Friday, November 14, 2008


Jolly Jeep

Jolly jeeps are small food stalls which appear more like a truck fragment punched side by side to pop with windows. Predominantly found in the Makati area (the business central of the Philippines) Jolly Jeep caters to various markets working in that area – working class, professionals, blue collar workers and students. I had my own slice of experience with Jolly Jeep food. It was the time when I am still doing my internship at Creation Station Productions. It’s true when they said that these food stalls are friendly in price and a true blue winner in taste!

Economic news has it that businesses like Jolly Jeeps or food business in general will potently endure this not so pleasing season of economic difficulty. It’s because the overhead expenses are quite minimal in food businesses. Another thing is that food is a necessity. Jolly jeeps are strategically located within the busy streets of Makati from which they have already formed a sort of solid customer base.

I miss the food in Jolly Jeep as much as I miss the street foods of PUP. Come; let’s take a detour in Makati (for Jolly Jeep) and Manila (for PUP food)



Dale Bacar said...

Ayaaaan. Speaking of Jolly, please visit Jollyblog. It's a game blog at

Hehe, shameless plug dba. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

nagtataka ako dati bakit jolly jeep ang tawag sa kanya, wala namang gulong.

may nagbigay ng history, kesyo ang mga una daw talagang jeep ay jeep talaga. nung sumikat nag evolve.

kaya ngayon may nag sabi naman, hindi na daw jolly jeep ang tawag sa kanila, jolly cube.

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow..jolly jeeps! tamang tama to kapag nadatnan ng gutom..hehe! wala yata niyan dito sa laguna eh.hehe!

jollibee ba yan? fave ko spag nila at fries..ano pa ba? hahaha!

peace out!

jules said...

hi sir. :) nalagay ko na link mo. hope u do the same. sorry sa late reply ha :) busy kasi sa work :)

SAM said...

gusto ko magkaroon ng sariling jolly jeep sa makati area anu bang gagawin ko? Do you have any idea how can i have my place there?

Anonymous said...

may ipis sa jolly jeep

pinkiztah_jen said...

i want also to have my own jolly jip. san kaya pwede mginquire. haha