Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bulilit Bulilit "Sikip" Commercial

I am so into this TV commercial! Its very much inclined to the Philippine pop-culture and how every Filipino family pictures a (dream) home.The use of the cute kid and the whole concept revolving around her innocence and lightness of character make the whole material very much appealing. hay, shall i expound more?

Better hit play now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you were to be asked, where will you go?

To the comfort zone which gives you freedom, easy way, fun environment but will keep you monotonous and stagnant?


To the virgin and totally unfamiliar zone yet to be explored which will challenge your ability to adopt and create an entirely new niche that will zest up your daily existence with more vibe and unpredicted activity?

To my finger-counted followers and readers, please drop me your two cents on this.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leighton Meester's Album

My gossip girl, Blair Waldorf ( Leighton Meester in real life) is set to launch her very first music compilation. I have to admit that I never thought she can sing, until I saw this video I’m sharing with you now. This is an old movie called “Drive Thru” to which Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey) also appeared. The song is called “inside the black”.

According to people in good “authority” working with Leighton on this album, she has what it takes to make it big in the music scene. Meester quipped that her music influencers are Chris Cornell and Incubus. Asked about her music genre, she said it would be “electronic rock hybrid” like MIA and Gwen Stefani.

I am hoping to see and hear her music. Would you agree with me in my thinking that this girl can really sing?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mga Awit ng Panghihinayang

auj lazaro
Sinusubukan niya pa din.
Na punan ang mga araw mula ng pagkawala ng kanyang puso.
Nakakabulag ang bilis ng pagdaan ng pag-ibig.
Iniwan siya nitong sugatan at walang kakapitan.
Pag-iisip na hindi matahimik.
Mga luhang nagmistulang asin na dahil sa walang katapusang pagdaloy.
Wala ng bakanteng silid sa puso niya.

Ilan pang pangarap ang dapat masawi?
Ilang pang bilang ng pagkukunwari?
Ilang pang pananakit ng pag-ibig ang dapat indahin
bago ka bumalik sa akin?

May pag-asa pa bang yakapin ako ng pag-asa?
Dadating pa kaya ang panahon na kakampihan ako ng panahon?
Didinggin pa kaya ang mga panalangin kong bumalik ka?
O sadyang mangungulila pa din ako ng walang katapusang pansamantala?

Gusto kong mahawakan ang mala porselana mong balat
At ang mukha mong tila anghel..
Pero ayoko.
Na gusto ko.
Na ayoko.

Ngunit kung ang tanging makapagbabalik ng sigasig sa buhay ko
ay ang apoy ng tila impyerno mong pag-ibig
Magpapasunog ako..
Magpapatapon sa kawalan ng walang hanggang pananakit..
at kasinungalingan ng ipinagkakait mo nang pagmamahal..

Sa muli..

Kung makikita pa natin ang isa't isa..

Kung makikita pa kita..

The author of this guest post, Auj Lazaro, is an eccentric woman who wears a kind face but a bitchy attitude -- of course, I am kiddin'! (Or maybe not). She gets sick when she reports for work and sleeps early only when there's a lot of work to be done. You can never get to her. Really. But you can reach her through her blog at and check out more of her VERY customized eccentricities.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol

Spreading fast and wide like the famous “tweets” , Simon Cowell is up to leave American Idol after season 8. Having to joggle three big shows ( Britain’s Got talent and X Factor- both in UK and American Idol) which involve massive traveling can really consume much of his time and energy and all these could lead to a decision of quitting one show. Now, which one will he let go? He was quoted to love all three shows but American Idol currently holds just a year of contract for Cowell which could be the top reason why he might leave the show.

I heard from The Morning Rush (RX 93.1) News today that Simon is deliberately losing interest in American Idol as ratings start to go down. The shining moments of American Idol accounts to over 20 Million viewers per episode. Now that the show slowly drifts away from the top spot, Cowell is reluctant to stay in a sinking ship. According to him, he is not used to not being number 1 anymore. He has already set a mantra of always being sharp on perfection and owning the top spot. He said that being number 1 is hard to get and once you get there, holding still is the only option. He also suggests Fox create another talent or music show that shall air after the American Idol season. There’s nothing much happening after American Idol, so another music show shall bring new flavor and excitement not just in American TV, but all over the world.

It is obvious that Simon Cowell is on a different league in comparison to the other three judges. His convictions are bolder and he always holds the cards of decision. I think that Simon has this genuine gift of seeing real talent and a guy like him has already mastered how the industry grows stars. Yes, he has the credibility and the name. Without him, I’m quite sure; American Idol will drift miles away from the ratings game.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

Here are movies to lust for this quarter.

July 15

April 30

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Student Activism

I am a graduate of PUP, an institution known for activism and massive student actions. I remember being asked if I was a student activist during college in almost all of my job interviews right after I graduated. I was never active in doing protests. To start with, I was never a student activist. I never grew interest to take the part. It’s not because I find the idea lousy or insignificant, but maybe I am not that brave and bold to siege the streets and roam the university to voice out opinions of opposition to our university policies.

I remember one professor say that the state of our university reflects the state of the nation. I would say partly true, except for the truth that no high class, well powered people are dwelling within our grounds. We are a state university which holds real “masa” students who are aware of the things happening around them. The “mass” segment that doesn’t fear people in ranks and position. We see what’s wrong. Some of us (including myself) will stay mum about it while most will go out and fight for what’s right.

I would always look up to those student activists. I commend them for their courage and stamina to fight for their beliefs and convictions. On a nutshell, I believe that activism is within us all. We may not be roaming the streets to shout and be bombarded by policemen, but we take participation in our own little ways. Getting involved doesn’t mean getting into the streets all the time. There are so many other avenues to fight. What’s substantial is that we know what’s wrong from right, and consult our conscience to decide which party to side with.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The White Flag

Then he thought, after the long reign of summer sun comes a little interlude of rain shower. He thought it was refreshing, while some living muscles tell him it feels gloomy. The sky looks sad, the rain showers look life millions of tears coming from a very frightening domain. The man in him can’t help but be vulnerable. Once again, the defenses of strong facade break down and he just went with the strong force of thinking back his life.

What makes a person happy?
What makes a person feel gloomy?

He instantly thought that without aims to defy norms, it’s really not the tangible, material things that make him happy. Not the hottest gadget or huge bank account. He banks on people. His happiness depends on how other people are doing with their life. He always hopes for their happiness and wellness. It comes naturally for him to care and check on every person who matter in his life from time to time.


You may say so, but it’s not the significant point. He realized that it’s like a parasite’s deal to get happiness from others after hearing a lot of wise men say that happiness is found within, it is innate. They said no one should seek happiness from others. No one should be a parasite.

He cant help but feel sorry for the man in him; the man who would go beyond what’s possible to show care and importance. He can’t seem to get the point that sometimes, too much care is like an encrypted note of dismissal.

Today, he plans to stay still and hold on to what’s real and what’s more important. He raises a red flag for people who shamelessly ignore the efforts of someone caring for them. At the same time, he raises a white flag for the man who tries so hard just to be noticed. With all hopes, may he rest in peace.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle

When I first saw Susan Boyle on Ms. Rachel's (my boss) friend Facebook account, I Immediately said she's cute! she's cute! Then I watched it again just now, and chills came in and I tried so hard not to drop a tear.

With almost 13 M hits now on Youtube, I give you Susan Boyle on her auditions at Britain's Got Talent.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twitter Challenge

ashton kutcher

The little blue bird (term borrowed from friend Dale)infection has been really massively spreading. With many people (which includes myself) getting into the tweet craze, the Twitter Challenge has been put into place. Two significant names battle to be the first Twitter account to gain 1 million Followers. Ashton Kutcher up against the CNN News team. Who will win? We are all waiting. I think few moments from now, someone will already hit the throne.

Follow me on Twitter, anyone? elguevara is the user name =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


200 KM., 5 driving hours, 2 stop over, 14 people, 1 destination – Anawangin Cove, Pundakit, Zambales! It’s time again for team Alchemy’s summer getaway. I’d have to say that Anawangin is really the vacation island to beat!
First activity is to island hop. To do this, it is imperative to ride the motor boat. If only God blessed me with the wings, I could have spared myself from the heart pounding boat rides which by the way lasted for like 30 minutes for every island destination.

First stop is the Camara Island which presented us with crystal clear water and beauty of humungous rock structures. I love seeing lots of small fish in clear water which is situated right up front the shore. Next, we went to Capones Island which is also impressive because of its white sand, wide shoreline and of course, the crystal clear water. Final stop is the surreal place of Anawangin! I swear, it’s really a great feeling being so close to this beauty of nature. We’ve seen the sunset while in the island while we also took some time to goof around and of course do our ever favourite “jumping” shots!

Nights came in and were back to the resort. We started with nice dinner fore fronted by grilled liempo and sausages. Alchemy getaway won’t be complete without the drinking session. I got a little tipsy so i went back to our room and snooze (snore) away!

Next day, right after lunch we took off with genuine smiles and hopes of coming back again in this place. And oh, I have to mention that NLEX is really the driver’s BFF! It’s really a great thing NLEX is around.
More summer fun to come. Ikaw ba, what’s your plan?

More photos access if your on my Facebook =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey Blog!

american idol season 8
As promised, here we are with this new look. Truth of the matter is I was sleepy yesterday because of the Holy week break “hangover” and so I accidentally messed up my layout. I suddenly realized that my back up files of the entire blog was also accidentally deleted. Then, panic room came in and my entire day was a mess. I was drained. Good thing I recovered some files. Now, the link list widget was DELETED too so, I WOULD LIKE TO ASK SOME LOVE FROM YOU TO KINDLY WRITE YOUR BLOG URL HERE so that I can build up my links again.

Now, what better way to kick off the second quarter of TM but talk about American Idol right? Now that top 7 is determined already, I would have to say (and this goes without giving in a lot of effort to think) that Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert will hit it to a Man to man action! Aw, I mean the two will surely compete for the AI season 8 top slot. I would probably predict that it would be Anoop or Allison going out this week.

Adam is always surprising and his vocals are often flawless and distinct but I don’t think he has the makings of a real idol. On this point, I’d say Danny will win this season because I believe that America will still go for the sharply clean image backed up by an interesting story of him losing his wife weeks before the idol auditions. And have I mentioned his power vocals? -Crazy right?

So, here’s TM back on track. The hopes are high that my finger-counted readers will somehow increase. He He He.

And the tweet goes “hey bloggers!”

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ill be taking time to rethink and get organized this Holy Week break. I am focusing on my aim to re-energize this blog for the new quarter of the year. A new look and more personal blog shall rise. Another thing is that I'll try to post more interesting and current topics here. I hope you guys will have a nice time observing the Holy Week too.Remember, no meat!