Friday, October 2, 2009



So surveys have been saying that “May bukas pa” or simply “Santino Show” has been getting the favors of TV enthusiasts all over the country. Why are they hooked?

Here are my own 10 reasons why people are drawn to Santino.

  1. Santino is cute. Uhm period.
  2. The plot is refreshing.
  3. It’s the typical format of antagonists vs. Protagonists cycle, but the element of religion cuts it out of the rest.
  4. It’s a slice of Pinoy life- people moving around a single “baranggay”.
  5. The scenes involving kids are really entertaining because they are unapologetic.
  6. The sub-plot of politics- “Si mayor at ang mga goons.”
  7. The gossip culture on local stores AKA “sari-sari”.
  8. The idea that Santino is an orphan, everybody has a heart for a family-less person.
  9. The priests on the lime light. It’s not too extravagant but it’s still a novelty.
  10. It has created the by-line “Bro” which made God less pristine and more contemporary.


ace said...

he is cute!!!


Because ABSCBN is the best?

Hazel Chua said...

"It has created the by-line “Bro” which made God less pristine and more contemporary"

... which is blasphemy. I know many would react to what I said, but it's true. Any bible-believing human being would know that Santino calling God "Bro" is blasphemous. Or, it could also be easily said that the god this show is promoting is not the God of the Bible, the One True Living God. Why would anyone want to reduce the character and attribute of God just to make them comfortable is beyond me.

Seb said...

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Anonymous said...

Priests are called "Fathers"
God is called "Bro" (a slang for "brother" even!)

Now tell me what is wrong with this picture.