolo Pascual ( A-list star of ABS-CBN 2) and Dingdong Dantes ( Flagship star of GMA 7) is packaged to be the foreseen high a stake prize.

This is indeed a great marketing strategy because it will practically cover the whole nation as we all know that Filipinos are so glued to the boob tube. I have to say that competitors should get really prepped for some drop down in market shelves for their products. Opppz, no pun intended.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The English Robin

first, watch this.

Now, tell me will you buy the product after this?
Did you get the essence of the supplement?
Or did you just enjoy seeing the actor in his unfamiliar wits?
tell me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Juan Card

MRT and LRT are transportation modes currently taking all the spotlights (and not traffic lights) these days as gasoline prices are still unstable. MRT for an instant has been reportedly receiving 28, 000 traffic of passengers during rush hours. (5:30 AM to 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM) With this kind of happening, one can’t avoid some slight glitch in their travel. True, robbers can always take advantage of the “stiff” situation. Another thing, sleaze bags can always take the opportunity to finally get a closer “contact” with their long time MRT mate crush.

Well, now some Juan dela Cruz can save the frowning faces and high levels of commuter stress. Department of Transportation and Communications in partnership with Metrostar Express, brings the “Juan Card”. Okay, let me try to explain this technology in a very “idiot guide” manner. With this system, four elements shall work together: your cell phone, MRT Juan Card Wallets, EXIO machines and of course the MRT.

A commuter would have to send a text message before riding the train. The commuter will then receive a bar code pass for EXIO machine to read. The barcode will serve as the entry pass to the train. Now, fares will propel to a little difference of three percent from a normal MRT card. The networks shall also charge PHP 2.50 for every text sent in the Juan card system. Fares can be deducted from the E-wallet which comes with a prepaid card that can be acquired in MRT stations and some mall booths.

Now, this system is still under stiff studies and experimental observations. More information shall be divulged after the system has been concreted. This can possibly means lower fares and text rates on the system. I have to say that this is quite a clever idea to reduce queues in stations. We all know that almost everyone in our country owns a mobile phone so there are high hopes for the efficacy of this Juan card.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am Ninoy

25 years after Ninoy Aquino was shot dead in our own land, we look back today at the hero made of strong intelligence and unparalleled love for our country. Still, that guy in “blue shirt” who shot him remains anonymous. Like will we ever know who that guy was/is? With all of the issues and controversies tagged in the assassination of Ninoy, it is easier to just look at the positive side. That he remains as a national icon especially for the youth.

We can’t deny that the Aquino family has been a significant thread of our country’s history. Aside from the glitz of Kris Aquino’s celebrity catch, many Aquinos are still keeping their name alive in the political scene as fore fronted by Noynoy Aquino. As to the pop culture, many brands have been inspired by the person of NInoy. Many advocates now believe that there can be a Ninoy in all of us.

“iamninoy” is an advocacy campaign which aims to help the current situation of our country. Brands like Bench, Penshoppe, Team Manila, Analog Soul, Rudy Project, and Raymund Isaac Photography join forces to give way to this campaign. Every “iamninoy” item bought from these establishments will incure certain portions of income which will be used to help charities formed to promote justice, freedom, and well-being of us Filipinos. Yes, you had it right! These are same principles fought for by our great Ninoy!

For more info on this campaign, go ahead and visit

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gender Inequality

Browsing through the papers today, I saw this little letter to the editor for Philippine Daily Inquirer. The writer is male. The content of his letter was quite oblivious- GENDER DISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT here in our country. And the discrimination is not directed towards women. The sentiment of this guy is actually rooted from his personal experiences. He has been trying to be hired in an office job or a clerical work in a bank. According to his letter, most companies would prefer to hire female workers because they are more focused, hard-working and well-educated. Quite offensive, but let me try to compose myself and not throw any bias thoughts here.

Surveys have it that most managerial positions are filled in by women. Also, it has been found out that women are more successful than man these days. This iota of issues is not even on the forefront of the matter. History has it that women in general have been discriminated in the past. They grew feminine brawns just to outwit the discrimination. We all know that the discrimination towards women covered almost all aspects of their being-their position in the family, their roles, education and even the right to vote. Discrimination was never swallowed with good taste. But, will it occur again-This time with men?

During my season of job-hunt, I was lucky not to experience any discrimination about my education and other stuff. Oh well, there was this one time when this company asked me if I am an activist? Again, not all PUP students are activists. Going back on the letter, the guy is actually seeking some aid from the government, for them to pass a law that will finally stop gender discrimination- be it you’re a guy or a woman, gay or not so gay.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thumbs Up Guys!

It was a fun birthday week indeed! Having online friends and blogger friends made my birthday more special. I would really like to thank people by individual names, but I would have to do it generally so as not to put any significance to anyone. Not that I think you would mind though. Anyways, no extravagant details glorified my special day, but spending it with people closest to my heart was just real bliss. Here I go now with my thank you post.

To my sister Thel, who made that very simple yet sincere dinner on the night of my birthday. Many thanks too to my sister Peth for being so sarcastic with the greetings (Hoy! Happy birthday, can you please give me a list of South beach diet?) To my nanay, who gave the sweetest kiss right after I got up that morning (yeah, with morning breath of course.) .To my nephews Sean and Santino, for bringing in the crazy energy that night. You two will surely grow much like your uncle- fun, attractive and smart. Ha Ha Ha.

To my “bestest” friend April and Bryan, for spending the weekend with me and just having our cheesy corny times again together. Guys, our pics are uploaded in friendster already and will make a post about our movie weekend sometime this week. To all of my college friends who remembered to greet me; guys, you just saved your lives. To my high school elite group ( ay ya-bang) for the most matured greetings I ever received, thank you people!

To my Alchemy family, for sharing my exact birthday celebration;for the greetings, cheers and chants-thank you! Of course to Mc Donald’s who showered us with great foods. Ha Ha Ha.
To my online friends and YM buddies And of course, my kapwa “blogeristas” who gave me the most webby-ink like messages- Maraming salamat. To Dale, who featured me in his blog during my birthday, thanks brother for the gesture, much appreciated. To those people who greeted me midnight of August 15 and past that time, thanks so much!

To that one person, thanks for giving me the tool to finally realize just how I have to move forward and yeah forget. (Ayayay, cheesy moment again?) You are right, and you have all the rights to say that. I wish you all the blessings from our Lord and may you successfully triumph your battle. I am with you in your aim to straighten everything in your table.

There, Thank you Thank you Thank you. I never expected a lot of people will share that special day with me. Until next year!
this song shall articulate how greatful and thankful I am. Just please disregard the visual content and focus more on the song. This is "Awit ng Saya" by MYMP.

Car Talk

Contrary to conventional beliefs, having a car is really a necessity. Gone are the days when only few well-moneyed people invade the roads with their private vehicles. Having a car is quite a catch because it makes an individual’s life more mobile and productive. Not to mention the convenience it can add to the daily tasks and special duties one person has to perform in a day.

But because of the many things entailed in having a car, many people tend to see it as a high-maintenance utility to have. Aside from the somewhat unpredictable fuel prices, some other things are also needed like insurance and of course the inevitable maintenance and/or upgrade duties. Just thinking about all these will make the worry levels high I know. But, we have to cling to that cliché again- with great power of owning a car, comes great responsibilities too.

Now, I won’t argue if you’ll say that purchasing a car is a decision that has to be made with full research and balancing in the budget equation. Of course, first in the list is the capability to buy. Are there enough resources to buy a vehicle? Now, after all of the balancing and logical thinking has been made; its time to see reliable suppliers of car loans. A lot of helpful websites are also designed to help new car buyers decide on the best auto loan there is, so try browsing these sites before jumping into any purchase.

Friday, August 15, 2008

D day!

The night before, I was touched to see my bed neatly done with fresh cloths and newly changed pillow cases. Then walking out of the room, all I can do is look at my nanay and say thank you. Nothing really special happened that night. My sister is actually a little goofy that night. But, it didn’t really bother me. I went on to have a nice bath and plunged the sofa to glue my face on TV. 11 pm hits the clock. I was texting with some dear friends teasing me that it’s just an hour and ill be a year older. But, I wouldn’t consider 22 old.

Today, I woke up in a nice temperature and smiling burst of the sky. Geez, it’s my birthday today. I immediately checked my phone. I almost fell into tears seeing just how many people remembered my special day. Some made it a point to really greet me at 12 am. I wouldn’t go blush with my thank you now for I would expect assume more people will still send in their love.
Now, that I am 22 I want to scrap down my million thoughts. I like to express my blabbers and thoughts in 22 items so that I won’t get you bored with this post. The first 11 will be my messages for me and the second half shall represent my prayers.

1. Be closer with God. Build a better way to communicate with him.
2. Learn to appreciate blessings, be it tangible or not.
3. Save more. Stop unnecessary spending.
4. Give more. So that your two sisters will stop calling you “kuripot”.
5. Say thank you more. Bad or good deliverance, its always the learning that counts.
6. Focus on yourself a little more.
7. Finish your damn backlogs of readings and DVDs.
8. Reach out to people who know what they have when they have you.
9. Stop trying to change things which are made solid rock.
10. Stop aiming for “things” not meant for you.
11. Keep the positive energy all the time.

12. I pray for longer lives of my parents. May they still exist until my children were born.
13. I pray for the health of my love ones.
14. I pray for continuous blessings of necessity and needs.
15. I pray for more growth professionally.
16. I pray for greater wisdom.
17. I pray for more friends.
18. I pray for more SEO and traffic. Ha Ha Ha
19. I pray for guidance for me and people dear to me.
20. I pray for the ability to help others.
21. I pray for the capability to step one move farther.
22. I pray for the ability to regain belief in myself.

If there are cheesy thoughts, pagbigyan na, birthday ko naman eh. If its not too much to ask of you, drop some greetings please? Ha Ha Ha. To all of those celebrating their birthdays today, a shout of love for you people! To my kapwa blogerista, Ronan of Poging Payatot blogspot, happy birthday brother!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

She and He

Disclaimer : Right after my Solo Flight article, here I am writing something that will slap myself and tell me that I am indeed the denial loser. Nah, kidding pun here. This article is something that has long incubated in my loooong favor list. Now, is the right time I think to do this.

Let me tell you a story that is not too unfamiliar; A real definition that best relationships start with friendship. I’ve seen these two friends of mine practically in their adolescent lives. We belong in one group or shall I say one class way back High school. I am proud to say that the friends I made that time are real people. We are actually still in good relationships with each other. This actually means frequent gatherings and yeah mature conversations now that we see ourselves as adults who passed the stage of cheesy punch lines and weekend afternoon romantic show-like dramas. Not that I don’t expect these two (still unnamed people in this part) friends will grow something intimate and romantic between them. It was actually my predetermined thought that they have the chemistry.

She has her own issues. He had his own dilemmas to deal with. I have to say that he and she were one of the most interesting people I know who entail a lot of stories in their lives. I also have to say that beyond some downside personality snitches, they are two of the best people in my friendly friends list. I said it before that they will really make a great couple. They will look good together. But, that time all I can see is a brother-sister relationship existing between them. I saw her choose the wrong guy. I saw him make lots of girls smile for him. Then, I thought maybe they can just stay this way- friends.

It was last day of the summer months. She called me up. “You’re the first to know” she said. It made me smile. “I told you so” I said. I don’t know, but I felt some happy cells rushing towards me when I heard her news. She was quite worried about what her family and other friends will say. I told her that no one can judge them because no crime has been done and no hearts will break. It is a partnership made of the bliss of friendship. So, who’s there who have the right to raise an eyebrow?

Abbie and Jake, I am one with those who will root for you two all the way! Just please don’t make me regret posting this article ha. Ha Ha Ha.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snooze You

I myself am amazed by how fast I can fall into sleep. I can lie down and after a few minutes, I will be snoring away. Well, yeah I snore. I can actually snore like an out of tuned orchestra. My nanay would always tease me about it the morning after. During our company outing last summer, one office mate actually recorded my snore on my drunken sleep. You bastard! Anyways, I know that you will agree with me when I say that sleep is such a blessing of life. An adult life can really be so intricate. We have a lot of things to do. We can’t be lame and sleep all day. I actually feel weird and stubborn every time I over sleep. It feels like significant time is wasted. But seeing it on a healthy point of view, we need sleep. I need not deprive myself of it.

Sleep is necessary to repair the damages our body system encountered all throughout the day. Specifically, cell regeneration takes place during sleep time. This is actually the source of the belief for the famous “Beauty Rest”. Concentration can also be derived from a good sleep. I know you can remember that one night of partying and drinking with a morning after of weak and malfunctioning body system.

Jollibee Foods Corp. is just one of the companies I know who sees the benefits of snooze time. They implement an hour of lights off sleeping time after lunch for all of their corporate offices. This is one good office routine which can level up the concentration of employees. After lunch, it is really nice to take a little snooze. This is because carbohydrate can really induce “sleep triggers”. Another reason can also be associated to the fast pace of eating our lunch. The body will need to slow down to digest the food leading to sleepy feeling. In our office, we often put the names of people taking some nap time after lunch. We tag it as “snooze bags” in out White board of Shame. Ha Ha Ha, just some “thingnamajing “ to spice up office life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adidas: Blue or Green?

Sa Pula, sa Puti! Or shall we shout: To the blue! To the green!

The hot season of UAAP always conjures back the rivalry between Ateneo de Manila’ Blue Eagles and their tight opponent De la Salle University’s Green Archers. This match breaks attendance records in Araneta Coliseum. It brings all of the most powerful and wealthy people in the country. The animosity goes way beyond the colors and level of who dishes out better quality of education. The competition goes way beyond the four walls of these two educational institutions. It has been a mark or shall I say a part of Pop culture.

Premier sports brand Adidas saw a great marketing potential within this rivalry. Adidas first forged a co-brand for Ateneo. The ADMU Adidas merchandise soared high and brought in substantial sales. This prompted Adidas to test the tides with the Ateneo rival. Now, Adidas concept stores carrying opposing window displays of Ateneo and La Salle sports merchandise are seen in Trinoma, Greenhills, Rockwell, Alabang town Center, Festival Mall and Mega mall. The individual co-brand collections are composed of varsity jackets, shirts, graphic tees and to fore front it all, basketball shoes are also produced.

Because high profiled people are the prodigies of these two universities, it is quite understandable just how hardcore the rivalry is. The battle between Blue and Green will continue to endure for as long as we believe in healthy competition. So, which class do you belong to: The tagged “geeks and geniuses” of the eagles? Or the so-called “leaders” of the archers? Maybe you’re one of the “Skolar ng Bayan!” Ha Ha Ha. Where did that come from?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Reality Blabbers

Here I go again with some society blabber mouth. Yes, this is happening. I am about to write a post which quite accorded to the maligned segment of our country. The segment that compose majority of the faces we see everyday. I have to say that they are the representation of what real Philippines is. I am talking about people belonging to lower class C, D and E. From my last demographics class, some people are now classified to class X. If C, D and E are people not having adequate nutrition served in their table, class X does not mind nutrition anymore. These are people more concerned to filling up their tummy and getting through a day with a meal composed of some rice and soup they begged for from some food or lunch store.

Whew! Okay I’m giving you some space to breathe and take in these hard bites or reality. The thought of knowing that I am blessed with a life that is comfortable is enough reason for me to stop whining about things that are way obsolete in importance. I am thankful. Wait, thankful is actually an understatement. I hope to stay within this comfortable zone. Have you seen that episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya last Saturday? Gina Pareno ( how to make an "enye" :> ) was again exquisite in her performance. But beyond the plot and stellar cinematography, it is the story that moved me. Man, I can’t see my mom in Gina’s character. I mean, I can’t see myself leaving her in a very compromising state. Again, thanks to the Big Guy above for putting me in the family I have right now.

On the flipside of these schools of thought, one company sure knows how to touch the lives of our economically-challenged fellow. Generics Pharmacy offers medicines which are made with good quality to ensure efficacy. The medicines are priced amazingly cheap for everyone to afford. It is BFAD accredited so we can all wiggle and be sage with the products. The company is on franchising system because they aim to cover the whole country with stores to offer cheaper but safe medicine. They are living up to their mantra – “We believe that health is not a privilege, but a basic right of every Filipino.”

Ironic may it sound but Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Solo Flight

This may sound a little too defensive, but try to understand please. I don’t aim to be cheesy. Most of all, I don’t aim to join the infamous “emo” club. And above all, I don’t want you to look at me like a loser with no gear left to slide or swing even for just a cup of coffee. Please don’t think of me as any of these.
Weekends actually make me feel like there’s a chance for me to take some time off and just escape away from all of the momentary rush to catch time and perform the long list of tasks I need to do. See, I’m always late for work. It’s because I’m trying to catch up on so many readings that I need/want/have to read. April’s actually harassing me to give her Harry book back. Well, some more patience and I’ll be done with it. It’s been two months that I have been losing grip on having that genuine joy. Not that I can’t smile. Not that I’m darn sad, I would want to stay in bed and sleep all day. I have to believe I’m okay. I have to say that there still exists happiness.
Sometimes, the choice of being alone is quite symmetrical to the choice of having independence. Yes, you heard/read it right, I am damn single. But hey, don’t go throwing your boo boos cause it by choice that I am not attached. Not that I think that you’ll be so happy to be updated with my personal issues, but I just have to write this down; Hoping that some of you may feel the same or is actually experiencing this “episode”. Its true when they say that being single is agonizing and well, yeah it sucks. I like feel good movies but I don’t have someone to share it with. I enjoy books and the radio but no one seems to drive it on my way. I always eat out but no one seems to see that I am fun to have lunch with. Well, my nanay will always want to go out with me.
Man, I don’t want to lose it. It’s just that the convenience of being single can sometimes prove to be insignificant. It’s hard when you want to go out but friends are too busy to spend time with you. Again, refresh on what my prelude to this post. But, then again, I can’t blame you if you’ll laugh your head like you want to scrap or maybe tap my back and say “its okay, you’re not alone, the world is full of losers.”

Oh well, its arbitrary. As for me, it feels nice to let loose sometimes and deactivate the defenses down. And no, I didn’t make this post with tears are falling. That’s just too much.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Charmed Date

They say that this day is a milestone! A date like 080808 happens on a thousand years only. So just like what I aim for this blog, I want to capture this bliss of day and immortalized the memory through this webby ink. To start with, I know many couples will seal the deal today. I read that most Chinese couples are getting married today.

And now that I have mentioned Chinese people, Beijing Olympics will start today. Our proud delegates with Manny Pacquiao as the forefront mane are now out to try and prove the great talents we have. The government laid a good motivation for our athletes. I hear GMA will give 15 million for every Gold winner. Please correct me if I’m wrong. All kudos to the Philippine team!

Also today, Sharon Cuneta will grace the Araneta Coliseum for her 30th Anniversary Concert. See just how long enduring Sharon’s charisma is to Pinoys. She is still one of the top celebrity endorser for brands. Celebrities are looking up to her achievements and of course, her fans are transcending from way way back up to the contemporary. Ikaw ba, maka-Sharon ka din? He He He.

Contrary to the popular belief, Feng Shui experts are actually saying that 888 can bring some bad luck this year. It was defied by Beauty business diva Vicky Belo, who is celebrating 18 years of bringing science of beauty in the country. According to her, she cant do anything if she happened to start business on this day.

So whether it is lucky or not, I have to say that this day is quite a day to start or end something; To celebrate or mourn an idea; To accept or deny a perception; and to live or die in some beliefs. Hmm, a little poetical eh? Nah, better end this post now.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh Fashionista

Let me start by saying that:
NO, I’m no clothing guru. And
Yes, I know good fashion when I see one.
Now, this post aims to give tribute to the “ever-fascinating” and “ever-interesting” fashion sense of some of our fierce Pinoy folks.

Here now is the Top 8 current fashion trend as sported and ehem, flaunted by some people also specified below. Forgive for not showing the exact photos of these people. But I will try my best sarcastic, oh I mean graphic description to give you a clear picture.

Hereyah people!

At number 8,

the Skinny Jeans.

5 out of ten people in the mall will wear this. It’s the revenge of the 80’s. Its glorifying the Beatles again! Or is it really?

Oppz moment: Seeing a person with really, really big thighs walking with so much effort just to strut it with glory. You see, skinny jeans speak for itself. S-K-I-N-N-Y. now, do I need to elaborate more? Doy.

At number 7,

the Havaianas.

The brand went beyond being a summer fad only. Havaianas now turned flip flops to a versatile footwear.

Oppz moment: I hope you’re wearing the “real thing”. Oh well, its easy to spot a pot, I mean fake.

At number 6,

The Lacoste sandals.

A little too pricy, it commands exclusivity and supreme taste.

Oppz moment: Even construction guys are wearing these sandals. No offense to those guys of brawns and ahm more brawns? But, sir am I seeing the real thing?

At number 5,

the Scarf.

I have to admit, I own one. But I just don’t seem to get a right timing to use the scarf. Very useful, I think this can spice-up a simple and casual shirt.

Oppz moment: Scarf with green shirt, and military printed shorts or pants. Hmmm, I’m feeling nostalgic about the captivity of Ces Drilon.

At number 4,

the Bumble Bee shades.

Its rainy I know, but the sun is still shining right? So whether you’re sporting shades for protection, “porma” or to conceal a escape from bed last night, admit it some eye frames makes anyone look good.

Oppz moment: Shades which cover the entire face, all you can see is the chin. Worst? Animal printed frames! Ayayay!

At number 3,

the Blair Look.

Ohhh my Blair Bitch of GG. Heard there will be a local franchise or remake of the series, geez this is way out of hand. Oh well, even before this remake was planned some girls have already turned into Blair clones.

Oppz moment: Hmmm, clone means closely resembled right? Well then, I regret saying clone above.

At number 2,

the Burberry shorts.

Casual is very hot right? So these kinds of shorts are really on the momentum now.

Oppz moment: Some stereotypes can make patterns closely resembling that design of our gradeschool cafeteria table covers, or maybe, that favorite shirt of our uncles which their moms made way back year-infinitum. Kidding!

And At number 1,

The little brown shirt.

In the advent of Direct selling and attractive catalogues, the business of “pahulugan” items are really on the fore front!

Oppz moment: If you happen to order from these direct sellers, chances are you will see lots of people wearing same item as yours. Now, tell me how many times have you seen people wearing this little brown shirt?

Now, that wraps up my simple tribute to our fashionista comrads! If you got this stance; well live it, flaunt it and abuse it. But just please, respect some people who might get headache after seeing you. Ha Ha Ha. Loko lang.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Duel between Pain and Itch

On a nut shell, we all know that it’s easier to bear pain than itch. Say, you are wearing a shoe with multiple laces. The tight feeling of that shoe in your foot can be tolerated for a good 8-10 hour wear. Now, feeling an intense itch on the foot inside that tight shoe will surely make you go crazy. You will not endure the itch. You will surely take time to unlace the shoe and take it off to scratch that crazy itch big-time! Yes, scratch it until you feel that simple heaven of relieving the itch. This kind of “itch vs. pain” school of thought can be applied to all body parts. From head, to the chest and yeah, down there until you reach the feet.

Poetically, Itch vs. Pain is also quite a brain boomer. It’s basically saying that as human, we tend to go to directions which we see as more convenient than the other. If we see pain or hardships even before we start dealing with it, we turn to the more pleasing side of doing it the easy way - Very much like the scratching an itch fashion.

Now on a cheesy take, it is perceived by many hopeless romantics that scratching an itch is easier than bearing a pain. But, some go the other way. The itch of flirtation is quite prevalent these days. Flirting is deemed to be a convenient way of getting through the night. The pain of staying alone and empty after the stint of flirtations is actually something that will not last long until the next flirt comes around. Now, if you’re a flirt, I didn’t mean to offend you.

Forgive me for these rambling thoughts. It’s the product of my great fascination on how true it is that pain is easier to endure than itch. And I know that you are nodding your head now like a possessed dork in agreement or maybe personal accounts. All my laughs for you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life in a Bag

If Barbie is a real thing, I’m sure she would live on earth. It is indeed, full of plastic. From local stores to the corners of our own homes, we have plastics to have some moments with. Candies are wrapped in plastic. Our take out lunch and snacks are packed in plastic. We will not pass a week without eating with the aid of plastic utensils. We buy utilities and carry them in plastics. We empty these utilities and merchandise and throw the containers in plastic garbage bags.

Writing and mentioning the word plastic in this article actually made me feel that the world can be so artificial, unclear and yeah for the nth time plastic. Sure, we enjoy the convenience of having plastic materials in handy. But I know we all know that once a plastic is born, it can possibly live forever. Plastics can accumulate and build a silent group of possible syndicates aiming for world distraction. Err, okay that’s a little morbid. But come to reflect on your own daily routine. Just for today, try to count how many plastic material you’ll see, use and come contact with.

If recycling is such a bummer deal for you, then using plastics is not your right. Good thing that smart people with a heart of an advocate can stand up and make a statement towards preservation of what’s still left on our environment. Canvass bags are slowly gaining popularity among society get-go. Shopping malls are now promoting the use of these canvasses bags which aims to create a “plastic free” lifestyle. One advocate group I know of makes this “Life in a bag”. The brand possesses all shapes and sizes of bags you’ll ever need in all of your individual life tasks.

Imagine, using these canvass bags can save us from the possible rule of non-living plastics in the future.