Monday, November 2, 2009


I recall a twit I made last time saying that a long time of

not having blog updates means I’ve been working really hard.

And so was I.

I missed a lot of events because I have deadlines to beat.

I actually passed on some happy moments just to comply with work.

I am not complaining.

I just find it so consuming and sometimes, inappropriate.

But, I look at the other side and I see some bright points.

I am distracted.

Focusing on work makes me forget issues that are way unnecessary.

Having to meet a lot of deadlines make me stop caring about things.

I like being detached.

Separated from thoughts that will just waste my time.

Away from people who only see what you have, and that’s it.

I look forward to more work.

If it means more challenge and more beautiful outputs.

If it means moving along and having a new perspective in life.

Let me work until work gets tired of me.


Talksmart said...

Hi. This blog has been nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 185). You may visit the site and vote. Poll can be found on the sidebar. Good luck.

uglykidjoey said...

don't work too hard my friend... dont let work consume you... at the end of the day, one must rest his body and mind. I agree that work is a good distraction on issues that are unnecessary, however, burnout is a far more evil reality that may eventually take everything away...