Thursday, June 25, 2009

Techie Lola

Gone are the days when we get annoyed by TV commercials. I know, you had those moments when you are intensely watching your favorite show then climax segments will be cut by lame commercials which will last for like 15 minutes or so. But advertising has gone through massive overhaul making every airtime worth the audience attention. Creativity plus street smart inputs I think is the most formidable formula towards creating a TV material that will create buzz and invite massive attention.

Now, irony comes in because not all cool ideas gather attention. Sometimes, a simple, almost hard induced humor can move a brand to stardom. Take this one as an example.

Then, there are some commercials that are well thought of, made to appear very relevant. Like this techie grandma character used to show how easy it is to get digitally wired.

Connecting to what’s relevant is this local material done by many prominent personalities in the country. The main message? Say No to CON ASS. The airing of this material in the grounds of influential TV networks goes out to say that sensible advocacy deserve a voice and an instrument to amplify it.