Tuesday, October 13, 2009


barrack obama nobel peace prize award

The Nobel Committee cited "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." – Nancy Gibbs.

Many people were thrilled with the award. The president himself was surprised. In CBS evening news I’ve seen people from different states giving out their opinion about the awardee. Some were gracing his name with great compliments while some simply raised a doubtful eyebrow.

The Nobel Peace Prize has always been so credible and critical in choosing their awardees. If they thought that President Obama deserves the award, then it sure has been deliberated into the highest deal. Critics are saying that his unaccomplished promises do not deserve any high affirmation. I believe that hope instilled in the hearts of the majority equates more than a Nobel prize- We shall all be thankful.


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And I believe so. Somewhere I read an opinion that he changed the optics - meaning he might have not achieved some real accomplishments now, but he surely came with great visions and good intentions, that in some way managed to change the international relations environment and expectations for the future, which itself might be kind of an initiation phase of such achievements happening. Lorne