Sunday, January 17, 2010

Being bad feels good

I wish sometimes, being bad feels good.

I hope it’s easy to hit back once you get hurt.

I sometimes dream of a land

Without rules and without norms.

Sometimes, I wish it’s okay to suck on your job.

A time when it’s just fine to steal other’s well-loved possession.

Sometimes, I see a scenario where no policemen are around

Because no law will seize on any criminal.

I sometimes hope that it’s okay to be bad.

When doing unworldly stuff would not knock your conscience.

I sometimes wish that I can get dirty with my own hand.

But every time I try, I just can’t help but feel unnatural.


Cheap Soma said...

This is so wicked.

lucas said...

being bad feels good sometimes. i mean there's always a rebel in everyone right? people say i'm too too nice hence boring. sabi nga nila, masarap ang bawal! hahaha!

Alps said...

Feeling quite bad, huh? >:D