Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is Chico.

Yeah, that guy in the photo facing the stage (and not the camera) is none other than Mr. Chico Garcia. He is the famous(well, at least for his market) disk jock of Monster Radio Rx 93.1. For my first ever blog entry in this site, I would love to talk about my great great frustration(oh gulat ka noh?!) which is radio broadcasting.
Well, not so many knows about it but i did try to audition as a dj for one of the radio stations in manila. Well, i got in to top ten but i did not really make it to the console and blabber my mouth products to the air waves.
Well, that went real good. i decided to work in a call center during my senior year in college to learn more voice projection, American accent and right enunciation.( did I get all these? well, yeah but not really because of me being in the call center.)
Chico and Del on the morning rush really preps me up in the morning. Good humor, witty minds and rapport are their magic. never have i had the chance to talk to them in person, but i have seen them so many times already. I hope to work with them-on air , but right now, i think i need to gain more flawless skills to get there. well, its not bad to aspire. I know when i get there, ill be really happy and fulfilled.
Yeah, this is Denis a monster radio listener now, but soon ill munch those great radio spiels out on manila’s hottest!


val said...

Hi denis, I must first say that your site is not only nicely laid out but also well written. hehe whew! I started reading ur article about smokers (haha) and hmmm let me think, well Im not a chain smoker but yes, I do smoke but occasionally and when I am feeling stressed or under pressure. =) (i don't know y) times cigarettes can make me feel more relaxed and calmer.. and i think ur right when u said smokers should know the rigth places where to smoke. I agreed with that cause it's pretty annoying when someone blew smoke ur way!. SO i gues for those who smoke, please be considerate. ;) FaiR enough.(lol) That's all for now :D

infinity^^ said...

I think u should write something about "Grey's Anatomy".. I love it! and i would really love to comment on that hehe =) A replace for ur gilmore girls, watchutink? :)

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