Friday, March 20, 2009


I don’t know what to write about today. For the past days, I felt like I’ve been losing grip on blogging. I just bounce back to its original purpose- To blog when there are no stiff deadlines. Maybe it comes naturally when no inspiration strikes a writer. It happens. It happens to me at work. It is happening to me right now in this blog.

This blog opened up a lot of domains for me. It served as my outlet to speak my mind out. It has been my doodle board to let out creative energies. It has been my little coffee social site to meet people of different stories and smiles. It has also opened up to a lot of self discovery. On the flip side, it also attracted a lot of bad words from people who might have been annoyed by some of my articles and opinions. I won’t be all too mighty and say I’m not affected, but I won’t quit thinking out loud just because some freaks are aiming to bring me down.

A lot of things happened these past few days and I feel like floating with no direction. I’m losing my sense to plan, I’ve been missing out a lot on my readings, and I’ve been skipping church. A week after missing Sunday church is absolutely a mess for me. Just the other night, all emotions went down and all baggage came into clear realization. It feels good to cry sometimes. It feels good to feel the vulnerability of being a human. It feels good to flush all the pain and frustrations with tears. It feels good to stop being self-critical and just fall down. And certainly, it feels good to set aside those people who make your life a little too complicated.

It feels good to break down the defenses.
I hope to be at church this Sunday.
Forgive me for I thought of posting a personal blog entry today.


Mokong™ said...

Kalungkot naman blog mo pare... minsan ganyan din nararamdaman ko kung walang pumapasok sa utak ko.. pero minsan lang naman yun... dahil sa ngayon, blogging lang naman ang company ko dito sa bahay.

Hope you're feeling great now!!!

Talk2myCPA said...

this is what they call the downstreams in life but this is normal for everybody. you just need to keep on going and never stop pursuing your goals. always try to keep your goal handy in mind.

thanks for sharing.


lucas said...

A lot of things happened these past few days and I feel like floating with no direction. I’m losing my sense to plan---tsk. tell me about it. one thing i good at is hovering...

kapag hindi ako nakapagsimba parang may kulang sa linggo ko. ewan ko ba? meron tlaga kasi siguro tayong spiritual need.

kaya mo yan, denis. :)

tingin mo meron kahit isa sa mga friends mo. hiram ka na lang. or bumili ka na lang. 250 lang naman eh. hehe! :P

Makoy said...

congrats denis! visit my site for your prize :)

Mugen said...

Even the most active bloggers do lose some steam sometimes. If there are no issues or subjects to write, I resort to free writing. It means I would just write exactly the things I have in mind.

My blog serves as my outlet to let go of my pains, to scribble my dreams or make a big deal out of my little achievements. It has become so interwoven to my social life that it doesn't bother me when I don't tell things to my friends.

It's good to get lost sometimes, for we get inspired to seek our way back. You don't need to apologize for being human.

lucas said...

i second what mugen said :)

i agree. parang yung kay cook dati. sa latter episodes siya tlaga bumira. hehehe!

Richard the Lionheart said...

EMO stands for Emotional Hardcore!

Nice :)


I love reading personal entries. Well, Im a stalker kasi. lol!

Sometimes I feel that. As if I have written all that has been invented. Then I see, hear something and that inspire me again. Hold on Mr. Menace!

dabo said...

ganyan talaga pag hirap magsulat...pero tandaan mo, ang pagsusulat ay isa lamang sa mga outlet para ilabas ang iyong emotions..madami pang iba

uglykidjoey said...

It happens to the best of us. We all know you'd get your groove back. :)

Denis said...

hey guys, thanks for the lift. really appreciate it. =)

Filipina Blogger said...

I know how you feel...I also get tired sometimes of waking up and rushing to check my email, when is the deadline of this and that.

It's tiring so what I do is get out to breathe some fresh air and see the world a bit. Live life.

Blogging is great but not that great to miss out on life.