Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay. Call me “baduy”, “bakya” and even “jologs” but I have to admit that I watched “You Changed my Life” movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo not once, not twice but yeah for three random times. A little birdie even quipped that his perceived level of my taste suddenly went down after I told him this. Well, what can I say? I am a Sarah Geronimo fan. Bleh!

The Movie is “bakya”, “baduy”, “jologs”.

This is true, but the movie was not created for a niche market. I have seen the movie in Trinoma for the three random times I’ve seen the movie. I would have to say that the cult is composed of different people belonging to different social classes. To top it off, Trinoma somehow caters to high end markets.
Another thing, it’s not right to set “bad taste” by default every time a movie presents a “bakya” theme. Though “bakya”, “baduy”, and “jologs” are strong vernaculars but we still have to consider that their definitions are still relative and non-standard.

The Movie presented non-intelligent plot.

Wise men and women were saying that there are few moments in the movie when the plot is collapsing, the director would just create tons of John Lloyd close-up shots and the audience is back on track- attention captured again. This may be true but again I would have to agree that the movie did not aim to present a “Slumdog Millionaire” kind of plot. If you start thinking, you’ll lose the appetite to enjoy the movie.

The Movie is just Hype.

I’d have to say that ABS-CBN is always efficient in promoting their movies. Aside from this, they know how to create good team ups. The timing is always set properly. But, we also have to give high credits to the lead. The movie didn’t earn tons of money if it’s not for the stars and the director of course.
All in all, the movie is a great getaway to the daily stress were facing. It’s a beautiful picture which presents candid humor and society truths. If there would be a third instalment, I would kill to be in the premiere!


The Gasoline Dude said...

Hindi ako maka-relate kasi hindi ko pa napanood. Hehehe 'yun ngang first movie nila eh napanood ko lang one year after it was shown. = P

Mokong™ said...

it's okay to call jologs...all of us are jologs in different ways.
I don't watch tagalog movies in cinema, i only watch it on dvd. Love ko star cinema movies, depende sa takbo ng story.
Nga pala tag kita...check my site for instructions!
Sencya na!

lucas said...

ahehe! hindi ko pa rin napapanood to. hindi talaga ako nanonood ng local movies sa sinehan. hahaha! hihintayin ko na lang siguro yung DVD. maganda yung one. simple lang pero maganda. tingin ko naman walang maxadong pagkakaiba yung dalawa. ahehehe!

peace out denis!

lucas said...

yeaj. hales, texted me that it wasn't for me and she was right. i was being egotistical.

yeah. sad. sasamahan ko siya na magpasked for her surgery tonight.

yeah. para kay b yun. hindi ko pa rin tapos. hehe!

acey said...

for some reason, i wanna watch this movie, too. :D i like sarah geronimo and john cruz. hehe


lahat ng reviews nito na nabasa ko eh puros good reviews. Consistent pa. so maganda talaga siguro.

Prabath said...

Cool post, I like it. Keep it up. (Vote your favorite celebrity)

jeszieBoy said...

yo sup dennis?

I'm inviting you to join the EARTH HOUR 2009!

just check it out! :]

Fjordan Allego said...

maganda kasi talaga yung movie. saka ano naman kung kabaduyan yung panonood nito? ang sa akin lang naman eh maenjoy yung pannood. ang pangit naman kung lahat limitado kesyo baduy yung movie, hindi mo na panonoorin para lang makisakay sa mga social pips na matataas ang standards. naku, hini mo talaga maeenjoy yung movie kung ganun. magpakatotoo na lang kasi, basta, maganda yung movie. hhahaha

lucas said...

salamat, dude :)

Sir Kramic said...

di ka nag-iisa dude nanood din ako nyan :)