Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Bus

the bus
The daily commute is a routine I’ve been living with for so long now. Unlike people who won a private vehicle, commuters like me need a lot of patience and strategy towards getting to a certain destination. A commuter also opens up into a lot of stories around him on a daily basis- Stories that can be fun, annoying, and sad; all worthy to be remembered. Now, let me share my own pieces of stories I witnessed throughout my daily ride in the bus.

Peanut, water, and candy vendors are usual elements of my daily roads. They are worthy of my attention if and when I need them but if I don’t, they are mere common articles that are sometimes annoying with their shouts just so that someone will buy their merchandise. Then I came to realize that these people are just trying to earn some living. They should be commended for finding means to survive. Then, one time I saw a mineral water vendor snatched a lady’s necklace from the bus somewhere in Kamuning area. I don’t aim to generalize, but what am I supposed to make out of these characters?

Then there was this one time- five minutes passed after I alighted the bus. A man on his late 40’s rode in with a paper on his hand. He appeared like a person who neglected hygiene. He’s talking to every person in the bus, from one seat to another. When he appeared in front of me, I learned that his asking for some help. He lost his wife the night before and the document on his hand is her death certificate. According to him, he has no one to seek help with that’s why he shattered all shame and lead to strangers. He can’t afford not to give his wife a decent burial. It came into me so deep. What if I am the one on his shoes? It just came so unbelievable to me that some people can be so helpless especially in this sad event of death.

Now, this story brought me into dropping a tear. The bus I’m riding is fast in escaping the wild eyes of MMDA people. A man with his two crutches pleaded for the bus to stop. Passing a few meters from him, he tried his best to ride in. Then the vehicle went running towards the Toll way. With my ear phones on, I tried to snooze away as I listen to Fall Out Boy. A little commotion awakened my senses. The guy in crutches wants to step out of the bus. It is prohibited to do this as commanded by NLEX rules. The guy then exclaimed in a soft objection: “I am exempted in that rule! Look, I don’t have money for fare, someone stole my wallet.” What person can do such shameless deed? -By all definitions, “to hell with you! Whoever you are bastard!”

I don’t know, but I always wonder how someone thinks. I always wonder how someone feels after an event took place – be it bad, sad or happy. With these stories, all I can do is think that Karma is a beautiful logic.


alex said...

hay kawawa naman yung disabled guy

that's another prob here in our country, no regard for the disadvantaged...

ang dami tlgang bus stories no? pero pansin ko ang daming taong ang init ng ulo sa umaga...

anyways yeah what goes around comes around, just they wait


dito pala yung word na crutches hehe

acey said...

sad stories, denis... but you expressed them well. i hope things get better in our country so these things will stop taking place and so someh people won't have to resort to these sort of things. :(

lucas said...

i love bus rides... there are alot of stories one could tell. trip ko kasing manood ng mga tao lalo na kapag traffic... :)