Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello po.

Ding ding! Is this thing still working?


Busy. I think the past few days have been really busy for me. Work deadlines got tangled up and I somehow had some dilemmas producing quality works. Oh well, what can I do? This is advertising and all eyes are on you. Sabi nga nila, you can’t please everyone.

American Idol. Woot! My idol bet Kris Allen won the title for season 8! Many people I know have been mocking my support, but what the heck? Losers are always bitter-Kapag natalo, nadaya. Ha Ha Ha. Another idol thingie to tell you about is when I watched the David Cook and David Archuleta concert in SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds. I liked Archie’s repertoire more but Cook did a good job in audience rapport. Sinung nagsabi na may swine flu scare? Or may recession sa bansa, eh 40,000 plus ang nanood ng concert!

Controversy. This Katrina H and Hayden K issue is already so tiring. Sigurado ako, after a while panonoorin naman natin ang reconciliation nila sa mga showbiz oriented talk shows. But, seriously, we have to be very careful and responsible with the internet freedom we have. Be human enough naman in using this blessing of technology. It may sound cheesy, but self-gain is evil in contemplation.

Sick. Ive been weak and sick these past few days, maybe because of the many events and social gathering I’ve been present in. A friend got married, and some friends need help because of recent break-ups. Iwan ko ha, uso ba ang hiwalayan? Si anu tsaka si anu na lang ata ang di naghihiwalay. Si Juday at Ryan kaya? =)

Wired. I am sooooooo happy to have twitter, plurk and facebook. It’s so entertaining and the thought of communicating online with people I don’t really know is surreal. Tipong online lang naman kayo nag-usap, pero pag nagkita na parang kilala nyo na talaga ang isa’t-isa. Hey, im not talking about those sleazy eye balls okay? Sana lang talaga, wag naman marating ng Wowowee crowd ang Facebook land kasi baka... ay wag na nga.

So, yan na muna siguro for now. Ikaw, what’s on your mind? And oh, I know Angels and Demons is good, but Startrek is just oh awesome!


lucas said...

i'm glad Kris Allen won too. i just couldn't stand Adam's shrieking voice. ahehe! but it's obviously an upset.

ahehe! hindi na nga matatapos ang usapang scandal na yan. hehe! kanina binuhusan si kho ng tubig. yikes! it's very disappointing esp because nasa loob sila ng courtroom...may rights din naman siya kahit papano.

nanood yung friend ko dun. hindi nga daw nakapasok lahat sa sobrang dami. too bad di ako nakapunta. alang budget! hehe!

pagaling ka! :P

cheesy ba kamo. i find it desperate actually! hahaha! thanks, man...


BUSY, busy, busy?

I wont recommend a film... I wont.... I wont....

Im begging you...



HOMER said...

Hi! glad ur back! anyway thanks for the link link u back too!