Thursday, October 25, 2007

oh, ate mata mo

I’ve been long time contemplating on writing about this phenomenon. i was really suspending it because i need more proof. but just yesterday, when i stepped out of the train with oozing enthusiasm, i came across this girl who stared at me so bad as if i stole her wallet, hurt her pimple or robbed her with a kiss.
i have not done her anything wrong for her to stare at me like that. this event happened to me a gazillion times already. and i bet it happened to you and so many others. id say its so not fair. we all know how hard it is to get through every morning. and all you see are frowning faces and crooked looks that tell you “i don't like you” or “I'm in a bad day”.
the heck do people care about your trouble. it is smile that we want greeting us. its not bad to smile at strangers(with the right intentions of course.) staring people bad is really bad as the stare implies.never stare at people bad if first; you don't know them and second; if they did not do you anything wrong.
huh, at last i have articulated this thought that have long incubated in my processor. read it dear primadonnas and bad people. read this.
now, next time i encounter this again id say “so, you have a problem with my face?… oh well i don't like your face either!”