Thursday, November 15, 2007

Harry Potter is Real.

I have read Harry potter books 1-4. I am really on the go to read books 5-7, but I thought of re-reading the previous books thinking that I might have forgotten the significant events of it. So, there I was, out of the said "goodness" of my "bff" April reading the "Sorcerer's Stone" again. I just realize that they omitted a lot of good scenes in the movie... like the Quidditch transition. I cam to realize that more than Harry Potter, it is really the character of Severus Snape that I will tag as my favorite. I came to realize that harry potter scenes and events seem so real. Of course, not to talk about the magic and wizardry to be real. I'm talking about the scenarios and storyline. Harry lives with no parents but most of the good characters like him, you know, Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Sirius Black,and others. He was stereotyped but emerged as the strongest wizard. It is like the common genres of Pinoy Telenovelas nowadays. All of them saying that life is like a wheel. But, of course i wont stereotype Harry Potter to the levels of those Pinoy series( hey, come on, we all like them but we must admit that sometimes, they lack quality and depth.) I remain as a fan of this Potter Series and yeah the Quidditch(brilliant game isn't it?).I actually, planned to write something about betrayal of friendship and discrimination. I just think that the things I'm going to say within this topic will be loaded with negativity. So, i decided to write about something light instead. Its part of my on going mindset to keep all things positive.