Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hellos back everyone! To all of you who have been dropping nice words even though there have been “echo and web” in this blog. To my finger-counted followers, thank you and free hug to you all!

And oh, happy new year!

So how will you define the year that was? It would sound like a cliché or a cheese, but I would like to borrow a remake song from Glee to give a face to my 2009 – Defying gravity. Last year, I finally accepted the fact that I am an adult...and that I should take responsibility for every little thing that I do. I may still have the trusted adults like my parents around me, but it now feels unnatural to be dependent and weak. Again, another cliché, but I finally told myself that I should be the master of my own life.

And so I decided to challenge myself.

After 2 years in a company for my first professional job, I decided to seek for new challenge that will hopefully instil new learning and knowledge.

I decided to get myself a post-paid line and take charge of my own billings. At the same time, I tried to structure my own financial plans.

I also learned to deal with people better. I learned that letting go of the baggage and just living with a light mood and soul is better. I will never impose my thoughts to anyone again.

I could elaborate more on my last year’s detour and entourage but I would rather seal them and put them in a time capsule and maybe hand it to whoever controls the atmosphere.

They say 2010 will be a good year for Asia. I certainly hope so. I have always loved the idea of starting new, and having fresh beginnings. For whatever mistake or wrong doings we have last year, we have another 365 days to straighten up our lives...after all, correction is the idea behind a pencil having an eraser on its other end.


Jules said...

nice post, dens :)