Wednesday, March 25, 2009


White. My most favored color. I feel good whenever I wear white clothes. It’s quite timely for the season, but my liking of it is perpetual i think. Is it not too given with how this blog appears?

White. I have tons of white garments and hygiene articles. I am actually an accidental collector of white towels. I think I couldn’t use a towel that is not white.

White. It depicts clarity. In my job, I always start with blank document. Starting with a clean slate assures unique ideas. Starting with point blank means a great development of thoughts which can inject possibilities of originality.

White is peace of mind. With the way life is structured today, having peace is such a luxury. It’s not easy to gain it, because of the complicated prerequisites.

White is the absence of doubt. A small pinch of dirt can challenge its credibility of being immaculate and pure. This is the mantra I so like with white – the argument is very fluid; its either your white or dirty.


Lizeth said...

white is nice. i love it also!!! but the sad thing is, i can't maintain my uniform as white as new. awts! hehehe.

Fjordan Allego said...

ang mahirap nga lang sa white, dumihin hehehe