Thursday, October 25, 2007

Work to live, not live to work

yeah yeah your done with school then you start filing up for job posts. then you get hired. then everyday you ride the train to get to work. eat lunch. face your table. draw you bloody hand to work then get paid then go home then ride the train again next morning.
we work for the money. to support our living. super cliche.
I'd say i work for fulfillment and self-worth. yeah you need money to follow that theory of needs by Maslow, but you'll never feel the worth of the day if you go home tired and empty. big bucks doesn't mean big heart.
7 days in a week. 5 days of work. but this figures shall not command your life.if you genuinely love what you do, its always 7 days of holiday for you.experience the bounty of your earnings and enjoy the bliss of your job's total system.
money is important. but human existence is way beyond that green bucks.