Wednesday, November 5, 2008


GEORGE PUTONGYes, I have to squeeze in this post amidst my amazingly busy working life now. I need some breather and of course, I need to articulate the joy in knowing Barack Obama won the 2008 US Presidential elections. I defy the idea that his campaign was grand. He got this attention from mainstream media and all over because people believe in his advocacy for change. All kudos to the first (physically and by blood) black president of the powerhouse of the United States!

Another thing that makes me happy is when I saw the news last night. Aside from the lowering price of gas and public transport fares, one of our fellow Filipino blogger (vlogger actually) was featured in CNN’s ireport. George Putong, a creative man working for one of the largest TV network in our country, made a video themed to support Barack Obama. It was simple, full of wits and yes, very definitive. No wonder it was chosen. I don’t know, but it was like a breath of fresh air seeing how bloggers these days are lifted for strong opinions and high articulations of views and perspectives.

To view George’s video drop by here


RONeiluke, RN said...

10th post na nabasa bout obama winning the elections..hehehe! i hope he could really help us bring about change... :) i've always known he would win this...

ps: anong ibig sabihin nung fiction stint bites the coffin rock dust again? haha! nosebleed ako eh! hehe! friends lang kami. showbiz aside. hahaha!

eli said...

change..change...change..i do hope that we (pinoys) will benefit from it.

dencios said...

may mga weird na predictions kay obama.. pag nalaman nyo nakakatakot,

sana hindi totoo..