Friday, November 21, 2008


Big Brands

Hey everyone! I’m kind of stepping a little back from blogging to focus again much of my attention for my works and projects. Any who, it’s time for me to catch up on my posting and tell you about some of the most memorable slogans which bombarded us everywhere because of ubiquitous advertising. Here they are as authored by the president of Business Mentors Inc. (management consultancy firm specializing in marketing and advertising.) and a regional director of ZMG Ward Howell Inc. , Mr.Willy Arcilla.

Published in Philippine Daily Inquirer Business section today, here are Advertising’s most memorable Slogans (or Taglines).

1. Come to where the Flavor is – Marlboro

2. It’s the Real Thing – Coca-cola

3. Coke is it. – Coca- cola

4. Always Coca-cola – Coca-cola

5. Just for the Taste of it – Diet Coke

6. The Choice of a New Generation – Pepsi

7. Ask for more – Pepsi

8. Obey your thirst – Sprite

9. The Uncola – 7-Up

10. Do the Dew – Mountain Dew

11. Is it in you? - Gatorade

12. This Bud’s for you – Budweiser

13. Its Miller Time – Miller High Life

14. Tastes Great, less filling! – Miller Lite

15. It can only be Heineken – Heineken

16. Probably the best beer in the world – Carlsberg

17. Australian for beer- Foster’s

18. Keep Walking – Johnnie Walker

19. The Best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup – Folger’s

20. Got Milk? – California Milk Board

21. Melts in your mouth. Not in your hands – M&Ms

22. Have a break. Have a Kit Kat- Kit Kat

23. Quality never goes out of Style – Levi’s

24. Just do it! – Nike

25. Impossible is Nothing- Adidas

Memorable slogans and logos are both very important for branding, using these on promotional items like promotional tote bags and other useful products can work wonders.


GeorgeMaldita said...

i always love M&Ms..
"Melts in your mouth. Not in your hands"

RONeiluke, RN said...

the best pa rin yung sa M&M's ahehe...inisip ko nga dati parang may double meaning...ahaha!

blograpics said...

"wala pa rin tatalo sa alaska" yan ang fav lines ko nun umiinom pa ako ng alaska!hehe