Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In case you guys haven't noticed it yet, the two Davids of American Idol Season 7 launched their albums with titles carrying their respective names. Now since I'm an Archuleta fan, I am showing here his Albums preview( nothing out for downloads yet as of the press time, hehe kidding). All I can say is that the songs are fluid and fresh, contemporary and spontaneous.

Bite that Cook! peace world!

By the way, American Idol Season 8 premieres next year January 13 and 14 in America! Excited much? I am.


bena said...

im not a fan of the two davids but ill go for archuleta since kinanta nya ung favorite song ka na 'when you believe'.. feash out.. ;)

RONeiluke, RN said...

i'm a certified DA fan.ahehe! downloaded all his 'idol' recordings in limewire... i like his style better than cook. medyo nagsawa ako sa genre niya eh...but it's nice to hear the standards again...

bigyan moko ng update kung meron ng pwedeng i-download! haha!

excited na din ako sa next season! woooohoooooooo!

Abou said...

this david has charm