Saturday, May 16, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Winner

kris allen
My fearless bet to win American Idol Season 8 is Kris Allen! He will really make a good fit because his brand of music is utterly new in the roster of American Idol winners.(Simon Cowell accent)

Yow for kris! ( Jackson accent!)

Make us proud! (Abdul accent)

He is "Artistry!" (fourth judge accent, i mean dioguardi accent)



Badong said...

any idea who's Simon betting on? whoever that is has a big advantage.

Denis said...

@badong : he's going for adam dude

Ken said...

I am not a fan of reality shits, but I thought that Megan girl was awesome. Too bad she got booted that early. Anyway, I'm putting you on my blogroll.


YEY!!!!! we have same initials..

Kris A.

DrDeb said...

I'm with Simon on this one, but I'm excited that it's going to be a Kris/Adam finale.

I also wanted to add that Danny Gokey will seen by many kids as their American Idol for the charity work he's doing to help them in the name of his late wife: Sophia's Heart Foundation.

Can't wait for the finale -- I hear David Cook will be there!

alex said...

my bet is auntie adam lambert...