Saturday, November 8, 2008


Eastwood City

Hello everyone, it’s been quite an erratic mode of blogging from my end all because I need to really give much attention to a project were currently working on. Anyways, I can’t help but feel the holiday scene slowly biting in. There may be minimal decors and lights as of the moment but the temperature is already giving sight (or feel) to the upcoming Christmas!

In this season of parties and celebrations, I am writing this post to give a new taste to the already tradition of my college block mates to have a “one time big time” Christmas gathering. The details of this year’s gathering are yet to be consolidated and laid downed. The idea of having this post is gather names to be included in the “guest list”. Yes, I am making it complicated ( hehe). This will help me make head counts on the total attendees of this gathering I am cooking MYSELF (in case, this is still not effective in telling you I need help).

So, if you are someone who belongs to the Advertising and PR class 4-2n batch 2007, kindly click on the COMMENTS link on the footer below this post. Simply include your name, your most active email and mobile number, plus you suggestion of location, December date of the gathering, and maybe a theme you want. Yes, there will be a theme and you will all live with it (another hehe).

I will try to make this year’s gathering a tiny bit special than what we had last year. So please (without me kneeling) cooperate! I’ll keep you guys updated so, keep coming back on this blog if you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a place without any wifi signal or Globe satellite ( third hehe).

Happy Holidays everyone!


RONeiluke, RN said...

i love christmas gathering! kasama ba ako dito? batch 2008 yata ako eh... lolz!

pasko na nga. i can now feel the familiar drop in temp... weeeeee!!

advance merry krismas! :)

hisnameisdencios said...

waw! mukang masayang masaya a.. teka ang aga naman ata denis? waa pang december hehehe

jules said...

feeling ko parang ang lungkot nang pasko ngaun. ewan ko..siguro ako lang nakaka feel. apektado kasi ako kapag nag iiba ang panahon....:( seasonal affective disorder nga ata tawag dito huhuhu!

ingat! love ur blog :)

jules said...

parang familiar ka, san kaba nag aral?

GeorgeMaldita said...

Hi denis,, it's been awhile since i last commented on your blog site..

but for this one as always i wont let my trademake Ms. Fun and Adventures be wasted..

COUNT ME IN!!!-- in short:D

Happy Holidays!!
i'm exite for this gathering..
i miss all the 2nay na Mahusay gang..