Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Inspiration is our drive to continue living and leading ourselves to things worthy of our existence.

Inspiration is beyond concepts and tangible stuff, it is that natural drive that excites you. It is the adrenaline that never dies. It’s not just happiness, it is fulfilment.

Inspiration is Manny Pacquiao proving to the world that Filipinos can break away from stereotyping.

Inspiration is 2012’s plot that bites some significant segments of reality. It makes you think how human can be so resilient just to get ahead, but then again the movie simply wants to evoke humanity.

Inspiration is episode 9 (season 1) of Glee. I have this heart for the underdogs, but the story did not overuse the idea of compassion and empathy, it deliberately injected logical reasons on how we should treat each other as equals.

Inspiration is the old lady that I always see in my daily commute. I believe she’s on her late 70’s, but she’s always in the road selling some pasteurized milk. I would always see her eat her plain rice from a plastic she keeps in her pocket. I could just imagine the struggle she has that forces her to work, instead of staying home. I’m not even sure if she has a home.

And finally, inspiration is the upcoming music compilation of Francis M and Ely Buendia. I was in the Rock awards last time, and it made me realized just how Francis M made being Filipino a cool proposition. The local artists are the real definition of our talent. Sell out or underground- it wouldn’t matter. Every local beat is an honor to our culture.

I would include the 40 years of Sesame Street as one of my inspiration, but I thought it would kill the flow of drama, so forget I even mentioned them.