Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silver Screen

Don’t believe the movies,

Happy endings never happen.

Don’t believe that TV series,

Redemption often comes in blank.

Dont buy that famous line,

For it doesn’t apply to reality.

Dont believe that actor,

For crying is far truthful from he earns.

Dont believe the action,

Dont believe the tears,

Dont believe the love

These are just elements

To make you pay some bill.

Dont believe the stare in blank

Dont believe the shutters of glass

Dont believe suicide

We know frustration is beyond all these.

A favourite movie is a joke.

A favourite actor is crazy.

No notes of a hater,

Ironic for I am a movie goer.


Dori and Auj said...

ayos to ah.. poetic mode lately ah.. ;)

lucas said...

i like it! haha!

that's the things about movies. they are filled with 'lies'. but then again, i consider a movie good if it persuades me to believe all its crap! haha!