Thursday, March 26, 2009


No one really tagged me for this but I’ve been seeing this in many blogs and I think waiting for a tag is like waiting for Batista to go gay. And so, I’m joining the fad of listing 25 interesting things about our self. In my case, you may not find these things interesting so I would call it 25 things about me that I haven’t mentioned yet in this blog.

Here’s hoping to make it to 25.

1. I was the Editor-in-Chief of my grade school’s publication but never really did the EIC job.

2. I was circumcised with my mom as my support and not my father.

3. I was a member of the Lyre and drum band back in grade school, I played the lead drum.

4. I was awarded 10th honor in pre-school but told my mom that I was top 1, because I was the first one to be called during our rehearsals. It was on a 10 to 1 order.

5. I was a Contra, Battle City and Space Craft addict.

6. Back in high school, my crowd will dine in Mc Donald’s for Sundae carrying our take out from Jollibee, for we think Mc Donald’s is high-end.

7. I was a CAT officer with rank M/Commander S2 Intelligence. Our batch was called Foxtrot Admirals.

8. I love tomato ketchup and I so despise the makers of banana ketchup. It tastes ridiculous.

9. I am a Bench fan. Clothes, accessories, scents, hygiene, undies, hair grooming- all by Bench.

10. I suck at Math.

11. I love the radio. I’ve been listening to Chico and Delamar since high school.

12. I once auditioned for a DJ job in a local radio station.

13. I am a Nanay’s boy.

14. After applying this toner on my face, I use the cotton to clean my chucks.

15. I like reading self help books and practical tips on life, health and money.

16. My dream job is what Tim Yap, GP Reyes and Sarah Black currently joggles.

17. I aim to publish my own books.

18. I want to write, direct and produce my own mainstream movie.

19. I would kill to sit with Oprah, Obama, and the Dalai Lama in a Fall Out Boy concert. Damn that would be priceless.

20. My sister is my financial aid, and I am her charity. Haha

21. I like it when my nephews Sean and Santino play with me. Santino would call me daddy and Sean would always bombard me with a hug every time he sees me arrive in our house from the office.

22. I don’t like dogs, but I would love to own turtles.

23. I am a water person, I could drink lots of water in a day ergo, urinates a lot.

24. A person not replying to my text is a BIG deal.

25. I use the right hand. ( go figure).


uglykidjoey said...

right hand (LOL)

Mokong™ said...

I,ve read a lot of blog post about this... 25 things about them.
I was also a big fan of radio specially rx the shows specially morning hour with chico and delamar.
Have a good day blogkada Denis...
tama na ba spelling gn name mo? sorry for making it denise...binago ko na bloglink ko...

the donG said...

looks like i discovered a nice blog here thru acey. can i know if you're open to contributing stories on travel for an upcoming website? since it's a startup we dont have anything to pay yet but you might just be open to be part of the startup team.

just email me at if you're interested. thanks.

lucas said...

wow! and you did make it to 25! hehe!

[I don’t like dogs, but I would love to own turtles.]--that's interesting. turtles are so slow. they appear dead when don't move. i like puppies. pero ayaw ko na pag lumaki na sila..hehe!


Ur a CAT officer? wow! Im a quitter kasi... I quitted just before the initiation...

It's cool to have turtles. They live long.

Denis said...

Joey : for writing =)

Mokong : hahah thanks man, i feel queer with DENISE.

The Dong: thanks sir, appreciate that.

Lucas: a little birdie told me someone who dosent like dogs is harsh and non compassionate and i sooo agree haha

Kris jasper : yeah, during our time kasi, CAT officers are like the lead characters in Gossip Girl

iCrave said...

wow! im a CAT officer too...hahahaha