Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Friend

april moreno

This is April, the Best friend.
It was her day yesterday and this post is basically late, but still one big cheers to The “B”!

I think this is the first time I’m posting something in here dedicated entirely for her.

So B, here’s hoping for more crazy years with you! May the Lord won’t get tired of blessing you.

Happy “B” day!

And on this note, I would also like to send my Kudos to April’s sister for passing the board!(uhm for teachers? Needs to confirm)

thea elena cortez

Congratulations Ate Thea Elena Cortez!

(and again, this suddenly is not entirely for April)


lucas said...

happy birthday to your bestfriend... :)

babae din pala, bestbud mo. cool! :)

akala ko kaw yung may birthday! ahehehe!

Anonymous said...

Why the sudden shift!! You should have made another blog for her and not stealing my limelight :-)
Thanks D! I think by far, this is the best blog ever :-) IKR?! Well thanks also to Pacquiao for waking me up early in the morning to watch him live and yet I spent more time travelling to get to tri noma rather than watching his fight..good thing the tix where for free :-) hehe..
Looking forward to the succeding years of our friendship. mwah. love you :-)



Happy Bday to your BFF!


alex said...

bagay kayo ni bestfriend, hehe