Thursday, April 1, 2010

bitched bothered bewildered

Sometimes, you have to solve your own issues.

It happens,

No friends or family will come to your rescue.

Most of the time, people wouldn’t care if you’re miserable,

So you might as well choose to be happy - Or forced to be so.

Put it simply,

All of us carry our own burdens.

Who cares if you’re in deep debt?

Who’s bothered if you have a deadly disease?

In a perfect world, hearts would care.

This is not a perfect world.

Stop chasing for affection.

Start growing strong on your own trunk.

The world is full of deadly predators.

If you’re slow and weak, then you’re food.


lucas said...

true, true, true. I couldn't still understand how some people could feed on other people's misery. disturbing but true...

ikogsakanding @ BLOG FOR NOOB said...

yueah I agree with your thougth... nice article....


i thought if you're slow and weak that means u'r a catterpillar?


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yildizname said...

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