Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Viral marketing- a new trend in brand communications world. Somehow, Youtube paved the way to this new gimmick. It basically means uploading interesting videos that would generate significant views leading to more perpetual media mileage for the brand. I found two examples of this with the aid of my favorite daily, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Both of these commercials are making noise in Youtube which is actually more than what TV exposure can give. One is from Cadbury and the other from Skittles (Yum right?) featuring a Filipino speaking in our vernacular. Cool eh?


lucas said...

these are brilliant ads :)

musta na?


I like the cadbury ad more (simply because I love cadbury prods. lol!)

georgemaldita said...

i love chocolates.. but not the dark, not white,, just the right ones... (with nuts please) and i love these commercials..:D