Tuesday, November 11, 2008



I know that the current economic situation will really test the character, not just of extremely strong countries but most individuals. We can feel fear and uncertainty everywhere gearing us towards much preparation for the expected worst case scenarios. My personal mantra on all these is to keep positive. To keep my spirits high and believe that everything will soon fall into its places and time will make things better. To help me uplift these beliefs, I opt to get inspirations from people who made it amidst the trying times of economic crunch or basically, defying the impossible- People whom we came to tag as Nouveau Riche.

From an article of Fortune website, names of famous people with outstanding counts of wealth and power have been listed as Nouveau Riche. The term denotes the phenomenon of people gaining wealth out of almost nothing. From a downscale lifestyle, these people upgraded to enjoying high end kind of living all because they worked hard towards getting to the top.

From the stories of people featured in the website, I can’t help but feel that there really shouldn’t be anything termed as impossible. We live to maximize the potentials we have. We live to enrich the blessings around us. I believe that there should always be a union of pure blessings and good human nature to become successful and yes, a Nouveau Riche.



2 ways of becoming rich FAST>

Win the lotto.

Sleep with the right people.

Denis said...

big laugh on kj!

apir tayo jan!