Thursday, October 25, 2007

The world is lame

Oh well, long time no blog. i don't know, maybe I'm just so full of good things to write about but ideas are just not enough. Until yesterday, on my way home. I am riding this not so fine vehicle on my way home. it was a smooth 5 minute until our vehicle hit one fancy car all because our driver ignored the traffic light telling him one clear red STOP, all because the road is so clear and yeah, there are no traffic vanguards to ditch him if ever he violates any lame order. that traffic light sure cant blow at him and throw cruel words, but the owner of that fancy car we hit sure can. and of course, just like any other small-paid driver around the metro, our driver cant do anything but clutch his head. to myself, i thought this is such a lame world. but God,being the creator of the world is not lame at all. earth was all in good order. it still spins around today-giving us 24/7 system that we all complain about. the world is lame. traffic rules are mere suggestion they say. chivalry no longer exists. men let pregnant women standing on a crowded and grudging train. girls offered with a sit of one tired guy in a bus wont even care to pay gratitude, not even a single look.sales people don't know how to smile anymore. customers are not always right anymore. people invade leisure areas but vacate churches on Sundays.the world is lame people are lame yeah that includes myself this is no positive writings from me today.i want to say with full conviction, that the world is lame but God never was...


Anonymous said...

yeah right,, CHIVALRY IS DEAD!!!
everyday,, i'm riding a bus from my office to our apartment.. and since it's already the rush hour of the day there is no more seat available for me and not even a single guy offered his seat for me.. haaayyy,,, lame guys.. and there is an instance that i can occupy seat that a lady vacate but when i saw an old woman standing,, i offered my seat for her.. what a world!!?? full of coward and lame guys.. hehe.. piss..