Friday, November 28, 2008



Today, let me try Men Rx topic again. Im sure you wouldn’t pass information that would save your health and save your ehem, gateway to “divine happiness. Let me try to use euphemism and cryptic terms to articulate this topic. Nah, just kidding.

Thanks by the way to my boss for giving me the idea for this post. According to him, there was this one radio program which took a small debate on which men undergarment is best used or more pleasing to health- briefs or boxer shorts? My immediate response would be briefs. I have been so well accustomed to the feeling of wearing brief as my undergarment for 22 years already. I could wear boxer shorts but would still don briefs inside. Weird but I really don’t feel comfortable feeling the thingie hanging loose.

Now here’s some brainy argument. According to the physician invited in the radio program I mentioned earlier, it is healthier to wear boxer short because the man balls should naturally be hanging. Some says that having this loose feeling all the time will make sperms more active. Also, doctors were suggesting growing boys to wear loose undergarment to keep the testicle free letting it produce more growth hormones. Now, some would argue that wearing briefs would actually make the man balls grow tighter and this is way healthier. As of the press time (or at least based on how far I’ve gone researching), this VERY SERIOUS ANOMALY OF IDEAS IS STILL BEING LOBBIED ON. Much sarcasm? He He


Thursday, November 27, 2008


eraserheads in cinemas

The most talked about Reunion concert of the Eraserheads will give chance to the large fan population (including myself) who missed the live concert to relive the August 30, 2008 moment right at the comforts of our most favored cinemas. Yes you heard it right! It’s the Eraserheads concert in cinemas! And yes, I know it’s kind of late to write about but, I am just really thrilled by the idea that I can somehow feel the live concert energy even it is canned and playing on the white wide screen.

There are lots of news spreading that this concert might take a repeat. Good news right? Hope it will really pull through. It’s also quite prevalent that the movie is highly welcomed by the fans. The concert is exclusively showing as of the moment at the following cinemas: SM MALLS, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Ermita, Robinson’s Metro East, Bacolod Rob, Ilo-Ilo, Trinoma, Gateway and Glorietta 4.

So if you’re like me who missed the concert, we shall not let this opportunity pass without our hot hands on it. Watch with me? He He. Hay, it’s nice to blog again. How have you all been dear readers?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Many internet sites have already divulge about the winner of Survivor Philippines. Some sites are claiming that it was overheard in a coffee shop from some GMA staff carelessly talking about the get go of the reality show. According to these sites, JC Carlo Tioseco was named first Pinoy Sole Survivor.

On my own point of view, I wouldn’t take this “news” that fast. It was divulged before that as of the press time, there are still two survivors waiting for the final airing of the show. This basically means that the jury’s votes are in but the announcement will be done on a LIVE airing. GMA has made great steps to make the show float in very high ends. Making the show air for a week is much alteration to the original version, and the announcement of the one voted off done in daggling mode to capture higher ratings for the Monday announcement is quite a bummer.

Honest to goodness, I would have to put my bet on JC winning this feat. I have seen a lot of Survivor seasons before and I have to say that it’s quite prevalent that quiet strategies will win. JC appears to be really quite in his alliance strategies. He remains clean and opted out of the nasty attacks. His power drive on every challenge can also bring him to the winning spot.

The show is still hot and on the buzz as of Philippine pacing. I have to admit that im glued to it and cant wait to see how it will all end.

Marlon haters? Count me in.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Big Brands

Hey everyone! I’m kind of stepping a little back from blogging to focus again much of my attention for my works and projects. Any who, it’s time for me to catch up on my posting and tell you about some of the most memorable slogans which bombarded us everywhere because of ubiquitous advertising. Here they are as authored by the president of Business Mentors Inc. (management consultancy firm specializing in marketing and advertising.) and a regional director of ZMG Ward Howell Inc. , Mr.Willy Arcilla.

Published in Philippine Daily Inquirer Business section today, here are Advertising’s most memorable Slogans (or Taglines).

1. Come to where the Flavor is – Marlboro

2. It’s the Real Thing – Coca-cola

3. Coke is it. – Coca- cola

4. Always Coca-cola – Coca-cola

5. Just for the Taste of it – Diet Coke

6. The Choice of a New Generation – Pepsi

7. Ask for more – Pepsi

8. Obey your thirst – Sprite

9. The Uncola – 7-Up

10. Do the Dew – Mountain Dew

11. Is it in you? - Gatorade

12. This Bud’s for you – Budweiser

13. Its Miller Time – Miller High Life

14. Tastes Great, less filling! – Miller Lite

15. It can only be Heineken – Heineken

16. Probably the best beer in the world – Carlsberg

17. Australian for beer- Foster’s

18. Keep Walking – Johnnie Walker

19. The Best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup – Folger’s

20. Got Milk? – California Milk Board

21. Melts in your mouth. Not in your hands – M&Ms

22. Have a break. Have a Kit Kat- Kit Kat

23. Quality never goes out of Style – Levi’s

24. Just do it! – Nike

25. Impossible is Nothing- Adidas

Memorable slogans and logos are both very important for branding, using these on promotional items like promotional tote bags and other useful products can work wonders.