Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Facebook 1896

We can’t deny it; Facebook has already infected millions of people around the world. Philippines, being one of the most digitally wired countries will never be left outdated, of course. With Facebook becoming a quintessential mode of digital communication, we can’t help but wonder – what if Facebook already existed in the past? What if Facebook is already hot and running during the revolutionary days of the Philippines against foreign invaders at the time?

Well, thanks to this wonderful material sent to me by my boss Ms.Rachel, I now have an idea how our historic heroes could have used Facebook to free our country.
And no! This is not a post-freedom day article.

old school facebookclick to enlarge




I cant imagine Melchora posting "F*ck! I dont like the colours in this flag Im sewing!"


lucas said...

hahaha! natawa ako kay tandang sora! mukhang adik sa facebook! hehe!

acey said...

oh, LOL!!! hahaha. bongga. :D

Anonymous said...

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