Saturday, September 5, 2009


ninoy para kay noynoy

In a nutshell, some will find the campaign very witty. Ninoy para kay Noynoy simply means 500 bucks contribution of every willing Filipino to help support the “dream” presidential campaign of Noynoy Aquino. The witty part lies in the fact that Ninoy’s (Noynoy’s father) iconic photo is sealed in the 500 Peso bill. We all can recall the “Piso para kay Cory” campaign back in the day when Ferdinand Marcos was cut aback by a snap election. Filipinos were willing to spare their hard-earned money for Cory. People felt that she has the real heart of a mother which can effectively run the country. I am nothing but a small human being that time, but video clips and written literature of accounts showing Cory’s heroin acts made me feel that it’s sincere and that it’s really the voice of democracy which placed her in the position.

Now, Im not too sure about Noynoy.

We cannot discount the fact that his name became a little more prominent after Mrs. Aquino’s death. We cannot discount the fact that the sympathy of many Filipinos towards the family is strong enough to build confidence in joining the presidential race. But, I don’t see the momentum we’ve seen during the times of Ninoy and Cory. It feels weird but, nationalism seems too branded and commercialized these days, especially in our country.

Not that I am against the Ninoy advocacy to run for the highest position in our land. I just don’t see the full bravado in him to whom we can take strong will from as his follower and people of the nation. In some other points, we shall give the Aquino family their most deserved solitude so that they can finish the 40 day grieving period for their mother. We heard them say that they love our country and they will do their part to help in any way possible.

Ninoy may not possess the wealthy net worth like Mar Roxas or Manny Villar, but witn his siblings on his side plus the many advocate group motivating him to run, Noynoy is not far from having a significant campaign.

Now, we are all watching out for the upcoming episodes. Throw out your words if you may: Are you willing to give your Ninoy for Noynoy?


Dale Bacar said...

Noynoy's record may not be impressive but he may as well be the best possible presidentiable so far. I sure would want to go on a one man edsa revolution if Erap would again win the presidency and so far, Noynoy is the only one who can mount a serious threat to that nightmare.

lucas said...

i'm not sure about noynoy too. i'm pretty sure if Cory hadn't died, i would not know that he even exists. but a political analyst says that it has a good effect-- the Filipino is somewhat awakened again to be more involved regarding the coming elections.


Ive done my share!

NOY for President!

Anonymous said...

As was pointed out by my newly registered daughter. At least Wala siyang corruption scandal and that includes mar roxas as well. And may I add that at least wala siyang first lady or children. Just first sisters.