Friday, November 23, 2007

A royal rhapsody

She was still a princess when i met her...
that time she showed no shine.
visually, a cocoon kept in dark oblivion
but through that darkness i show her glow, i show her light

years gone by and she has bloomed into someone worth as a treasure...
letting people see the glow she kept within.
The royalty was born.
A queen that is ready to fulfill her heart's desire.
Strong and beautiful, her people loved her.

They were amazed by how she fulfilled tough responsibilities only a queen can toil.

This queen may not have her castle
this queen may not have a throne
she may not possess prominence
and she may not own that much gold...
but she is loved.
Because of that innocence she has that goes through
beyond the the complications of time..
this queen is my friend,
she is a friend of many...
ill keep her perpetually
and forever she'll live that royal life...
i know someday ill see her with that throne.
ill see her in her castle..

ill smile just to know
my princess has grown.

This is a composition I made for the year book of my dear friend Maricel Castillo for her graduation in UST. Its very much ramdom play of thoughts.