Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ellen Degeneres: The beauty endorser

Ellen for covergirl
So Ellen Degeneres is the new endorser of Covergirl and Olay. I would have to say that I like the mix of Ellen personality plus the feminine brand variables of Covergirl. This indeed, is a great marketing formula.

I also heard that Ellen will be the very first non-Oprah cover of the O magazine. I said non-Oprah because it has always been Oprah who fronts the magazine's face. Ellen is getting hotter. Oppps, Im not too certain she'd like the remarks. Ha Ha Ha.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello po.

Ding ding! Is this thing still working?


Busy. I think the past few days have been really busy for me. Work deadlines got tangled up and I somehow had some dilemmas producing quality works. Oh well, what can I do? This is advertising and all eyes are on you. Sabi nga nila, you can’t please everyone.

American Idol. Woot! My idol bet Kris Allen won the title for season 8! Many people I know have been mocking my support, but what the heck? Losers are always bitter-Kapag natalo, nadaya. Ha Ha Ha. Another idol thingie to tell you about is when I watched the David Cook and David Archuleta concert in SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds. I liked Archie’s repertoire more but Cook did a good job in audience rapport. Sinung nagsabi na may swine flu scare? Or may recession sa bansa, eh 40,000 plus ang nanood ng concert!

Controversy. This Katrina H and Hayden K issue is already so tiring. Sigurado ako, after a while panonoorin naman natin ang reconciliation nila sa mga showbiz oriented talk shows. But, seriously, we have to be very careful and responsible with the internet freedom we have. Be human enough naman in using this blessing of technology. It may sound cheesy, but self-gain is evil in contemplation.

Sick. Ive been weak and sick these past few days, maybe because of the many events and social gathering I’ve been present in. A friend got married, and some friends need help because of recent break-ups. Iwan ko ha, uso ba ang hiwalayan? Si anu tsaka si anu na lang ata ang di naghihiwalay. Si Juday at Ryan kaya? =)

Wired. I am sooooooo happy to have twitter, plurk and facebook. It’s so entertaining and the thought of communicating online with people I don’t really know is surreal. Tipong online lang naman kayo nag-usap, pero pag nagkita na parang kilala nyo na talaga ang isa’t-isa. Hey, im not talking about those sleazy eye balls okay? Sana lang talaga, wag naman marating ng Wowowee crowd ang Facebook land kasi baka... ay wag na nga.

So, yan na muna siguro for now. Ikaw, what’s on your mind? And oh, I know Angels and Demons is good, but Startrek is just oh awesome!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cute Lucky Me Commercial

Cute kid element seems to be the trend in local commercials these days. Now, after seeing "Bulililit, ang liit liit" commercial, here's another one that really cracked me up.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First New Moon Poster

new moon poster

Grabbed from Chico Garcia Blog/ Source :

Saturday, May 16, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Winner

kris allen
My fearless bet to win American Idol Season 8 is Kris Allen! He will really make a good fit because his brand of music is utterly new in the roster of American Idol winners.(Simon Cowell accent)

Yow for kris! ( Jackson accent!)

Make us proud! (Abdul accent)

He is "Artistry!" (fourth judge accent, i mean dioguardi accent)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

LBC Spelling Bee Commercial

Distortion of truth and instructional digression - This is how MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board)described the new LBC TV commercial. MTRCB chair Marissa Laguardia sent a letter requesting Ruperto Nicdao Jr. (Ad Standards Council Inc.) and Herman Basbano (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas)to review the said TV material.

I find the whole package of the TV campaign wrong, but it is a very good way to establish recall. With the way things are turning around, LBC really got a good run for their advertising money.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boto mo, iPatrol mo : Ako ang Simula

I am 22 years old, pure Filipino, non-registered voter and these got me thinking.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Swine Flu Galore

swine flu

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Bus

the bus
The daily commute is a routine I’ve been living with for so long now. Unlike people who won a private vehicle, commuters like me need a lot of patience and strategy towards getting to a certain destination. A commuter also opens up into a lot of stories around him on a daily basis- Stories that can be fun, annoying, and sad; all worthy to be remembered. Now, let me share my own pieces of stories I witnessed throughout my daily ride in the bus.

Peanut, water, and candy vendors are usual elements of my daily roads. They are worthy of my attention if and when I need them but if I don’t, they are mere common articles that are sometimes annoying with their shouts just so that someone will buy their merchandise. Then I came to realize that these people are just trying to earn some living. They should be commended for finding means to survive. Then, one time I saw a mineral water vendor snatched a lady’s necklace from the bus somewhere in Kamuning area. I don’t aim to generalize, but what am I supposed to make out of these characters?

Then there was this one time- five minutes passed after I alighted the bus. A man on his late 40’s rode in with a paper on his hand. He appeared like a person who neglected hygiene. He’s talking to every person in the bus, from one seat to another. When he appeared in front of me, I learned that his asking for some help. He lost his wife the night before and the document on his hand is her death certificate. According to him, he has no one to seek help with that’s why he shattered all shame and lead to strangers. He can’t afford not to give his wife a decent burial. It came into me so deep. What if I am the one on his shoes? It just came so unbelievable to me that some people can be so helpless especially in this sad event of death.

Now, this story brought me into dropping a tear. The bus I’m riding is fast in escaping the wild eyes of MMDA people. A man with his two crutches pleaded for the bus to stop. Passing a few meters from him, he tried his best to ride in. Then the vehicle went running towards the Toll way. With my ear phones on, I tried to snooze away as I listen to Fall Out Boy. A little commotion awakened my senses. The guy in crutches wants to step out of the bus. It is prohibited to do this as commanded by NLEX rules. The guy then exclaimed in a soft objection: “I am exempted in that rule! Look, I don’t have money for fare, someone stole my wallet.” What person can do such shameless deed? -By all definitions, “to hell with you! Whoever you are bastard!”

I don’t know, but I always wonder how someone thinks. I always wonder how someone feels after an event took place – be it bad, sad or happy. With these stories, all I can do is think that Karma is a beautiful logic.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Friend

april moreno

This is April, the Best friend.
It was her day yesterday and this post is basically late, but still one big cheers to The “B”!

I think this is the first time I’m posting something in here dedicated entirely for her.

So B, here’s hoping for more crazy years with you! May the Lord won’t get tired of blessing you.

Happy “B” day!

And on this note, I would also like to send my Kudos to April’s sister for passing the board!(uhm for teachers? Needs to confirm)

thea elena cortez

Congratulations Ate Thea Elena Cortez!

(and again, this suddenly is not entirely for April)