Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goodbye my Gilmore

Let me prep you up first, that this is an emotional entry. And slightly cheesy. Ahh come' on just read. I was running home last night. I have to beat that 8:30 pm deadline of me getting home. My sister sent me a text telling me her friend wants a book returned which is, at that time, inside my bag. My bag is on my lap. My lap paralleled to the not so comfortable seat of the bus. The bus is stacked in traffic. I am stacked in traffic. Darn, I'm sure my sister is red mad. And a lot more darn! I think ill miss the season finale of Gilmore girls… I decided to just do the legwork towards home. I did not catch my sister at home. My mom said she left early. I did catch Gilmore girls though. Its really the final episode. The episode that made me cry like a baby ( yeah, its too queer, you'll say and yeah, hell too soft.). I had a real hard time hiding myself in the room. I ate dinner in the bed just see every inch of the episode. The whole of Stars hallow gave Rory a surprise graduation party con 'Von voyage.' Rory will leave for Iowa to work as a reporter for a prominent online magazine. Luke and Loryly got back together. The Gilmore grandparents showed their cheesy emotions for the first time. I cried. I cried. Is it really farewell for my girls? I've been watching this series for 4 years. I even watch re-runs on holidays. It will never be same without the fast-mouth-talkers of Stars hallow. It will never be the same with out the Gilmores. Its just a series. Let it go. Just a series that made me realize how wonderful it is to live simple life in the suburbs. Just a series that made me go eye-locked to Alexis Bledel(Rory). Just a series. The last time I cried for the farewell of a TV show was for Trump Family Singer ( yeah the cartoons.) I just like programs with values and subtle humor. Well, reality checks in. Got to move on without my girls. They too have to move on without me. Anyways, I have my new girl now. Betty's coming up. It's time to laugh!