Monday, June 22, 2009

The Knock

britney spears

As a child, a knock on the door will always excite me. It gives me a thrill guessing who is on the other side . Back then, telephones, e-mails, mobile phones, or any communication device that is technologically given were concepts zero. Some chills will always grow in me whenever I hear a knock on our door.

Could it be just one of my annoying neighbors? (Asking for condiments or magazine back issues or the most powerful acne solution)

Could it be our father’s aid who delivers his monthly remittance? (Whoa! I smell fest)

Could it be one of our relatives from the province? (With native rice and fighting cocks)

Or could it be just a knock on a wrong door?


What if Oprah Winfrey knocks on our door? I would surely check if she’s wearing real hair. Then I would ask her about Jaime Fox. I would ask her to look at the Philippines the same way she looks at Africa.

What if Steve Jobs knock on my door? He will see me using Windows while tapping on the ipod. Im sure he will be stunned by the irony - The same way that we are all stunned by him transforming the walkman culture into ipod generation.

What if Barrack Obama will knock on my door? I would definitely shower him with kudos and then hand him the palace address and tell him that a woman in there, not too prominent in height needs some serious talk. If he hasn’t noticed, the lady has been trying (dying) to have a talk with him. Hopefully, this talk will end the rallies.

Now, what if an enemy knocks on my door? I wouldn’t really know because I don’t have any. But in case, I would definitely follow cliché – Close the door and make them cry, but stay and make sure they’ll leave without burning our house.

Now, what if an ally knocks on the door? Well, sniff first and make sure that they are not shape shifters. Better yet, ask for identification. You may also ask for the deepest secret you remember you told the ally. If the person passes on these, immediately sit the ally on the couch and offer a nice cup of tea.

Now, what if collectors come knocking with notices of termination for phone, electricity and water? I would simply pretend that I’m deaf and that I have low tolerance for men in uniform- I tend to throw fried chicken crumbs on them, sometimes with gravy.

But what if someone knocks on your door? - Someone who looks like a stranger with an aura of familiarity. The person starts talking and you know that the person is not a stranger at all. That all this time, you’ve been figuring out what excites you on knocks on the door. You smile knowing that the reason is standing in front of you – solid, breathing, real.

Now, don’t ask me for coherence because I simply don’t care.


mark said...

the KnoCk!

luRve it.