Saturday, November 14, 2009

Green Three

Prelude: I don’t care what you think, but I will tag this article as my 2nd year Blog anniversary post. (2nd anniversary commenced last October 22)

Hello again!

This is is like a cycle,

I’ll get busy and forget updating my blog.

Then I will find some significant reason (or excuse) to revive it.

Oh well, going back to the first day I started this blog,

I recall that my aim was to kill some slack time.

But things have changed.

(Try to get emotional, and then proceed)

I want this blog to have its purpose.

I won’t stop with mere SEO,

this time, I want this blog to reflect me.

I won’t push with efforts to get the news first,

but I would always try to update you with essentials of an urbanizta.

Also, I want to broaden the voice of this blog.

It may look laid back and casual, but you can expect substance.

Now, I have to stop creating promises and just move forward for the 3rd year of this blog.

Yes, I typed it right!

Hold on to your crotch, I mean your keyboard as we go and stride towards

the beautiful expectations I have for The Menace Year 3.

I would like to tap the backs of those people who continuously read this blog.

You guys know by heart how much I appreciate your daily hits in this tiny

space of blogosphere.

Now, I gotta rest, some indulgent specie actually turned off the lights and Im having a hard time composing more words. Besides, I know you don’t want to read me for more than a minute. So go, close your browser, fix your nose and get a life!


uglykidjoey said...

congrats on your 3rd year! I love ur new layout :)

lucas said...

it's nice to see na may transformation nanaman ang blog mo. i was thinking na baguhin ang aura ng blog ko kaya lang wala akong maisip. hays