Monday, August 31, 2009


the ugly truth

Exactly 16 days since my last blog post. Time has been very erratic and I have been very drastic. I am currently undergoing a phase primarily described by not having any control on things. Basically, I am scared. I guess it’s normal to be scared after being placed in a very comfortable zone for such a long time.

I am a planner. I usually take a lot of time studying everything before I take any step. I usually calculate and predict every possibility of error or down turn whenever I am faced by a very tough situation. But right now, there are no options and my only choice is to gather all bravery and go on with the progressing turmoil.

I hope clichés would really work for me this time.

“It will only get better.”

“Tomorrow is another day.”

“Smile and the world will smile with you.”

“Sa simula lang yan, pag tumagal okay na.”

This phase is very nostalgic of that one day in my elementary school days. I was so scared to go to school because there is a multiplication table recitation. I was prepared but I just don’t possess the natural liking for Math. I have to go to school because” I have to” and not because “I wanted to”.

I know that you are puzzled with my issue. Forgive me, but I only aim to articulate this strange feeling I currently have.

Now, all I want is a sound sleep.

Okay, sorry for this lame use of title. This is not really about the movie, but I will soon publish my review on the flick. I just find the title very fitting for my current psyche surroundings. Forgive me.


ace said...

i think i know what you mean by these feelings, d. you're not alone and i'll pray for you. :)

lucas said...

[I was so scared to go to school because there is a multiplication table recitation]...

nako pareho tayo. lalo na kapag may division na at fractions. hays... meron pa pala--yung mga board works na kailangan mong pumunta sa harap to solve math problems?? tsks!

i really do hope those cliches work for you kasi yun din ang sasabihin ko sana... :) Goodluck, Denis.

Denis said...

@ ace : thanks acey. Youre the sweetest. =)

@ lucas : apir! sabi nila pag word smith, takot sa numbers haha