Saturday, August 8, 2009


The controversial video circulating around the internet which everyone tags as the highlight of this guy's douche bag tendencies.

And then this. Now, what can you make out of these? Is this how we plan to preserve the freedom of media given to us by Ninoy and Cory?

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What Willi said was but logical. There is just something wrong with the way he packaged what he said.

wanderingcommuter said...

im just tired of this nonsense... lagi na lang silang nag aaway!

wedding said...

Who cares.........

Dori and Auj said...

tama si wandering.. kakasawa..

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I understand why Willie asked them to take the other screen down, unfortunately, last week, lahat tayo eh emotional kaya ayun... I agree, he shud have said it in a different manner... But there are people who cant just put flowers in their words. They say what they mean. (AND IM LIKE THAT WITH MY STAFF... Foreigners pa ang mga yan ha. Pag sinabi kung.. U do it this way, then do it the way I want it to be done... wala ng pasikot sikot... pero walang personalan). Just becoz Willie said it, that doesnt mean binastos na nya si Cory... Binigyan lang ng malisya.

Pero di ba hate rin natin mga Marcoses nun? Eh bat nanjan sila ulit ngayon?

Di ba pinaalis natin si Erap? Bat last year, nakita ko yata sya sa mga rally against Gloria with those na nagpatalsik sa kanya?

Di ba halos patayin natin si Lolit Solis sa MMFF scam? Napreso ba sia?

Si Hayden Kho at Katrina? Musta na?

Yung ZTE scandal ba yun? Musta na yun?

Hay... Next week Im sure iba naman ang headlines.

Dale Bacar said...

Late reply but I also think what Willie said made sense. But crass as he is, ayun pangit lumabas.